The Gift for All People

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I received this book from Net Galley and all opinions are my own. 
I love this author and anything he writes. Our library patrons enjoy books by this author and they will be eager to see it on our shelf. 
 This is a short book but it packs a powerful punch. 
It begins with the Verse from Romans 10:15 How Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. 
The book is well written and you can easily get it read in a days time. 
Short stories collected from Max's experience and focusing on grace.
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I don't know how Max L:ucado manages to write so many excellent, thought provoking, hope stirring and deeply meaningful books. That he does this, time and again, is impressive and inspiring. I am grateful for books like these that help you see things in a new way, helping you start over again, so to speak. To embrace ideas that will change you, and make you better.
Well done. Highly recommended.
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Had Jesus been forced to nail himself to the cross, he would have done it. For it was not the soldiers who killed him, nor the screams of the mob; it was his devotion to us. So call it what you wish: An act of grace. A plan of redemption. A martyr's sacrifice. But whatever you call it, don't call it an accident. It was anything but that. 

A small devotion of the gifts we have in Christ. The gifts of mercy, grace, salvation and of himself. Each short chapter reminds us how he pursues us even when we don't recognize him. It also serves as a reminder of the goodness of God that we can be so blind to. 

I am very thankful for this book and how it ministers to the weary.

A Special Thank you to WaterBrook & Multnomah and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review
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The four sections of The Gift for All People by Max Lucado are made up of several short chapters each offering a story and inspiration building towards the section’s message. The journey is from the gift of a Saviour through to the ultimate choice we all made. I found each well thought-out, easy to to read and encouraging. Whilst, in general, I prefer Max’s long-form books, this one was a great pick-me-up reminding me of essential principles and the awesome wonder of what God gives us.

My favourite part is “The next time the fog finds you, you might go well to remember Jesus in the garden. The next time you think that no one understands, reread the fourteenth chapter of Mark. The next time your self-pity convinces you that no one cares, pay a visit to Gethsemane. And the next time you wonder if God really perceives the pain that prevails on this dusty planet, listen to him pleading among the twisted trees.” Max can both empathize and tell it as it is!

I thoroughly enjoyed it, five out of five!
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Max Lucado has a gift for writing and he uses it to share the gift of Jesus Christ with the world. If you've never read one of his books you should. 
The Gift for All People is a perfect example of his writing gift and beautifully relates the gift that has been given to us all in Jesus.
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This may be a small book in length, but it is so full of promises and reminders of what Christ sacrificed for us.  “The Gift For All People” is aptly titled as Max Lucado takes up through various scriptures to illustrate what that important gift was and what it means to all humans. Many have accepted that gift. but it does not mean that a book like this does not have any new messages. It reminds up of what a wonderful gift God gave us through his son. This book would be a great devotional book as most of the chapters are only a page or two and give the reader many things to think about. It also gives many scripture references that the reader can follow up with. Lucado's writing is very lyrical and easy to read. A great book for any Christian or someone who is exploring Christianity.
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The Gift For All People Starts off with an amazing word for You - it says "how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. And" Romans 10:15 and" now that is the best way to start off the book - or any book for that matter. It talks about GOD about my GOD who pursues me - who wants me - who longs to be with me." surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and will I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Psalms 23:6 " and isn't that what you want? GOD pursuing you who wants you? This book is unreal - I love it.
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Powerful, beautiful, and just what I needed. Everyone needs to read this book! I've always been a fan of the author, but this one really is my favorite book by Max. Thank you for the opportunity to read this!
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I love this author, what ever he writes, I want to read. What a beautiful different way Max uses words. This may be a small book in length, but it is so full of promises and reminders of what Christ has done for us. The title, “The Gift For All People” is unequivocally perfect. Through out the chapters Max paints word pictures to help us better understand what  “The Gift” was that Christ gave us. Many, like me have excepted that gift. But some times we grow lax and need to be reminded. Max has been blessed with a unique gift for sharing God's word in a wonderful thought provoking way. This book can take you to gut wrenching lows and emotional highs.  But if you read it with an open heart, you will cherish each moment and be changed by it. “The Gift For All People” would make a great devotional book. The chapters are short enough, but deep enough to take one at a time. You do not want to rush through it. It's a book you will want to read over and over. It would make a great gift to give for any occasion. There are so many wonderful quotes, I could highlight the entire book. But one of my favorite quotes from Max, “If there's a tree in heaven, He's carved your name in the bark. We know He has a tattoo, and we know what it says, “I have written your name on my hand,” he declares in Isaiah 40:16.” I would highly recommend purchasing this book. But do not buy one, buy another for a friend. They will thank you for it.  I received a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers through NetGalley, Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I love reading Max Lucado's stuff, so it's no surprise that I loved this one as well. I wasn't especially fond of the format of this book however. I'm sure it was intentional but it read like a transcript of his radio spots collected and bound together around a loosely organized theme. Now don't get me wrong, they were all excellent. I personally prefer when his chapters are longer and can fully develop a theme in each one that supports the overall context of the book. I still recommend this book to anyone who needs a dose of encouragement in their life.
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The Gift for All People
Thoughts on God's Great Grace
by Max Lucado
WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers

Christian , Religion & Spirituality
Pub Date 16 Feb 2016

I am reviewing a copy of The Gift for All People through Multnomah and Netgalley:

This book is a celebration of God's gift of salvation told in a series of inspirational stories.  These stories will help Christians comprehend and treasure the assurance of our Salvation and it will help non believers to realize and embrace the gift of abundant eternal life in Jesus Christ.

The concluding story in this book urges non believers to give their hearts to Christ.  This book would make a wonderful gift for Christians to give to their friends and loved ones who are not believers.

We are reminded too that Jesus knows how we feel whether we are struggling at work or dealing with family issues.

This book reminds us too that more than anything God wants us to be with him. The God who designed your world, the God who put you here wants you home with him.  And to bring you home, he offers you the eternal gift of Salvation.

I give The Gift of All People five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!
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What a beautiful story about the free grace of our Lord and Savior.  Max always is such a great writer and everyone should read his books.  Thank you NetGalley.
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5 stars

Emotional book that really gets you thinking.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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Small in size, but very commanding. Inspriing using very quick chapters. This book proves you do not have to have hundreds of pages to reach a multitude. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publsiher for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review.
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When that time comes in your life when it feels like the world is crumbling around you and you are alone and out numbered, where do you turn? The last year of my life has been rough, but this book was a wonderful reminder that I am not alone. I was never alone. Max Lucado has written a beautiful book that highlights how God has always had our backs, even when we start to lose faith. It was a short read with a powerful message. Loved it!

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
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