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The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Frères

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I thought the book was a cute way to introduce French to a child. I loved the illustrations. I would definitely use this book in my class.
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What a cute little story! And beautifully illustrated! An absolute joy to share with my own kids and my little nephews.
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Super cute and charming picture book. The illustrations are a delight! Fans of Disney's  Ratatouille will definitely be fan of The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Frères by Marie Letourneau.
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Beautiful illustrations. A sweet story that draws you in. I would definitely carry this in my children's department. I would read this at story time and recommend it to several of my regular customers.
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This was an enjoyable book but best marketed to children.
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Marie Letourneau has crafted a delightful picture about seven rodentine brothers who run a bistro with the best cheese soup in all of Paris. But can they prove it when a food critic shows up while the mouse father is still at the market? An overlooked member of the family saves the day!

Here’s a book peppered with French that will delight Francophones and Anglophones alike, whether you are a jeune fille ou garcon or personne âgée or any age in between.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received this book from NetGalley and Tanglewood in exchange for an honest review.
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Such an adorable book.
Could not be cuter. Loved it!
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An enchanting and engaging children's book with wonderful illustrations throughout. I really enjoyed the story and how the author is sneakily encouraging foreign language learning for english speaking children, in an engaging and effortless manner. Well done, I really adore this book!
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A fun read for sure. Short but really sweet. Kids will definitely enjoy the story. The graphics are good, as well. Would want to read more.
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Such a cute little read. The illustrations were adorable.
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Mice of Bistrot des Sept Frère by Marie Letourneau is a book with wonderful illustrations. The book is set in a petit bistro in France, it is the story of a restaurant run by a family of mice. Each of the mice is unique in its own character and the illustrations depicted are both elegant and witty. 

Frenzy arises when Chef Marcel, of Le Bistrot de Sept Freres, has only one hour to prepare his award winning cheese soup to be judged by the Committee for the Best cheese soup in All of France. But Chef Marcel is out of his secret ingredient! Chef Marcel quickly leaves to get his secret ingredient but doesn't return in time for the judge, leaving his 7 brothers to create their own secret ingredient to add.

The story has aa wonderful message that teaches children that just because things do not go as planned, team work can make everything turn out better than expected.

The artwork is cute. I love the fact that the story teaches French words and has a page dedicated to pronunciation. The book teaches French words to the reader in a fun and enjoyable way. The characters are so much fun, but I especially like the hero of the story.

I received the ARC from Tanglewood via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Mouse Chef Marcel runs a bistro with his seven sons and one daughter. The bistro is known for it's famous soupe au fromage. Everyone knows the ingredients, but only Chef Marcel knows the secret ingredient. When it becomes known that a food critic will be coming to try the cheese soup chaos ensues as Chef Marcel has run out of the secret ingredient. An unlikely hero appears. 

This is a lovely little story. It's entertaining, educational, and hilarious. The illustrations are beautiful. The book starts with a list of how to pronounce the french words in the text. I love that those french words sprinkled over the book because it will teach children french without them realizing it.  Each of Chef Marcel's children have completely different interests and personalities yet they managed to work together and make the soup. Children not only learn french but they learn about food. The book provides a great message, that even if you're small you can have an impact in the world. I think it's hilarious that each son's name begins with Jean because that is so French, and quite realistic. I think that children will really enjoy this book. I definitely recommend it.
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The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres
Written and Illustrated by:  Marie LeTourneau

I received an e-ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Such a charming book - I cannot recommend it highly enough!

The story is set in the Bistrot des Sept Freres, a mouse Parisian cafe which is famous for its  award winning cheese soup.  It is run by Chef Marcel and his seven sons (of the cafe name).  Each day they recite the ingredients in the soup and finish up by saying, "... and the secret ingredient."  There is also a daughter, "petite Michelle".  She loves to dance and helps out here and there. She is not included in the name of the cafe!  This year, when the judge for the cheese soup announces his arrival time, Chef Marcel realizes that he is out of the secret ingredient.  Mayhem ensues.  While Chef Marcel runs out to get the ingredient, the seven sons pull together the rest of the soup (cheese, broth, etc,).  All throughout the confusion and disorder, Michelle has been calmly setting out eggs, and folding napkins.  Oh no, the deadline is approaching and Dad hasn't returned, what to do?  Petite Michelle dances in and calmly adds salt, rosemary,and six drops of hot pepper sauce.  Spoiler alert - the judge loves the soup and the cafe's reputation is saved!  At the end of the book, Chef Marcel adds "et une Soeur" (and a sister)!  Perfect!

I loved too the French lesson gently inserted throughout the book.  At the beginning is a list of pronunciations for the French words (no English translations).  Then, as you read, the French phrases occur organically in the story followed by an English translation

I loved, loved these pictures.  They so beautifully illustrated and enhanced the story.  I especially loved the open windows with scenes of Paris in rich, full color.  The illustrator used color so effectively.  The scenes had black and white components mixed with color.  For instance, the mouse was in black and white but his coat was a mossy  green.  The kitchen would be black and white with petite Michelle dancing around performing culinary magic in color.  The mice were adorably human-like.  There is a scene set in the cafe (pre-cheese soup inspection) that warrants close inspection of each character.  They are individually recognizable characters.

Author/ Illustrator:
Ms. LeTourneau's website is pretty interesting.  She has written and illustrated a few other books which looked equally interesting and certainly worth reading.  She also has award winning stationery for sale through ETSY.  

Tanglewood Publishers:
At the end of the book, the author provides a link for her cheese soup recipe.  This link takes you to the site of the wonderful Tanglewood Publishing House.  Their focus is on  kids from board books to Young Adult.   I found there the endearing "Kissing Hand" books and a new book I've been interested in reading (YA section) "Surviving the Angel of Death".  They also carry Ms. LeTourneau's new book, "Argyle Fox" which launches March 26.  At their website they say, "in every Tanglewood book readers will find a sense of comfort that comes with being seen and understood."  You definitely get that message in "The Mice of Bistrot ...".

In conclusion:
Such a wonderful book!  Your kids will love it and so will you.
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This was a delightful and easy light read that introduces French to young minds. It is enjoyable!
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What a delightfully cute story. This has been a great addition to storytime, and all the while, we can both learn some French words in the process. 

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest opinion. My thanks to Marie Letourneau and Tanglewood for the opportunity.
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