They Left Us Everything

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After reading a few chapters, I decided this book held no interest for me at this time nor was it a good fit for my blog.  I elected not to finish the book now, but it may well be a case of "the right book at the wrong time" syndrome and I might be willing to try it again in the future.  Thank you to PENGUIN GROUP Putnam / G.P. Putnam’s Sons and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to sample this title.
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I was very exciting when I saw this title available, but within one chapter of reading I found myself having to get through the chapter,  Of what I did read was unrelatable, and seems like it would only appeal to an affluent reader.  The book was doused with descriptions of wealth and the things that it brings.  The "battle" was who would get what from the sibling's parent's house.  
     The book immediately starts in what would seem like a second, or third chapter leaving the reader confused about the characters, their descriptions or even some sort of background to where the characters are coming from.  I felt that there were too many characters to have at the start without those explanations.  As I mentioned earlier, I got a vibe that was trying to make you feel horrible for the siblings when in further expansion the most trifling issue is the winters living abroad and the wealth to be able to do that.
    Overall, just saying that I begrudgingly barely could read past the first chapter is a sign that I would not recommend this book to most people.  If you are in the small brethren that can relate to this author's work, I would suggest to read this while sipping scotch on your small yacht, at the country club, or while you are vacationing for the summer on the french riviera,
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