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DCI Erika Foster returns for a second case. This book works very well as a stand alone. Just over a year has gone by since her last case and this time she is not only up against an unusually hot British summer but also a new killer. When three men are found, brutally murdered in a similar fashion, Erika is racing against the clock to make sure there is no other victim. Will she outrun the killer? Will she succeed and not also sacrifice her career and all she has worked for? The reader is taken on another cat and mouse game by Robert Bryndza. He manages to cement DCI Foster as a firm favourite, a strong female character in a male dominated world. 
The plot hurtles along and the reader is captured and swept away. Robert Bryndza has found a perfect formula for new crime and thriller protagonist. Anyone who enjoys a fast, well thought out and clever crime story will love this installment of the DCI Foster series.
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When Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene.she finds a man with a plastic bag over his head and his wrists were bound . Then a few days later there is another  as they start to investigate they find a pattern and a calculated serial killer stalking men .  With a heat wave threatening London Detective Foster is trying to find the killer before the body count rises  Will they be able to find the killer before he strikes again
    I must say the author has poured everything he has into these characters . They are well written and complex . The main character Erika is well she is flawed and scared  but she is also a very strong willed woman who will do what it takes to get the job done .  I truly liked her and her team of detectives . They work well together even when up against the clock and each other
  I love a good thriller book with a serial killer aspect . The twists and turns the author takes us on will have us on the edge of our seats most of the time . I love how the author lets us in on each of the characters inner most fears and their weakness . It makes the charactrers more believable and you start to cheer for them . You really have each character as a suspect or are they really the suspect . There are a few red herrings in the book that will have you going what I seriously thought that this person was the killer . The author will take you into the the darkest parts of a persons heart and what they are ultimately hiding there . The story is good and the characters are well written , I was turning pages well into the night . The only thing that didn't give this book a 5 star rating was it seemed to be dragging in just a few places . It didn't hurt the story any but I just felt it could of sped up a bit . Over all i really enjoyed this book and I am going to look into more of the series . So if you are a person who likes thrillers and wants a good summer read for your summer book challenge check this book out .
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Erika Foster has to be one of the best fictional characters ever written.

In The Night Stalker she is called to a murder where the victim is killed in such a way even I found it hard to breathe while reading.... then of course more murders occur and Erika finds that she herself may well become a victim

This series of books is really worth the reading time. The author is a fabulous story teller and just keeps getting better and better.

His mind is wicked and the killers he portrays and the methods of the kill are worthy of a screen adaptation in my opinion. 

I love how we are finding out more about Erika and the drip feeding of her life is brilliantly done. 

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Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC of The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza.

I have had this book in my TBR pile for a long time now and I wish I could have read this earlier - the series just keeps getting better.

DCI Erika Foster is back to solve more murders and this time there's very less clue left for her by the killer.

The 1st victim - a doctor, is found suffocated in bed. His wrists are bound and his eyes are bulging through a clear plastic bag tied tight over his head. The next victim who is a very well known TV show anchor is also found in the same manner - who killed these men and why, what is the link and what is causing the killer to do this?
Robert Bryndza has a very good way of making the reader like all the characters (except DCI Sparks, I didnt like him in the 1st book The Girl in the Ice as well! )

DCI Erika Foster is a very level headed, outspoken woman (mentally strong!) - I really like her, she has gone through a tough time and yet she can remain focused on solving cases - thank you Mr. Robert for having portrayed a strong female character in your books :)
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Amazing book! One of the best I've ever read I love this series I'm hooked!
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Oh Bookouture.... I think you are my absolute favourite publishers... Another great read!

A great second instalment in the adventures of Erika Foster. I really enjoyed the girl in the ice, and am happy that there are a few more to get through in this series.

Erika and her delightful team are back solving murders and catching serial killers. When a doctor is found dead in his bedroom, naked, and with a plastic bag over his head, it's up to them to piece the clues together and find the killer.

