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I was looking forward to starting this. It started off just fine but I was expecting a thriller as this is what it’s placement is in advertising. It’s more like a YA suspense/mystery.

I’m afraid it bored me (I’m sorry) and I ended up skimming it.
Now……I’m someone who finds it difficult to DNF a book or say I can’t continue. 

It was such a shame.
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The title interested me and The Moth Girls is  tense and atmospheric and also a  character driven novel 

Tina and Petra are Mandy’s friends and the tale starts with Mandy watching a house being demolished – years earlier her friends went into the house but did not come out.

This is an unnerving read and a good thrilling read. I was so interested to find out what had happened and I was gripped by the guessing game as I raced through the pages. 

I loved this book, it is a superb plot and the writing is amazing 

highly recommended
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This was a quick read but felt ultimately pointless. There are no interesting plot twists or reversals, the characters don't really develop or change, and it doesn't seem to be making any point at all. I was really hoping that this would be a book about the hidden darkness of teenage girls, and the twist would be that Mandy had knowingly allowed Petra and Tina to be hurt, or even that she'd killed one or both herself. If that's the book you want to read: sorry, but this isn't it.
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