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Man this book was SOOOO good.

I kinda want to just jump back in and reread.

The characters. The romance. The story.

THIS feeling I am left with is why I read. I thinks I just found me a new-to-me author to discover 
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I sincerely enjoyed Now That It’s You. It was interesting, it was unusual and it was fresh. Meg and Kyle were both fun and complicated.

Meg has finally decided to forgive her ex-fiancé for mistake. But, it’s a little too late. She can’t believe that she walked into the hospital only to find him dead. And, it’s Kyle, the one Midland that truly understood her and supported her, that breaks the news to her. She doesn’t know how to react … to Kyle’s statement, to Kyle’s friendship, to the feelings that Kyle is bringing out in her. It must be wrong to be in lust with your ex-fiancé’s brother, isn’t it? As the grow closer and their friendship blooms into something neither one of them expected, his family steps in and throws a wrench into their budding relationship.

Kyle has loved Meg for a very long time. But, she was his brothers fiancé. His only choice was to move away. Now, she’s back in his life and Matt is gone. But, he’s hiding one big secret and he doesn’t know how she will react to it. Add that to his conniving, meddling, ugly mother and her plans to ruin Meg’s life … he doesn’t stand a chance to have her love him as he loves her. It’s because of him that here cookbook took off and now, it’s because of his family that she won’t reap the rewards from it. There is nothing that he can do to stop his mother and nothing that he can do to make Meg love him. This is definitely the “no-win” situation that he never wanted to find himself in.

Meg and Kyle were really fun and intriguing. Their times in the kitchen were wonderful and their times in his studio were even better. I liked that I was able to enjoy both of them together and apart. Tawna Fenske did a wonderful job of showing us both their grief and their love … she gave us interesting characters and really brought the story together in a way that you felt the love, the hate, the mistrust and budding friendships. I am thoroughly looking forward to reading more from her.
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There was sweet moments between Meg and Kyle, and they have great chemistry. Loved their connection. I didn’t like how he didn’t think of Meg’s side when his mom went after her for money for a cookbook that his brother Matt took pictures for. Meg paid for those pictures; which the fact Matt was making her pay to begin with should’ve been a red flag to Meg that he wasn’t someone she should want to marry, and he cheated on her anyway. I don’t like how the whole cookbook scenario played out; I guess it just shows what a big heart Meg has. I especially didn’t think the new fiancée needed to be involved; she was already set. All of that just didn’t work for me. Meg wasn’t the one that needed to apologize; it’s been 2 years, that man wasn’t worth all of her worrying. She took everything on herself; I wish she would’ve realized she didn’t deserve the treatment his mother was giving her. Yes, Matt died, but that doesn’t give someone a pass on the things they did when they were alive. It was messed up that Kyle used his connection with Meg against her at times, but I could tell he cared for her. Also, he really needed to sell that statue of his ex’s anatomy. He’s still a good guy though. I also liked Meg; she does show strength at times and as I said earlier, she has a big heart. Overall, I was entertained the whole time and the story flows nicely.
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Two and a half stars: A book that has a messy romance and a lot of negativity. 

Meg bats the balloon that is bumping against her head aside. Deep breaths, she just want to get in and see her ex fiancé, Matt, and tell him she’s sorry. Two years ago, Meg dumped Matt at the alter after he confessed the night before their wedding that he cheated. Meg wants to clear her conscience once and for all. When she arrives at Matt’s hospital room, she bumps into Matt’s brother, Kyle. Kyle informs her that Matt died unexpectedly, leaving Meg shattered. Over the next few days, Kyle and Meg reconnect and realize they have missed one another. Kyle more so than Meg, as Kyle has long harbored secret feelings for Meg. Will Kyle finally get his chance?
What I Liked:
*This is a tough book for me to review as there are several things that I liked, while others I did not. This book had a lot of potential, and I appreciated the story and the characters. 
*Meg is the shining star of the book. I loved Meg. She is kind, caring, compassionate, and she is always wanting to do the right thing, even at her own expense. I loved that Meg was a good person all around. Even when others set out to hurt her, Meg still manages to do what is right. I loved Meg and her big heart, she made the book. 
*I liked that this book was all about Meg examining her past, amending for her mistakes and her finding a new positive path forward. This is a growing book, and I loved seeing how Meg grew and changed. 
*I enjoyed the romance, for the most part, up until a certain revelation, which I will get to in the next section. It was easy to see Meg and Kyle moving forward as they had a long history together. I liked that they supported one another and I thought they worked together. 
*The ending was fitting. After some drama and ugliness, things settle out in a positive way. I was pleased at the way the book concluded and glad the drama was over. 
And The Not So Much:
*This book was billed as supposedly being humorous. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much to laugh about. I think the book tanked for me when things got ugly.
*I hated the whole drama over the cookbook. Matt’s mother is downright awful. I hated the way she acted. I also didn’t like that Kyle never defended Meg. He just stood there, or worse yet took his mother’s side. It was so disheartening. 
*Matt is made out to be a very unappealing character. From the opening scene when the way he died is revealed, I knew he was not someone Meg should have been with. Then as the book goes on, Meg reveals more and more about their past. I couldn’t stand him, and I struggled to see why Kyle would even want to defend him.
*I was enjoying the romance until Kyle reveals his secrets, and then it just went downhill. I lost all respect for Kyle at that point, and it left a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole book. Ugh!

