Wendy Darling

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 19 Sep 2016

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Did I enjoy this book: I did enjoy Stars, volume one in Ms. Oakes’s new Wendy Darling series.

I can’t remember if I ever read Peter Pan when I was younger, but I’m interested in reading it now. This was an interesting take on Peter Pan. I loved that it was from Wendy’s point of view. It had action and adventure. It had fun and excitement. It also had some very scary and depressing moments. And there were definitely parts that made me want to cry. Peter Pan isn’t the happy-go-lucky boy that never grows up. He runs an interesting operation in Neverland. There’s a heirarchy to the lost boys–from pips to generals to those given the gift of flight from Peter. Tinker Bell is in this book, and she isn’t very nice at all. I’d love to know how she became the last fairy in Neverland. That would be a great story. (We’re big Tinker Bell fans in our house. They are great movies!!) Anyway . . .

Michael and the rest of the pips really broke my heart. They clearly missed their mothers. It made me want to cry. My boys are around the pips’ ages, and I couldn’t imagine. John was a complete jerk–both before Neverland and while in Neverland he got worse. I couldn’t believe he could hate his sister so much. Peter isn’t very nice at all. He showed some very dark sides throughout the book. We didn’t see too much of Captain Hook. And I was saddened by the deaths that occurred.

This is not a book for kids. It is dark, and a bit twisted. But I will say that once I got about halfway into the book, I was hooked and wanted to see how it ended. I can’t wait to read the next installment.



Would I recommend it: If you like retellings classic children’s books, then yes, check out this book.
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I tried twice to read this but couldn't get very far each time. I'm a mood reader so thought trying at a later date would work, but it just wasn't working for me.
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I read Queen of Hearts and rated it 1 Star and couldn't get into Blood in Wonderland.  After trying to get in this series and failing I have decided not to rate or review.
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I never had a chance to review this before it expired. I'm sorry!
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