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FROSH intertwines the stories of Ellie, Grant, Devon, and Charlie in Mónica B. Wagner’s sexy NA debut series, about falling in love and falling apart.
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I feel like I need to start this by saying this book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger (and the next book is not out yet)! I was reading along, only at about 80% of the way through and thought great, plenty of time to resolve what is happening and then it was just over! I was just like No!! I need to see what happens! So be warned - there is a cliffhanger. Some slight spoilers ahead. 

Frosh was a pretty good read. Good enough that I want the next book! It is surprising how much I wanted the story to continue seeing as how I didn't really care for most of the characters. They are all kind of naive and just not my thing, but somehow the author made me want to read more. 

Devon is this spoiled little rich girl who doesn't care about other people just wants things to look good to get out from a scandal her family has been living with. I didn't like her at all. She was way too singularly focused and used people if it helped her. She didn't care if she hurt anyone or anything. She didn't care about anyone but herself really. And Charlie? Oh poor Charlie. The hot geeky guy who likes Devon. I liked him, though I didn't like how he wanted to change to get the girl. If she is not into you then maybe you deserve better? Anyways the two of them...I didn't really buy them as a couple. Really I didn't buy Devon realizing she likes Charlie and wants to be with him for real. I didn't buy that she would give up on her goals after she has put so much time and effort into getting better publicity. I was too instant of a switch to be believable for me. 

Then we have Grant and Ellie. Man Ellie is WAY too naive to survive in the real world. She just seems very young and totally inexperienced. It is nice that she wants to change thing, to do good, to find the big stories, but she just came across as too...too starry-eyed freshman to do much. Plus she has to work her way up and she isn't willing to do that. She will find the big story and release it and rise to the top instantly! Yey her! Only her assignment is to write a bio on Grant, the schools star quarterback. 

Grant and Ellie were both drawn to the other right away. Grant because Ellie didn't care about football, which is rare. Most people only want to be near him because of who he is. But he has a secret that could ruin his football career if it ever got out so he can't talk to Ellie. He is a good guy, but sometimes doesn't make the right decisions. That is one thing that did bug me, how the character would be like I like so and so, but I am not sure if they like me, let me go out with someone else instead cause...I really like so and so and hanging out with the other person and not being into it at all is totally cool. It was like if there was a slight bump they gave up on the person they actually liked and it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Why not try and work it out first if you like that person as much as you claim you do? Why just throw it all away? I don't know. 

Ellie especially doesn't want to be attracted to Grant since he is her assignment, but she can't help it. She doesn't even believe that he is a good guy for most of the book, but she is attracted to him. There are lots of ups and downs through the story with these characters, no one really seems to know what they want, but I did enjoy this story. I know it doesn't seem like it since I didn't care for the characters, but something about it made it a fun read. The story was interesting enough that I want more. I can't wait for the next book to see what happens next!
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First blush surprised me in the best way possible. I really liked the different POVs, and the plot was well done in my opinion. I would certainly recommend it.
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I absolutely loved this book! It had me hooked from page one and it was hard to put down. You would think having four points of view would muddy-up things and make the story super complicated to follow, but actually just shed more light on the story. It was super easy to follow and I loved every second of it. You would think these characters would have little to nothing in common, but they actually play huge roles in eachother's lives. This is definitely going to be a series full of drama and romance. I cannot wait to read the next one! If you love YA and NA, and drama, you will love this book!
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Not the right type of book for either of my blogs as I wouldn't know where it would fit in and I didn't like the storyline at all.
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I love college romances because I feel like this is where life begins for most people. Some are lucky enough to find HS sweethearts but for the majority of us, life starts when you leave home. And that is exactly how it is for these 4 college freshmen. Each from a different background, searching for different things, but somehow end up entwined with each other.

There is love, hate, jealousy and a geek to chic makeover that will make you fall for the nerd everyone overlooks. It wasn'tfrosh.blurb too smutty which I expected since it is a college romance but just enough to get you a little warm under the collar.

The book flowed fairly well as it was told in 3rd person via each character's POV. You love the characters you are supposed to and you hate the ones that are total asshats. Ellie is awesome, Devon is a bitch, Charlie is cute and Grant is my favorite. You get just enough of each character to wet your whistle and gain a feel for them but the author leaves you wanting more. There is a twist at the end that guarantees I will be back for book 2 and so will you. 4 stars to the start of what promises to be a pretty cool series
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