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I’ve read a lot of the Reeds brothers books by this author and like her style of writing.

This story was different and didn’t really keep my interest and undivided attention, so it took me a while to read the book.

In the end it was an ok story.

I received this ebook copy in exchange for an honest review from the publisher and NetGalley.
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There were things I liked about this book, and things I didn’t…

Jake and Katie met and fell in love the summer they were 16 at the lake cabin resort owned by Jake’s family.  When the summer ended they wrote to each other, but eventually fell out of touch.  Eighteen years later, Jake is back at the lake, on a forced leave of absence from the NYPD and to help his dad after a stroke, and Katie shows up with three kids in tow, and another one on the way at any moment.

What I liked about this book is that Jake and Katie’s way back to each other was (mostly) sweet and (mostly) uncomplicated.  They kind of picked up where they left off, and there wasn’t any hedging about whether or not they could/should be together now.  Both had experienced some bumps and bruises during their life apart, but they didn’t let those things have an adverse effect on their future.

The banter was amusing, the kids were cute, and the pacing moved quickly.  

But there were a lot more things that made me go hmmmm…

As sweet as this story was, I have to confess to being a little uncomfortable about things that were said by Jake’s dad about Katie and her female body parts.  I know the author was going for endearing and outrageous (as older people can be with the things that come out of their mouths), but an older man commenting about how a 34 year old woman’s boobs are a lot bigger now than when she was 16 - to her face - isn’t funny to me.  It’s icky. 

And it wasn’t just one or two times, it was several, and it sorta weirded me out and kept me from being able to enjoy the character.  Like, is it safe for him to be around Katie’s 16 year old daughter???  I think maybe if I had read this book when it came out three years ago, I wouldn’t have been as cognizant of how completely inappropriate comments like that are.  But with #metoo and how much more intentionally aware we are of sexual harassment, I can’t help but feel this older man’s behavior is less amusing and more...wrong.  There’s a fine line between outrageous comments and inappropriate ones, and I can’t help but feel Jake’s dad crossed over that line.

Anyway, moving on.

This story also tried to pull in some suspense, in the form of someone from Katie’s not-so-distant past coming back to cause her trouble.  And instead of it being suspenseful and dramatic, it veered into the melodramatic.  I think I would have liked the book better if this whole storyline had been left out.  I know it was used to help resolve some issues with side characters, but I didn’t feel like it was done well enough to not seem contrived.  Sorry for being vague, I’m wanting to be spoiler-free here.

I think much of my issue with this book is because of the expectations I had going in.  A reviewer I follow said this book reminded her of Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor - which is one of my top five, all-time favorite books and I reread my favorite sections often - so that’s a heavy burden for a book to carry.  While there were some similarities (a man falling in love with a woman and her children, the woman being pregnant, and strong family relationships), the stories were very different.  But I truly did try to let Feels Like Summertime stand on its own merits.  It’s just that the negative things about this book weighed on me more heavily than the positive ones.  

And that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

GOODREADS UPDATE, Sept 22, 2019: I requested a review copy of this book through NetGalley over two months ago. When I didn't get a response within a week, I went ahead and purchased the book because I thought it would be a good vacation read. Well, now I've gotten an ARC approval email, so I'm just gonna go ahead and add this review - from TWO MONTHS AGO - and call it good. 🤷‍♀️
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I laughed and I cried with this book. I absolutely love Tammy Faulkner after reading this book!  THIS LOVE STORY TAKES THE PAST, THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE  and meshes all parts to create one of the most suspenseful romance that I have read.
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My first Tammy Falkner book and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the main couple Andy the hero was swoony.
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Lovely read, filled with laughter, tears, and a lot of love! I really enjoy Falkner's writing, and this one didn't disappoint! This book has definitely has gotten me in the mood for summer!!
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Katie's life hasn't been an easy one, she is on the run and scared, so going to the place that gave her the happiest memories when she was younger seems like a good idea. 

She had no clue she would run into the same man that made her so happy all those years ago. 

When they met, their love was so pure and innocent, but life has changed them, they both know real pain and deceit. Could this two new people they've become connect in the same way as before, or are they not meant to be together at all?

Jake was also running away from himself when he found Katie again. His life was not his anymore, and he seemed to have lost his spark. 