Now That It’s You is a romance that I picked up hoping for a light, fluffy read. I was disappointed in this one as even though it had a wonderful main character, the romance falters after some ugly information comes to light. I also hated the drama and ugliness that came about after Matt’s death. This book had potential, but unfortunately for me, the drama and the negativity ruined the read. This is one I would recommend as a borrow if you are inclined to read it. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review. 
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I have had this book on my to be read list for a few years now. So the other night I sat down and read it. Thought I would enjoy it when the book started out with Meg wanting to go to the hospital and wish her cheating ex a get well wish and apologize for walking out on the weeding. The night before he told her that he had an affair, and the next day of the wedding she was supposed to say I do but instead said I can’t. I liked her and felt she didn’t need to go to the hospital, but went with it. She finds out he has passed away while having hair plant surgery. Now as the story goes along Matt his brother who has always likes her decides to spend more time around her, even after the mother has filed a claim against her for some pictures. This is for 10,000 dollars and the brother is actually siding with his mom, but still wants to be with her after she explains everything. The mom is trying to fulfill some sort of grief through this lawsuit. It only gets worse when a cookbook she did years before gets in the hands of an actress because of the brother and is now selling like hotcakes. The mother files another claim because her son took the pictures while they were together and his estate should compensated. Even after the brother and her have carnal knowledge of what happens he then uses that against her when she finds the napkin the his brother wrote that he really did not think her book or his time was worth much to him. When you find out that the ring he gave was fake as well, zubic, but below that you really wonder who this guy is. What really got me was the ending of the book. I am sorry, as a father of four daughters, one screw him she does not need to apologize, two the mother who she ends up settling with I would have told my girls to hire another photographer and do a second addition and screw the mother as well, third so much you find out what the brother she is with and how he supported his brother’s affair and pushed him towards it. No he is just as wrong, third he in my book broke her trust when she told him things in the bed after sex and he used it against so the mom could move forward with the lawsuit, to the fishes with him you can find a much better man. I know it is just a book but my wife and I want our daughters to be strong and I hope young women who read this book will understand to be strong and you don’t have to settle.
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This is such a sad but cute novel! I'll admit it: I did cry while I was reading it. I also smiled a lot, though, so it was all good. I really liked Meg and Kyle as characters (but Matt truly seemed like a jerk, to be honest). Overall, this was an unexpected story that worked out really well for me. It's not your typical romance novel (or at least not in my opinion), but it's worth a read.
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I loved this what a fantastic and funny read. the last thing wants is to get involved again with the Midlands, especially after her disaster of a wedding. however Kyle has other plans, and other issues as Meg's cookbook forces the family closer together.
a brilliant portrayal of familial guilt, of unwanted love and the situations that can arise from trying to move on in life, in love and in relationships.
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I have bought this book in a kindle format and will read it in due course.
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This was a fun book that let me escape the real world for a couple hours
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I loved it, I really enjoyed the storyline and characters can't wait to see what comes next from the author!
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So a lot to like about this book:

-It made me laugh out loud, which I don't do often.
-It managed to be rather unpredictable (I'll spare spoilers here)
-I found the way it portrayed family dynamics to be hopelessly messy and complicated to be very believable/authentic.

However...ultimately I just couldn't buy into some of the plot points. A little too contrived at times, and not quite as good of a balance of comedy/tragedy.

3.5 stars.

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*
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This story has so many different layers to it that just when I felt I was settling into the rhythm of the characters, everything changed. There were plenty of light hearted and purely hilarious moments, but then the stifling sadness and moroseness would pop up. The story is well written, the characters delightful and engaging, if not frustrating at times, but still a good read. 

This book was provided by the Publisher and Netgalley, I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
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Cute story about a girl, Meg,  who leaves Matt,  her loser cheating fiance, at the altar and then, years later finds herself attracted to his brother Kyle.  Complicating matters even more is the fact that Meg is the author of an aphrodisiac cookbook, which Matt and Kyle's family is suing her over.  This was a great, quick and easy read.  Enjoyed it very much!
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I thought that the premise for this book was fun but also that it had a bit of depth to it. At first I wondered how the idea of falling for your ex's brother would work. Not going to give any spoilers but after a couple of chapters things become clearer and I didn't find it that big of a deal anymore. Meg was caught in a tricky situation and I felt really sorry for her. I was hoping that everything would get resolved and Meg would get closure. I really enjoyed Meg and Kyle's interactions as they shared plenty of chemistry. The question is can they overcome the past?

It surprised me how fast I read this book, before I even realised I was at about 60% on my Kindle. Definitely a sign that I was engrossed in the plot. There are plenty of comical moments in this book and I couldn't stop giggling at certain parts. I was definitely left with a smile after reading.

So funny at times & very entertaining!

Four stars from me!

Thank you to Montlake Romance & Netgalley for my copy. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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