The One That Got Away

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 29 Mar 2019

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I have had this book on my TBR list for a long time and I wish I hadn't waited so long to read it!

Jamie and Brynn have been best friends since high school. There was one moment where they had a chance to become more, but it didn't work out. Now 10 years later they may have a second chance if they can learn to trust their feelings.

This was a really fun book with the friends to more trope I enjoy, a road trip, and stumbling blocks for the couple that felt realistic and not overly angsty.

Both Jamie and Brynn make mistakes but their love for each other is evident. I liked getting glimpses of their history together without the plot getting bogged down with too many flashbacks of extra details. They both struggle with communication which I sometimes do not like in books, but it was done well here.

A number of secondary characters were introduced, too, as part of their friends group. They added some humor and acted as sounding boards for both Jamie and Brynn. I am looking forward to reading their stories in the next three books in the series.

Thank you to the author for providing an ARC for an honest review.
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A captivating story with heart, humour, passion and emotions. These characters have a connection that is so magnetic and genuine - you will find yourself rooting for them to get their HEA! Would recommend
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3.5 Stars
Best friends from childhood Aways have that moment... you know the one... when each of them all of a sudden realizes they are boys and girls and hormones are happening. It is a curious time and when the kiss happens, a decision must be made... to they admit their attraction or stay friends...

She pulled back and he hid his love from her. 

Time has passed, they are adults and she is wanting a real relationship in her life. She is looking for the one. He sees this is his only chance to show her He is Her One. He offers a two-week road trip and hopes to show her what is right in front of her.

Will she see it or is she blinded by the security of friendship...
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Loved this second chance love story, but there were times I wanted to smack both leads upside the head! Jamie and Brynn were funny and heartbreaking at the same time. While everyone else could see their more-than-friends connection, they of course were totally oblivious. 
I loved the banter between these lifelong friends, and Brynn’s sister Holly made me laugh out loud! This is my first AJ Pine book but it will definitely not be my last! Can’t wait to read the next Kingston Alehouse book!
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The story of Brynn and Jamie. Despite being friends for so long, they don't talk about the kiss they shared 10 years ago.

When Jamie realises that he might lose Brynn for ever, they set off on a road trip with the hope that she realises that he is the one for her. Will his plan work?

Looking forward to reading more from this author.
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The first book in the Kingston Ale House series, The One That Got Away, was a sweet, fun read. I liked the characters and the storyline and look forward to reading more.
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I enjoyed this story. I love friends to more and this was a sweet and enjoyable read. I felt for Brynn and Jamie throughout it. They were both so confused and scared. Such a simple remedy but a adventure to get there. Definitely worth the time.
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I have bought this book in ibooks and will read and review it soon as I am a fan of the author.
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