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Dancing in the Rain is a story about plenty of stuff. A quick read, but a heartfelt one. Light and easy read. Depending on how you will handle the feelings and emotions and circumstances. Here, you can read about death, loss, grief, hope and death. A lot of things to be honest. I don't know how Joseph did that with such a short book. Sadness, especially depression are two issues which were greatly tackled. I was an emotional wreck right after reading this book. It came close to my heart, 

I loved Elizabeth's character, a balance of sadness and joyfulness. She dare to imagine things and still be creative after all that has happened.

This book captured my heart. And I know that it will capture others' too. Middle Grade this one may seem, but it's a really deep one. Children will also understand the message this book conveys. As for families, this book will be a perfect read too.
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This was a book which I very much enjoyed. Elizabeth lives in the Dominican Republic with her Mother and Aunt. Her Father works in New York and visits when he can.  Brandt and Jared live in New York with their Mother. The Twin Towers disaster disrupts all of their lives and brings tragedy to Elizabeth's world.  Brandt and Jared's Mother takes them to live on Elizabeth's island to live with their Grandfather and their two stories entwine, Elizabeth and Brandt becoming good friends trying to help their families through the sadness the disaster brought. 
I thought this story was lovely.  The characters are relatable and I loved Brandt and Jared's relationship as brothers. The setting, especially the Dominican, is beautifully brought to life with descriptive passages of the island where Elizabeth lives. The two stories weave together seamlessly and it has such a gratifying ending to the story.
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Thank you for the chance to review this book, however, unfortunately, I was unable to download this title before it was archived
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I felt like this book was just too simplistic for the age range given, it's really more of a middle grade novel. I didn't like Elizabeth very much but I did like her new friends and their relationship with each other.
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Dancing in the Rain is a heart-wrenching and heart-warming story about life, death, happiness and grief.
This story about 9/11 is seen through the eyes of two innocent children. Since children’s thoughts are always kind of direct and honest you feel like you want to protect them.

It also marvelled at how the stories of 9/11 and World War II become so intertwined. Grief comes in all shapes and sizes, but the basis is always the same.
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4.5 stars

I loved this book. I started it without any expectations and it turned out to be an amazing read. It's great to have gems like these for the middle grade audience.

The writing makes it so easy to imagine these characters and their surroundings. It's a short, quick read that goes deep, touches your emotional buttons and has little bits of magical realism sprinkled in. A book that is both happy and sad.
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Dancing In The Rain by Lynn Joseph

Pages: 200 (Paperback)

Published by Blouse & Skirt Books July 15th, 2016

Genre: Middle Grade

Links: Goodreads/Amazon

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley, but that does not have a sway in my reviews. I am a human being with thoughts of her own, and I am not obligated to automatically give this book five stars.

The Review

Dancing In The Rain is a story about dualities. It is about loss and life, about pain and joy, and even about war and peace. This story is one that crosses borders. It is a story that ties the pain of two different families, living in two different countries, written from two different points of view.

Sometimes, the person you love the most makes you the saddest.

-Brandt, Chapter 9
While this book may be considered middle-grade reading, the literature is written in a way for both young and old to empathize. It takes culture, it takes a moment of tragedy (9/11), and it creates a narrative that comments on mental health, grief, trauma, and acceptance. 

I've heard that children are too young to understand pain and grief, but I don't think that's true. I think children experience pain and grief in the purest form, and I feel that this story has small glimpses of hope; the type of hope that children can latch onto when they're navigating through troubled waters.
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I give this story a 4.5/5 stars and rounded it to a four.

Sometimes this style of writing, dripping with poetic and powerful imagery, can be hit or miss. Because the story came based on hard stuff many remember, along with its length and premise, the writing style worked 100% in its favor. It took a concept, a story known well in America, and didn't use it just for impact. It took that story and transformed the characters, moved them without forcing them to grow up and had the reader see things in a new perspective. It can sometimes be hard to take a tragedy and turn it into something filled with hope, but Lynn Joseph managed to find all the right ways to string this tale together.
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I was excited when I heard about this book and that it was about 9/11 but ultimately I was disappointed and sadly I didn't enjoy the way it was wrote
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