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I requested this one back in the day as I had every intention of reading it. However, its been years and I still haven't gotten around to it and while I feel guilty at not reviewing a book I think that I need to admit to myself that I won't be reading this one anytime soon....if at all.
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Quick and easy read but I'm conflected. I enjoyed the story but I couldn't connect with the characters, two pen pals who developed some kind of relationship throughout the letters, with Rory falling hard for Neve.
In between, some drama between these two, misunderstandings and they had some hardships to overcome from each side before getting their HEA.
The premise was good but needed some strenghtening in their story.
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Even though All I Need Is You is the second book in a series, it can be read as a standalone (even though I now really want to read the first one…).

The protagonist is Neve James, a gymnastics instructor and adagio dancer who is determined to radically change her life and leave the past behind. A year ago Neve began corresponding with Rory McRoy, an american soldier stationed in Afghanistan and quickly the letters, emails and phone calls between them surpass the friendship barrier. Sadly, Rory turned out to be a disappointment a few months ago when he came back on leave and Neve showed up at his parents bar to fulfill one of his fantasies only to find out he’s engaged.

And now he’s at her door, right now when she feels like she’s dying… The worst part is that Neve doesn’t just have the flu like she thought, she has a severe infection, a result of having submitted herself to a surgery to donate bone marrow to the half brother she doesn’t know. And of which her brother (who is in fact her cousin) knew nothing about...

And this couldn’t have happened at a worst time since Neve is about two months away from the opportunity to finally change her life: an audition for the Cirque du Soleil. Having someone to take care of her is a condition for her discharge, and since there is no one else available, she agrees to have Rory stay at her place. And when she finally lets him explain, she realises that she has a chance to spend that time with Rory before she starts over.

Neve is a beautiful woman who is extremely comfortable with her sexuality. Unfortunately, that has begun to have very unpleasant consequences for her. All her life she was seen as an easy woman and, even though she has been carefree in the past, she no longer is. Sadly her reputation precedes her and she’s constantly harassed by morons who can’t take no for an answer. Rory appears to be different but Neve knows there is no future for them, not when his family already despises her after they were caught at the bar’s storage room...

Rory also has his problems. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And even though his attraction for Neve far surpasses the physical attraction, the irony isn’t lost on him that he plans to return home after, like his mother put it, he “gets her out of his system”. The problem is, the longer he spends with her and gets to know her, the more she gets under his system...

I really liked this story. The point of view of a beautiful and uninhibited woman, who is comfortable in her own skin, but is constantly embarrassed, harassed and pressured to change just because she has a behaviour who is perfectly acceptable in a man, commended even, was so interesting. And I loved all the descriptions of her gymnastics and dance routines!

Rory is not a perfect hero but that only makes him more real. Personally, I don’t think I would have been able to forgive him for the way he behaved during a particularly difficult time for Neve, but apart from that he’s a swell guy.

I loved the banter between them and I especially loved the ending!
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This was the first book I've read by Wendy Marcus. Now I'm definitely going to have to get the first book in this series.
This is a pen pal story about military man Rory and dancer Neve. This book starts with Neve writing to Rory to see if he's interested in being pen pals. She lets him know that she will write him steamy letters as long as he doesn't have someone waiting back home for him. Those letters were WOW!! I really enjoyed the letter parts of this book. 
When Rory gets back stateside we know that they do meet up. Will they have a connection now that they are no longer just two anonymous people writing to each other. Is there something there that could lead to more. 
I loved that Rory wasn't your typical hero. He was on the shorter side, but still kinda buff & good looking. Lets get real a little real life in a book is a good thing. Not every military guy is 6'10 and built like a God. 
Neve is a hard as nails, tough girl. She's trying to change herself for the better but can trying to rid yourself of your past be the answer to a better you? 
This was a very enjoyable read!!
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you NEED to read this - LOVE IT
Rory is a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. Neve is a dancer.
Through letters they become pen pals - a relationship develops.
The letters that they exchange are humorous, enlightening and HOT.
The essence of what Happily Ever After is all about.
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I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This book hooked me right at the beginning with the sexy pen pal letters between Neve and Rory, a soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan. They built this long distance "relationship" that Neve didn't feel would ever be more. Then Rory showed up at her door...Rory who has PTSD.
I had some issues with the character of Neve. She definitely had her slutty moments (before Rory). It just wasn't always easy to like her, even though she has done something super wonderful by donating bone marrow to her half brother that she doesn't even know. Her family dynamics were also very strange. I guess it just wasn't what you would normally expect from a romance. That, of course, isn't necessarily bad, just sometimes the plot seemed awkward. After all is said, I would read another book by Ms. Marcus.
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This book has it all.  Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Love, Villians, Hero's.  Great story to read and can't wait to read more from this author.  Definitely on my re-read list.
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A woman with a past she can't escape. An ARMY soldier returns to the states and experiences PTSD. Both want a fresh start but can these friends find a balance between love and happiness? 

A spicy story with strong characters, emotionally charged and intimacy that's real.
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Everyone should love a man in a suit especially if that suit is Military. Roy and Neve kept me wanting more in this steamy, sexy, and amazing characters. If you enjoy a great military romance, grab this one up. Can't wait for my next read by this amazing Author!
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I really liked this book was good an well written with good characters cant wait for more. would recommend
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Great read!!!  I loved the chemistry between Neve and Rory.  Also loved the way the two of them helped each other heal and move on together.
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