Great series, however not my favourite thriller series. Not sure if it's something about slightly broody damaged female characters that has me a bit bored at the moment. Perhaps I need to step away from the genre for a while.

Having said that, it's a solid thriller that will keep any thriller fan happy, lots of twists and turns, great secondary characters, a bit of blood and guts, violence and all together a great book that makes for some very entertaining reading! Not enough romance for my enjoyment, but yes, I know. She's lost her husband recently. I get the no romance...

Would I recommend The Night Stalker?

Yup! Any thriller fan would enjoy this quick entertaining read!

Many thanks to the author and bookouture via netgalley for a copy of The Night Stalker in exchange for an honest review.
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The second Erika Foster novel. A series which my fellow bloggers all seemed to love (and I thought had sounded fantastic) but I was late to the party.  The good thing about playing catch-up is that there are several books waiting for me and I don’t need to wait months for the next installment!

The Night Stalker is a serial killer tale – one I really, really enjoyed. The victims are found in their homes, bound and suffocated; murdered in the place where they should have been safe from harm. As Foster considers the first victim, tied to his bed with a bag over his head, she cannot discount the possibility that the man died as a result of a sexual encounter gone wrong. The investigation will be complicated as she tries to uncover the man’s private life and unearth any secrets he may have tried to keep.

When a second victim is discovered the stakes are raised as is the pressure on Erika and her team.  A prominent media personality is dead, the press are clamouring for information and her bosses are demanding significant progress in made on the investigations.  Erika needs to find a possible connection between the two men but she cannot know if there is one – perhaps the victims were selected at random.

For the reader there is the chilling bonus of being able to follow part of the story from the viewpoint of the The Night Stalker.  We see the killer watching the next target and follow them as they break into the victim’s home. When the Night Stalker becomes aware of Erika’s investigation the Stalker then focuses on her – unknown to Erika she is a target.

Robert Bryndza is great at pacing the action and there were some fabulous twists through the story. The Night Stalker is gripping reading (or listening in this instance) and it significantly builds on the character of Erika Foster and her colleagues – setting up the rest of the series nicely.
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I really liked this book. Erika is a great character and she's likeable which makes all the difference. The other book girl in the ice is a great read also.
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The night stalker by Robert Bryndza. 
In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer’s night, Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene. The victim, a doctor, is found suffocated in bed. His wrists are bound and his eyes bulging through a clear plastic bag tied tight over his head. A few days later, another victim is found dead, in exactly the same circumstances. As Erika and her team start digging deeper, they discover a calculated serial killer – stalking their victims before choosing the right moment to strike. 
Absolutely fantastic read with brilliant characters.  Really had me thinking.  I was gripped from start to finish.  Now onto book 3. A brilliant series.  5*. Highly recommended.  Netgalley and bookouture.
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The Night Stalker creeped me out; had to make sure nobody was in the room before going to bed. Phew!

Really enjoyed this book. I was intrigued from the start and was greedily turning pages to know more. It kept me up late at night. This book is an another terrific novel by Robert Bryndza. Nonetheless, revealing the identity of the killer earlier sort of dampened the interest. And, there was a particular part that didn't match with the story later and no explanation was given. It left me perplexed; the storylines were tad jumbled up towards the end, I reckon.

Strongly recommended for crime fiction fans!
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I liked the first book, The Girl In The Ice, but I wonder if not this one, the sequel has a storyline that is a bit more thrilling than the previous book. I do love thrillers that have a ticking clock feeling over the story. When more killings occur and the pressure grows, and the press and public demand answers and the police are doing their best to catch the killer. Well, most of them, the problem is that some policemen in this book seem to be stuck in their thinking and prefer an easy solution, even if it is the wrong one. But, thankfully Detective Erika Foster isn't that kind of police, and she definitely won't quit on a friend when the person in question becomes a suspect.

