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The Honey Trap

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This book shows that not everything is what it seems and how far newspapers would go to get a prime story. It also makes us see that something very bad can turn into something very beautiful, but not only love is important. Trust is even more on top of the list.
The story is fluently written with funny parts as well as sad parts but we can count on a happy ending.
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Angel is an ambitious journalist. She's an intern at a rag, desperate to get ahead. When her editor asks her to honey trap a famous film director Angel is reluctant, but after he promises her a career advancement she decides to put on that skimpy black dress and seduce Sebastian. He's a married man and if she can help uncover a cheater, she won't be doing anything wrong, will she? Angel just has to go far enough to get a few compromising photos, but she hasn't counted on actually liking Sebastian.

When photos of Angel and Sebastian are all over the tabloids Angel knows she's done something she won't be able to easily forgive herself for. She's ruined a marriage and she's made other people's lives miserable, was that really the right thing to do? When a few weeks later she has to meet Sebastian again for work Angel is afraid she will never be able to leave the scandal behind her. What has she done and how can she limit the damage?

The Honey Trap is a fun and sexy story. Angel is sweet and kindhearted and she wants to help everyone. Even though her boss asks her to do something she's uncomfortable with he's also done her a favor in some ways, he taught Angel a lot more about herself. She speaks her mind, she's confident and she's brave, which I loved about her. After honey trapping Sebastian she knows it isn't the kind of job she'd like to do on a regular basis. Angel has a strong moral compass and is a woman to admire, which is exactly why Sebastian says yes to a night with her in the first place. He's a surprisingly nice man. He's talented, down-to-earth, generous and gentle too, something Angel didn't expect him to be. There's plenty of chemistry between them and I couldn't wait to find out what would happen to them after the steamy, but distrustful and somewhat sleazy way they've met.

The Honey Trap grabbed me from the start. I loved reading about Angel's private life. She has interesting friends and I liked how passionate she is about old movies. I loved Mary Jayne Baker's enthusiasm for Sebastian's work and her descriptions of his movies are vivid and thorough, I had the feeling I actually watched them instead of just read about them. The Honey Trap is a story about celebrities and fame and I liked that there are very few clichés, Mary Jayne Baker's point of view is refreshing and it kept making me smile over and over again. Both romantic books and movies are supposed to have wonderful happy endings and The Honey Trap has a fabulous finale. I highly recommend this amazing endearing story.
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Funny and engaging read! I'd recommend this book to anyone, and look forward to reading more titles by this author!
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