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The Business of Good

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Social entrepreneurship and doing good is a hot topic. After all, who doesn’t want to do a bit of good if they can, whether active business participant or passive consumer. This book takes a look at social entrepreneurship through the eyes of some people who are doing it or trying to do it, providing a fascinating behind-the-scenes and hard objective look at the process. 

Interviews, case studies and real-world anecdotes are mixed together within this book that puts a fairly positive, upbeat gloss on the benefits of social entrepreneurship, asserting that it is rebooting capitalism and leading to gradual change as well as disruption. Is the author right? Is the capitalist old guard sitting back and letting this upstart take away its power and glory? Yes and no, or partially and not intentionally… 

In any case, this fresh and often innovative approach certainly has the potential for being a force for good and finding a new and possibly better way of doing things. Reading the book, you can sense the author’s enthusiasm and perhaps awe for the social entrepreneurship movement, yet he manages to keep a sense of perspective and avoid merely repeating a positive, uncritical mantra or stream or fine PR-words. It all led to an interesting, informative read. It could have the potential to enthuse and inspire the reader into considering their own social entrepreneurship venture. 

The style was a bit mixed and whilst it had some highlights and points of interest it failed to entirely win over this reader. Horses for courses and all of that, but it does not mean it is a bad book but it just failed to be a five-star revolutionary read. Your views may vary and it can be a worthy read for the background knowledge if nothing else and if you then find you’ve got a connection established with it and really start to pull out beneficial advantages you’ve got yourself a winner.

The Business of Good, written by Jason Haber and published by Entrepreneur Media. ISBN 9781599185866. YYYY

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