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Stand Out Networking

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Stand out Networking
By Dorie Clark

3 Stars

Subtitled “A simple and authentic way to meet people on our own terms”. 

I found the book to have a multitude of strategies to transforming contacts into business opportunities. The book contained many ideas that would result in long term benefits. It is not for the person wanting quick answers and quick business sales. 

The book was slow in places, but serves it purpose as a tool to inform people of networking strategies well. 

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Relationships built up over time are valuable and can change the course of life and work. Rather than manipulative name-collecting, Clark advocates for - and explains how to - genuine networks that are of mutual and expansive in their reach.

Clark says, "Rightly understood, networking is a way of living your life with integrity, helping others, and benefiting in proportion to the mount you do and the way you navigate the world." The longterm investment of self in other people brings lifelong benefits and opportunities.

The core mindset of kindness and looking out for others is explored with how-tos, suggestions for maximum effectiveness, and encouragement to become part of a global network that brings mutual and widespread advantages.

Well worth consideration.
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For many, the networking experience is just people trying to promote themselves or wanting something from the people they meet. It is not effective and overall not even really pleasant. A much more effective and enjoyable for of networking, the true purpose, is relationship building.
Author Dorie Clark calls it "bridging." A good term as then benefit can be done in both directions.
She also stresses the need to "focus on going deep, rather than wide, with your connections." Sage advice and she gives several examples of how to do that, how to pick up clues as to connection points or topics. She also covers using social media platforms to connect and network. 
Beyond making the original connections we are given advice regarding maintaining and staying in contact. 

This book is a wonderful example of repurposed content.
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