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I was very excited about this book! I thought it had the potential to be a bestseller mainly because of the premise. The plot kept me somehow interested but I ended up abandoning it at 50%. The writing style was difficult for me. The sentences were too long and overly descriptive. There was also too much telling for my taste. Too much telling is somehow a common issue in this genre and that’s probably why is not my favorite. 

One example… “Gabriella Fierro had been with the Polizia di Stato for over four years, and each of those had been a battle with her boss. When she’d initially graduated out of cadet status, D’Antonio had kept her at the base rank of agente far longer than would have been normal. For a time Gabriella had wondered whether she would retire from the force at the same rank she held when she entered; but eventually D’Antonio had granted her a promotion, forced into the act when a case she’d led two years ago had made the national news. He’d given her that file as a write-off –a gift intended to humiliate and disappoint."

Ugh two lines of dialogue between Gabriella and anyone else could have covered that!
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