American Housewife

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 26 Jan 2016

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Brilliant. Searing. Hilarious. But also touching and profound. Insightful. Wicked. All the things I love in a book.
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I don't listen to that many audio books, but I thought this was the perfect one to do, with a collection of short stories I could listen to one and "put the book down" and come back to it later when I was cleaning the house or driving somewhere.

I had heard about this book before I listened and knew that it was a fun collection about different housewives and experiences and I completely agree with that depiction.  I liked that the stories had variations in length.  I liked that there were short itty bitty ones and then there were some that had some pages to it.  

In all short story collections there are some that stand out and some that take a back seat and this one was that.  There were some stories that literally made me laugh out loud and stop what I was doing to listen and others that were just ok.  The ones that were just ok didn't affect my reading, we can't all like everything.  What stories I love could be stories that you dislike and vice versa.  

Being a book nerd the one story that stood out was the one about bookclubs.  I belong to two book clubs and it was hilarious how she described the people and the quirks and the dynamics, that one was absolutely my favorite and I wouldn't have minded if that one had been longer!

I had never read Helen Ellis before and I looked at her backlist and nothing seemed similar to this, have you read anything by her?  If I liked this, what should I try next?
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I don't know if I've ever read a short story collection in one sitting before, but I just couldn't put this down!
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