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A fabulous book from recipes of a time gone by. The author gives you stories along with some of her memories attached to some of the favorite recipes, she also has made the book easy to follow with easy and clear instructions and measurements. The photos and illustrations are excellent. Some of the recipes I had either remembered from my grandmothers, and her relatives with maybe a slight variation, others I had not heard of. One I liked for sure in the drinks was the orange drink the tasted like an “Orange Julius” which those places are no longer around, that was really good. A very good book.
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Definitely a sweet cookbook with wonderful homespun stories to go along with the mouthwatering dessert recipes. Very enjoyable.
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I didn't get to make TOO many recipes from this cookbook, but from the ones I did try they were amazing. I really enjoy reading cookbooks to learn techniques and knowledge I hadn't known before.
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A wonderful book! I loved the recipes. I love the way the author writes the stories. It was a delightful read. I haven't tried out many recipes. But I'm sure they are lovely! After glancing through the recipes I realised that not all of the ingredients are easy to find where I live. Overall, I loved the book and would strongly recommend it.
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Great recipes, great storytelling. 
This was my first book by Christy, and I really enjoyed it. She seems down to earth and very friendly. She is amazing and I would recommend this to anyone.
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I loved 'Sweetness,' by Christy Jordan.  As always, Christy writes, speaks, and cooks from the heart.  If you grew up in the South, many of these desserts will bring back the memories of Potlucks, Homecomings, Holidays with families, and Dinner on the Ground.  'Sweetness' is a delightful compilation of recipes for yummy treats and desserts, with the best treat being Christy Jordan's own sweet personality shining through.
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Sweetness by Christy Jordan is the quintessential southern cookbook. Like a member of your own family, Christy shares memories and recipes from her kitchen, many of which have been passed down through the generations.
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Christy Jordan has hit another home run with her latest cookbook of sweets!  An Alabama girl, with easy directions and sweet stories to share, she is a treasure!!
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Great book with awesome recipes.I like the stories and pictures that accompany the recipes.
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Sweetness is an Educational baking book told through Christie and her baking experiences with her grandmama, Lucille.

It becomes apparent straight away that Christie is very passionate about baking and wants to share her story with the reader through her experiences and recipies.

Christie's grandmama, Lucille, plays a big role in this book as she influences Christie from an early age into the world of baking.

The recipies are very different and go into lots of detail so you fully understand the method of what you are doing.

This book isn't just recipies it's about so much more. It's about Family influences throughout generations, it about passion for food and the love, it's about educating the reader about baking.

The only criticism I have is that there is a lack of illustration.
When reading through recipe books i like to be captivated by the pictures of the food. 
Seeing the finished bake makes me want to try it and it keeps me engaged.

My personal opinion is that the book has  a bit too much text. 
When reading recipie books, I like them to be short, to the point and easy to follow.

I completely understand why Christie has organised the book the way she has, as it's more than just a cook/baking book it's about her story and her recipies.

Chapters of the book:
 Why Is It That We Cook?. - introduction
 Chapter 1: From the Cookie Jar 
 Chapter 2: Deeply Delicious Brownies and Bars
 Chapter 3: Poke Cakes, Pound Cakes, Layer Cakes, and Love
 Chapter 4: Homemade Pies Made Easy
 Chapter 5: Cobblers and Puddings
 Chapter 6: Quick Breads, Muffins, and Breakfast (or Anytime) Treats
 Chapter 7: Old-Fashioned Fruit Salads
 Chapter 8: Simple Candies and Sweet Snacks
 Chapter 9: Sweet Sippins
 Chapter 10: Pantry
 Conversion Tables.

Some examples of the recipies within the book: 

 - Icebox Oatmeal Cookies
 - Peanut Butter Cream sandwiches 
 - Pecan Thumbprints
 - Candy Cane Cookies
-  Easiest S’mores Brownies
 - Tie-Dyed Cheesecake Brownies
 - Rocky Road Brownie Mix Cookies
 - Gooey Cherry Bars
 - Bowl-Licking Buttermilk Cake with Brown Sugar Fudge Icing
 - Lemon Custard Poke Cake
 - Coca-Cola Cake
 - Mama Reed’s Caramel Apple Cake
 - Italian Cream Cake
 - Lovelight Yellow Two-Egg Chiffon Cake
 - Buttermilk Lime Pound Cake
 - Coconut Cake
 - Angel Food Dessert Cake

The ingredients are measured in cups but this is easily changeable as in the back of the book there is a conversion table.

Overall Sweetness makes a delightful read.
I feel it is best suited to people who enjoy reading cook/baking books.
There is a great selection of recipies and lots of tips and alternatives to help every skill of baking.
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*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review*
I really liked this book, it was the first cookbook that I entirely read!! 
The recipes are all great and I saved some of them to practice(since I am just a beginner). But, if you are just starting in baking and cooking, I think there are some recipes easier than others. It's a pity that there aren't a lot of pictures to take as a reference, I want to know how it is supposed to look like!!! Maybe I did something wrong and I'll never know because I didn't have a picture. 
The organization of the book is great, as well as the content and design, so I hope to buy it soon. And I hope that in the future this book will have a translation so I can share some recipes with my mom and maybe baking together, since I am the only one in my home that likes to bake.
If you like to cook, this book is for you, and if you are absolutely not interested in cooking, this book is for you as well. I am sure that you'll find an easy recipe, there are like 197 recipes to practice!!! But, you'll also find some interesting memories from the author that I enjoyed so much because it added a more sentimental feeling to the book :).
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