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Unexpected Rush is the eleventh book in the Play by Play series.  This series is incredible and a total romance involving yummy athletes.  I’m not one to see sports but believe me I love a man in uniform and especially with a yummy body.  In this story we continue with the Cassidy family of sport stars and now it’s time for Trevor’s twin, Barrett Cassidy to have his happily ever after.  He is doing great in his football career and has now set roots in Tampa, Florida.  He has bought a house and is ready to do some heavy-duty renovations on a home he bought by the ocean.  His best friend's sister is an interior designer and things are about to get hot and heavy between them.  Harmany Evans is a vibrant young woman that has a hot-headed brother is goes overboard with his protectiveness over his younger sister.  She has just broken up with her latest boyfriend and Drake plans to give him a piece of his mind to stay away from his sister.  I would totally hate to be in Harmony’s shoes she is a grown woman that can take care of herself and knows how to also defend herself if deemed necessary.  Drake lets Barrett know that Harmony can help with his new home and let the steamy action begin.  Harmony knows now that there is this brother rule that one should not get involved with one’s baby sister but she is ready for the challenge.  Barrett knows that Harmony is a grown woman, beautiful but she is his bestfriends baby sister so she is off limits but the more time he spends with her their chemistry intensifies.  They begin a secret relationship something that Barrett wants to keep a secret but as we all know that will blow up in your face sooner or later.  The only question is will Drake find them in the throne of passion or will Barrett finally come clean with the relationship.  What will Drake do once he finds out that Barrett didn’t come to him letting him know that he and Harmony were in a relationship and that he loved her?  Harmony wants to tell everyone about their relationship she is tired of being the dirty little secret will she be able to handle the blow up that will happen when Drake finds out.   

I totally recommend this read and also the other books in this series.
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Rating: 2.5 stars

We get Barrett and Harmony's story in Unexpected Rush. Barrett is one of the Cassidy brothers, a professional football player and Tucker's twin (from a previous installment). Barrett and Harmony's brother, Drake, have been best friends for years. So Harmony's want and desire for Barrett is not a "new thing".  The cat and mouse game between the two of them is sweet, especially having both of their POVs and knowing how they both want the other. Barrett is adamant about his reasons, but he succumbs to an agreement of sorts. My rating is a 2.5 because the plot became predictable and I didn't experience any over the top "feels". There was no angst and I could anticipate what was to happen next. I loved the family gatherings and how their families mesh together so well. I also liked the "behind the scenes" to the interior design of Barrett's house. I enjoyed the rush their interactions gave me, but I didn't experience any overwhelmingly exciting, sad, or angsty emotions and I love to feel while reading a book.
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OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

I freaking FLOVED this book!!!!!

How can you not like a sexy athlete?
I mean come on haha.
But seriously. Staci's books are always fantastic. and I fell madly head over heels for her steamy characters, and attention pulling plot.

Staci always has this great way of pulling me so completely to her books, and I found myself not being able to flip pages on my kindle fast enough hehe.

I'm such a sucker for a good sports romance anyways. And this one delivered everything I could ask for in one.
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Thank you for approving us for this galley. Unfortunately, we somehow missed downloading this title before it was archived. *sobs* We apologize for this and hope to work with your group on another title soon.
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Our reviewer did not finish the book   She was not connecting with the characters and did not enjoy it.
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I have found the last two books in this series to be veering away from my reading preferences and no longer feel they are a good fit for me. I am giving it four stars without reading it simply because I know the quality of writing and plot structure Jaci Burton puts out is strong enough to warrant that, however, the over-extended low-budget porn dialogue throughout the sex scenes has completely turned me off and I cannot give it a higher score.
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