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Through a Man's Eyes

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Important topic about how the men are wired - visually. Yeah, we know. But we might not know the extent of how they are visual or how it is for them to be that way.
I think every woman should be informed about this (sensitive) issue. After all, one should not be putting their head into the sand the ostrich-like way, but to be able to make an informed activity. And this book is good start. The authors know that they can not cover all the questions, but they are trying to give you a general overview as much as possible and they are recommending other sources. And the FAQ chapter is very informative. 
The book comes from the Christian background, but it is not preachy or sugar-coating. Or suggesting that the women are responsible for the men´s actions, which I like (but the authors are clear that women should also think about their responsibility and decisions from the God´s point of view, which I like, too). 
Read this. It might not be the most pleasing book out there, given the sensitive topic, but it is also not harsh - instead the authors are as much gentle as possible while being frank. I appreciate that and I appreciate this book.
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This book is a hugely relevant, honest, revealing look into the male psyche; something most women have desperately hoped for at some point of their lives. But, I suspect that a great many won't like what they see there. Still, there is sometimes painful but always necessary truth found within. As women and girls, wives and moms, friends and girlfriends, we should always seek to better understand the men in our lives and our relationships with them. I strongly believe this book is an honest and clear step in that direction. I did take off one star, though, because I felt that a great many women may not be quite ready to read everything therein. Some of the content, while psychologically and scientifically sound, isn't something an average woman wants to be thinking about or considering; could be simply uncomfortable or downright upsetting. While this is addressed by the authors about halfway through, I think it would be better included in a preface or forward, so as to warn the reader. As a psychologist, mom, and wife, it all felt relevant and reasonable to me, though at times a bit uncomfortable. Still, I recommend it!
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