Katie and her family bring light back into his somber existence and this time he won't let her go.

He will be anything she needs, a savior in her time of need. Scary things are coming their way and it will be up to them to survive them together.

The idea of a second chance with that special person that you thought you lost is so romantic and beautiful. How teenage love might be able to become the real thing even after loosing everything is extremely amazing.

Sometimes when you loose something so great that almost breaks you, you find yourself feeling like there's no way things might get better, that there couldn't possibly be another chance at happiness. But in this book we get to see that destiny might still have something in store for us, and we only have to let go of the hurt and open ourselves up to life again.

A beautiful story, and amazing characters to meet.
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See this book very honest review. Are you just book a four out of five stars. I felt as though The dual perspective of this novel really gave it the punch it needed. I did feel as though it was a little slow at times but I really enjoyed reading from Jake and Katie’s perspective. I really loved reading about their story and how they fell in love and just everything about these characters made me want to read more. If you were looking for a really good romance to read this year I highly recommend picking this one up and I hope to see more from this author in the future.
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Feels like Summertime was a fun read. The story line takes  you through the past, present and future.  The story has a few twists and turns along the way. I loved this book , I had a hard time putting it down as I wanted to see what would happen next.  You have romance, kids, a baby on the way, a stalker and then there is pops. You can't help but laugh out loud while reading this.  If you haven't picked this book up yet and looking for a sweet fun read this is the book for you.
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I had somewhat forgotten about this amazing authors writing style.  With so many books being read in between.  It all came back to me why I love this author.  Refreshing stories that are so unique and amazing.  I don’t think I’ve ever read such a storyline that sucked me in so deep.

  Full of love and emotions.  The characters made me fall in love with them.  Pop was just the funniest characters I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in a long time.  He made me laugh out loud to many times to count.  Sally is quite the dog.  He made it quite entertaining.  Bottomline is this is a must read.

Standalone told in a dual POV with an HEA.  I strongly recommend this story.
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I absolutely loved this book. The characters were like family and you didnt want the book to end. I would definitely recommend this book.
I am voluntarily leaving a review for this arc.
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3 sweet second-chance stars

This is a seriously sweet second-chance-romance, with lots of fun, cute moments, a fantastic family dynamic and a sexy, swoony love story as two childhood sweethearts rediscover each other after 18 long years apart.

Erik ‘Jake’ Jacobson’s life is falling apart around him. When his father becomes ill, he returns home to care for him, taking the opportunity to take a break from his real life and sort himself out. The one thing he never expected to see on his return to Lake Fisher was his childhood sweetheart and first love.

Katie Higgins is a young widow with three children and another on the way. On the run from danger, she has packed up her family and escaped to the place from her childhood that holds wonderful memories and a special place in her heart. She spent a blissful summer at Lake Fisher as a 16 year old, and now she is back there with her family hoping to give them safety and a drama free life for a little while. And then she runs into Jake, the man who swept her off her feet so long ago.

It’s been 18 years since Jake and Katie have seen each other. They fell hard for each other as teenagers, and I loved their memories of their time together. But when Katie returned home after summer, they drifted apart and went on with their lives. Now they are reunited, and Jake can see that Katie is in trouble. He instantly and effortlessly steps into the role of protector, and as they begin to spend time together those feelings from so long ago begin to re-emerge and they begin to fall all over again.

    When her lips touch mine, I know this is where I’m supposed to be. 

This is such a cute romance. It’s easy, natural and low-angst, with no game playing. Jake and Katie both acknowledge what they’re feeling, they don’t run from it, they simply embrace it as they slowly explore what is happening between them. And though they’ve both been through hard times while they have been apart, they talk about it all and help each other through it, and they work to create something that is truly special.

    “Are you jumping in with me because you’re afraid I’ll drown, Jake?” Her voice shakes.
    I look her in the eyes. “Nope. Just because I want to be with you.” 

Katie’s children play a big part in the story, and just as Jake easily becomes a part of Katie’s life, he slips into the stepfather role with her kids, and those relationships are beautifully developed. And Jake’s father brings a lot to the story with his hilarious, and often crude, outbursts. He’s such a fun character, and again, his relationship with Jake, and with Katie and her children, is really gorgeous.