The Night Stalker thrilled me, it's a faced-paced book that from the first page until the last kept me entertained. What's the motive for the killing, who is the killer and how many will have to die before the killer is stopped?

I do like this series very much, and I'm pleased to know that I have book three to read as soon as I have time for it. Detective Erika Foster has become a favorite character of mine, her personal loss, with her husband being killed before the events in the first book, has affected her much, and I would love to see her truly happy once more one day. It will be interesting to see how her decision at the end of this book will affect the next book in the series.
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The Night Stalker is the Book 2 in Robert Bryndza’s Detective Erika Foster series.

A shadowy figure creeps upon a house in London seeking retribution against the man within.  We bear witness to Dr. Gregory Munro’s killer in action.  Four days later his mother enters the house and find’s her son’s dead body with a plastic bag over his head.  
Detective Erika Foster is called to the murder scene, a scene that appears to be a sex crime.  When another just like it follows, indications are that there is a cold-blooded serial killer on the loose and Erika and her team must figure out what these murders have in common. 
Erika is a tough, uncompromising detective who will get the killer at any cost and her determined doggedness doesn’t always go over well with her boss or her peers.  She is once again put on notice about not doing thing’s the department’s way.  Despite rubbing people the wrong way, she will continue to lay both her job and her life on the line to catch the killer.   

When we first met Erika in the first book, she was freshly grieving over the death of her husband Mark and just returning to work.  Erika’s grief for Mark is still very present and she agonizes over it in more detail, all the while still blaming herself.  This also enables us to get more of a glimpse into her past and how Mark’s killing went down.
Robert Bryndza is such a good writer and he is definitely making a name for himself with this series.  The twists and turns don’t let up and keep you guessing to the end.  He has also done some nice work on the character development here.  In the end the characters are what makes or breaks a series.  We learn a bit more about Crane, Moss, Peterson, Marsh, Stark, and Isaac Strong.  Erika is getting to know each of them and so are we.  She is beginning to foster friendship, loyalty, respect, and of course some antagonism.  Each of the afore-mentioned supporting characters is sketched in further and one of them even becomes a prime suspect in the killings.
I want to thank the publisher (Bookouture) for providing me with the ARC through NetGalley for an honest review.
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This is the second book in the DCI Erika Foster Series and it was just as good if not better than the first. Erika Foster is a woman who trusts in her instincts even when it gets her in trouble. She is impulsive, speaks her mind and is a strong, gutsy character. She engenders loyalty in her co-workers as they see how dedicated she is. Once again, she puts herself, her life and her career on the line to find a serial killer, who becomes known in the press as "The Night Stalker".

This story starts with a bang, as a well-known and respected doctor is drugged and murdered in his home. Erika and her team are called in, but hit a wall. As more murders pile up, it is easier for the higher ups to transfer the cast to another team and pick an easy suspect. Erika, although told to take a vacation, once again investigates off the books. The story is told from Erika's perspective as well as from the culprit, a black-clad figure involved in the first murder. I do not want to spoil the plot so that is about all I will say about the story. 

The characters continue to evolve (Moss, Peterson, Isaac Strong, Marsh and even Erika). We see a bit more of their backgrounds and home life. Once again the detested Stark shows up in the story and causes Erika more problems. Bryndza does a great job with the serial killer as well. What we find out about the killer's past makes you almost like this psychotic killer. The ending brings everything into the open and ties up any loose ends you might have had. A wonderful addition to the series and I would recommend this book to any and all lovers of Police Procedurals, Mystery/Suspense, and Serial killer stories.
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MUST READ thriller series!

I cannot believe it took me forever to read this book! I hate myself for that! But better late than never, yeah? I read this book basically because: (1) the first book, The Girl in the Ice, was amazing and thrilling and was easily one of my fave crime thrillers!, (2) the writing of the said book was great and Erika Foster easily became one of my fave detective inspectors to read; (3) Bookouture thrillers are bloodydamn amazing!

