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Save Me, Kurt Cobain

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The narrative voice was weak and I gave up about 75 pages into the book when a quick skip to the book's ending failed to tantalize me and convince me to see how everything played out.
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A great read, something many of my students will relate to.  While I don't teach and wouldn't be able to use this in curriculum, it has a home on my office's book shelf.
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It was an okay read, but also super boring at times. I had to put it down a lot and it took effort to finish it.
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Nico’s mother left her at four years old. Raised by her father, she’s never let go the mystery surrounding her mother. Obsessed with 90s grunge music, and especially Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, her obsession comes to a fever pitch when she finds her mom’s old CDs and pictures that show her mom was a fan to. 

On a ferry ride, she spots a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, convinced that he is Kurt Cobain, she follows him back to his house for answers, is he her real father? What happened to her mother?

This is kind of a crazy ride halfway through, sprinkled with trivia about Kurt Cobain, but in the end the mystery is resolved.
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