    “I didn't want kids. But then I met yours...” His voice trails off.
    “And what did you think?” I hold my breath.
    “They were a part of you, so I had no choice but to love them at first sight.” 

There is some drama and suspense, which add a bit of excitement to the story, but for the most part this is a sweet and easy read. Perhaps a little bit too cheesy at times, but still really enjoyable with a swoony, sexy romance and a gorgeous story as two very deserving people get their second chance at love.

    “I fell in love with you, Katie, when I was sixteen years old. I wasn’t ready then, though, because we both had a lot to learn. We had to grow and change so we could be ready for one another when the time came, and I have to tell you, Katie, I am so ready for you.” 

3 stars.
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LOVED! So glad to receive a copy of this book from NetGalley as ashamedly I hadn't read anything from Tammy Faulker. I am now a big fan and can't wait to check out her other books.

I love a childhood sweethearts story where the come back together as adults. This one had a completely different twist that was bittersweet. Katie and Jake have unexpectedly reunited in the same place they began their young romance- Lake Fisher. Faulkner wrote with such imagery that I could picture each scene vividly and felt there on the lake with everyone.

There are so many things I adored about this book: POPS- he was awesome and a complete hoot; Katie's children were oh my so adorable, sensitive, sweet and heartbroken; Katie was strong, a survivor and an amazing mother; Sally- well perfect; and Jake- he was a complete sweetheart who came through a trial to find a reward on the other side. This story was exciting, suspenseful, funny and romantic all while showing the power of forgiveness. Finally, this story was a tearjerker for me and an all out boo hoo cry. I completely fell in love with the story, the sweet dance of love and the final acceptance of a past to receive a future that was blessed in a special way. 

The title is perfect as this story was warm, energetic, exciting, HOT, relaxing, playful- feeling just like summertime.
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I couldn’t finish this book, I like the author’s writing and have enjoyed many of their books before but this one wasn’t one I could get into. I will try again when the author’s next book is released as I am a fan of theirs.
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I have been seen so much about Tammy Falkner's books that I couldn't wait to try one out. People seem to love her books, and I hadn't read any yet but Feels like Summertime really sold me with it's blurb. I liked this one, but if I am honest I didn't love it. I was a little disappointed with it, but that is probably due to how much hype I have seen with her books and my expectations were probably a bit too high. This one was cute and sweet, and I think a lot of contemporary fans will really love it. 

Katie and Jake met as teenagers at Lake Fisher, but after their summer together they never saw each other again. Jake is back at Lake Fisher eighteen years later after his life falls apart and his dad has a stroke. Katie is looking for a place to lie low after her life also falls apart, and returns to Lake Fisher where they meet back up. Though a lot has changed, both Katie and Jake find themselves drawn to one another yet again. But this time around there are a lot more obstacles, and while Jake is willing to open up to Katie, she finds herself struggling to let him in. Can Jake show Katie that they belong together once and for all and get her to let him in before it is too late, or will she shut him out and lose a chance at a happy ending?

I liked both Katie and Jake. That wasn't the part of the book I struggled with. They were cute together and I liked their sweetness. They had really cared about one another and though they had moved forward with their lives, they never forgot one another. It was clear that they connected emotionally as well as physically. I found myself getting a bit distracted though by the flashbacks, and the constant switching between past and present. While that can work for me at times and I enjoyed getting to see how they first met and the present, it didn't fully work for me here. 

I also felt like the story had some pretty major holes in the plot here, and that kept me from being able to love this one. Things were slow moving at times, then rushed and abrupt at others. There were also things that were brought up and dropped out of nowhere and then reintroduced a lot later in the story. It just felt kind of choppy and not 100% put together if that makes sense. The reader was left for quite a bit of this book trying to figure out what was going on with the men of Katie's past (after Jake), and while I am all for a bit of mystery at times, it dragged on longer than I would have liked here and I started to lose interest. I finished the book because the writer is talented and the characters were likable, but honestly I felt like I was finishing in spite of the actual story going on. I really wanted to love this story as it had so much promise, but unfortunately it all just felt kind of meh to me and I wasn't thrilled with the direction this one took. I will read more from Tammy Falkner in the future as I am sure that she is a good writer seeing how many people love her books. Maybe this one just wasn't the best for me to start with.

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