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Kayla Aimee struggled to get and stay pregnant. When she became pregnant with her daughter, everything was going along like normal until her 24th week when the doctors discovered she was contracting and dilated. They put her on bedrest and managed to keep the baby inside until her 25th week when they performed an emergency c-section. Her daughter lived in the NICU for months as the family waited in tense uncertainty to see if she would survive. Kayla shares her experiences and fears and how that affected her faith in the hope of helping, supporting, and/or encouraging other Mother's of micro-preemies.

It was a very vulnerable and open story of her experience. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been to not know day-to-day whether your child would survive. I had two points of similar experience with Kayla in that with my first child I was unknowingly having contractions (I didn't feel anything either) and I also ended up having an emergency c-section with my daughter shortly after my 36 week check-up (went from the doctor's office to the hospital across the street). It was traumatic enough for me and I had a mostly healthy baby who went home with us when we did a few days later. I'm thankful Kayla was willing to share her story.
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Anchored Is an intense book on a subject that effects so many couples on a daily basis - it hurts in such a big way - what is it ? Not gonna tell you - you have to find out for yourself. It is a book of deep unending intense love that you didn't know you could have until this thing happens. The main character shows how strong she is when she takes one step at a time and relies on the LORD.
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This is a wonderful book! Kayla Aimee shares her honest experience of giving birth to her daughter at 24 weeks pregnant. It's a sad story, but yet it's full of Hope and love. I'm so glad I read it! I think it would be encouraging for new Mom's just going through this.
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