Even though I read the first book around a year ago, I was immediately absorbed into this one. Bryndza is an amazing thriller author. The Night Stalker is about a serial killer who kills his victims through suffocating his victims with a 'suicide bag' and leaving them in their place. What's interesting about the case is the fact that the murderer perfectly knows the background and moves of his victim. Aside from this, he also has an extensive skills and knowledge in getting into his victim's place -- actually, he gets there even  before his victim gets home (bloody creepy i know, thus the title).

The serial killer case presented here is very intriguing. I like how the victims have entirely different background and do not have much direct relation with the murderer. The way the victims were killed was also an interesting aspect of the novel -- how the 'stalker' creeps into the victim's place even before he gets home; how the 'stalker' checks the highly secured home before killing the victim; and the use of the 'suicide bag' is something really new to me.

Bryndza's gripping writing is perfectly shown here. The murderer was revealed around 50% of the book (if earlier than that, I probably missed it). Anyway, there was a private message between two anonymous chat users and one of which is the murderer. I like their conversations. They also makes me more intrigued of who the murderer is.

Once the murderer's identity was revealed, it still had that intriguing and thrilling atmosphere. It never lessened. The murderer's background/story was strongly written. His experiences were painful and it was easy to see why he's taking revenge. The connections of his victims to his story were slowly revealed. This was done along side Erika's pursuit of him. He's a perfect murderer -- his plans everything out, he doesn't leave traces of his presence (aside of course from the victim's lifeless body).

Aside from the thrilling and highly intriguing case, there was also a great deal of development on Erika Foster's relationships. Let's get through them one by one real quick: (1) Peterson --  I ship this. I highly, strongly, OMG, ship this! Also there was development on Peterson's character which is really great; (2) Isaac -- his involvement in the case as well as the initial look on the case brought him into such a terrible mess. Thank the stars for Erika's strong sense of justice (and love for her friend), he got out of this horrible case; (3) DI Sparks -- this bloodydamn detective who possible doesn't do anything but take credit for the works of others! When I saw him back in this book, I knew something that's NOT GOOD will happen. and it did happen. I was infuriated by the outcome of a particular aspect of the story (SPOILER: DI Sparks getting promoted instead of Erika. UGH!). However, it didn't exactly break my love for this book. Actually, it made me look forward for the next one even more!

OVERALL, The Night Stalker proved that Robert Bryndza's DI Erika Foster series is a MUST READ thriller! It has a gripping and edge-of-your-seat writing packed with twists; a strong and further developing detective inspector and a really great team to back her up; and a writing so intense that I was easily absorbed in both the case and Erika Foster's personal undertakings.

review schedule: 05-15-17
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I really enjoyed The Girl in The Ice and this second book in the series did not disappoint.  It had me hooked from start to finish. 

I loved the fact that this book built upon Erika's character and gave you more insights into what she has been through and still going through.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
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Gripping, page turning read. The main character, Erika Foster is great.
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Fantastic read-- great characters, great plot and I look forward to more in the series!
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Jeepers of all creepers! This one will have you double checking all your doors are locked at night.

Another twisting , turning, tale that will keep you enthralled from the moment you pick it up.
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I loved this book.  The story was wonderfully written and suspenseful.  You knew who the killer was but the suspense was largely in why the killer was doing it.  I want more from this detective too.   Another book please!  The mind is an interesting thing.
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DCI Erika Foster is back causing as much trouble for herself as she is for the bad guys! In the second offering in the series, Foster is fighting for a promotion, dealing with the second anniversary of the death of her husband, and trying to find a serial killer whose victims have no apparent link. This was one killer who I thought might just be Foster's match. But when will the killers ever learn? And when will Foster ever learn? While I appreciate Mr. Bryndza doesn't let Foster get away with going off on her own path, I hope she starts paying attention or she may lose control of her own destiny.
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