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In The Fix-Up we meet Ben and Holly. Ben is a recently appointed CEO to his family’s business, but a true nerd at heart. He is very socially awkward and doesn’t even realize he doesn’t possess the Alpha traits needed to be a CEO until he runs into Holly. Holly is in PR & rebranding and when she intervenes at the most awkward of moments to pretend to be Ben’s wife, the two share sparks. Ben realizes maybe Holly is just what he needs to rebrand himself so he can carry on as a successful CEO. The two share so many awkward, funny, and sexy moments. This book is very lite and unexpected, when a nerd falls for a well put together PR rep, what could possibly go wrong? She knows she shouldn’t get involved and tries her hardest to resist, but he just won’t give up on Holly. He needs her in more ways than he realizes to succeed in business and in life. This was just a very fun read that made me laugh, a lot!
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I couldn’t finish this book, I like the author’s writing and have enjoyed many of their books before but this one wasn’t one I could get into. I will try again when the author’s next book is released as I am a fan of theirs.
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A short and sweet romance with a Pygmalion twist. Ben Langley is alpha male material - brilliant, sexy and nice - in a geek package...desperately in need of a social skills makeover.  Enter Holly Colvin, Public Relations and Branding expert in desperate need of a big client to save her business. Mach made in heaven! Cliched, maybe but delivered in a funny and entertaining way.

Ben and Holly capture your imagination and hold it.  There's the element of insta-love/insta-lust that happens at first meet that you have to get past but the story flows and is a very easy read.  Live long and prosper!
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Cleaning out Netgalley. Please ignore this JT.  Thanks!
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I love me a nerdy hero and Ben is grand. 

The cute meet in this book is silly as is the fast dropping of pants but it manages to be a charming sexy read with some added depths as well.

Ben is great. He wants to change his company for the better and is a genius. He knows he needs to smooth his image but likes who he is and isn't afraid to be who he is. Plus, he is sexually confidant but not it a jerk way.

The heroine clings a bit to self protection and rules she doesn't obey in the magic of romance novel lust fog but I like her anyway. The turn around that caused her divorce is a bit contrived however, the issues she has that makes her take on Ben as a client is a real one and makes for a good conflict.

What I really loved about this book (beside nerdy dirty talk, sex, and flirting) is how much Ben respects the heroine and the direct address of sexism in corporate culture. 

As usual with Fenske (who I like a lot as a writer for all the little details in her characters) the ending comes too soon and we don't get enough time to enjoy the couple but it is a very good book

I was given this book for my honest review. So there you have it!
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