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Brena is the best friend and employee to Frankie in Unblocked . In that book, you knew that she was just getting over the death of her boyfriend. We learn more about her relationship with him (Cody) as well as the new guy in her life, Trapper.

Brena meets Trapper at Frankie and Derek Block's masquerade party. He has what she calls a "Batman" mask on, therefore she only see's his eyes and mouth. Which she does say reminds her of Cody's. They have a passionate kiss at the party, but Trapper has to leave for a tournament in Vegas that evening, so he puts the breaks on and they exchange numbers.

Now this is where the story get's a little funky for me. As far as I can tell, no one has said anything about not showing their faces, but they (especially) Brena, exchange photos through text, but never show their faces. Also they have very superficial yet sexually explicit conversations over the phone while he's gone.

Each time Brenna has to speak to Frankie or her mother about this guy she's starting to feel something for, she can't even tell them his last name let alone anything else about the guy. Then when she finally is about the meet him, he drags out this no seeing each other thing by pulling her into an alley and turning her back to him. Then when she see's him, I get her shock, but she just bolts. No questions, she just says stay away from me and bolts. She won't even let the guys speak.

Then she does it again later when she walks in on something she can't possibly understand. I get that it was a highly charged situation. But she had no interest in getting any information from him. And if what the other guy said was true, she should have been calling the police, but she didn't.

The only reason I'm giving it three stars versus two is because I really liked Trappers side of things. How he was blindsided by the Cody revelation and his familial situation. All great. I think I listened to his freak out on Roman, something like three or four times. That was soooo good. I would have lost my mind as well.

This author can be hit or miss for me. This was a miss, mostly because I didn't like Brena. Thought she was a big old wuss.
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