The Devil’s Prayer

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The Devil's Prayer has a fast-paced, action-packed start but weirdly did not grip me immediately. I was interested but not flipping pages or staying up past my bedtime. However, once the narration switched to the past with just bits of the present woven in- I could not put it down.

Beyond good and evil, beyond religion, Luke Gracias masterfully wove history and lore with gripping storytelling to create a novel about the lengths we're willing to go to in order to protect the ones we love.

As they say, the devil is in the details, and that is certainly the case with this story. The meat of the story is the confession, the history of where Siobhan's mother has been and why. The why was truly what gripped me the most. Remaining spoiler-free, the major inciting incident had me literally losing sleep until I had digested most of the book to see if my mystery-loving brain had figured it out.

I'm not sure how I expected the story to end and without spoilers, it has a very open ending. I don't know if the author was leaving wiggle room for a follow-up but it wasn't a frustrating cliff. It felt natural to me, though I can see how some might be annoyed by this type of conclusion. So reader be warned if that's a pet peeve. But for me, it seemed a good place to disembark.
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The opening chapter left me breathless and totally hooked, from the sheer amount of background detail and the introduction of the catalyst character, whose very existence led to the creation of this book.
After hearing that her long lost mother had become a nun and committed suicide, Siobhan, her eldest daughter, goes to the convent to learn the truth.
What exactly was her mother’s secret? Why did an ordinary mother decide to abandon her family and become a nun?

After a riveting opening, we are taken several steps back, almost losing the rhythm of the story. Then Siobhan starts to read her mother’s journal.
What happens to her mother was extremely hard to read, so emotionally charged was the graphic description. Left severely abused and paralysed, the mother’s ordeal is over, but her recovery will take a long time.
Suspicion eats away at her; could someone she knows have been responsible?
The story continues, possibly too graphic and round about then I began to wonder if a mother would really write such things in a letter to her daughter.
Just when I was beginning to wonder about the plot, the story moved on. She had fulfilled the pact she made with the devil, so what would happen now?
We are not destined to find out just yet, and the last section of the book was beginning to read more like a documentary, far too many facts and figures. And just how many of them are true?
Right at the end, I realised this was only the beginning; there would be another part to this story, probably far more exciting than this one…
Although this was a riveting read, the format of the kindle copy I bought was faulty, with annoying font changes here and there. This was not the reason I only gave it a 4* review however, that was because the cliff-hanger almost had me screaming!`
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I had a hard time getting into this one, but once I did it was a fairly enjoyable horror story. I would tell anyone who is not instantly hooked to keep going, the story grabs you.
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I don’t know what to say except this book managed to freak the hell out of me. Forgive me my pun. As expected the book had a dark twist and the ending when you just feel like it’s turning for the better takes a complete turn for the worst. Read at your own discretion.
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[Note: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.]
This book is very good until about 3/4 of it. Then it blows up mysteriously.
As other reviews have noted, it spends a lot of time building the case of the story, in a constant flashback based on the diary found by the main character's daughter, with very detailed descriptions in a story of love, sex, friendship (or so...) and vengeance. But at the end the conclusion is rushed up senselessly, like there is an idea to go on with another book, although this was supposed to be a one-shot.
Another thing I don't like (ever) in a book is to find inaccuracy in local names. If you want to write a book set in a different country, please check thrice the correct spelling or if an expression is actually used. The Madrid rail station mentioned is Chamartin, not Charmatin...
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The Devil's Prayer
By: Luke Gracias
5 out of 5 stars

The story The Devil's Prayer by Luke Gracias is a book in the horror genre. It is one that had me turning pages. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. I enjoyed reading about the main character of Siobhan Russo. Siobhan’s mother had disappeared six years ago, and she was left with responsibilities and questions. Now those questions have only grown as her mother has committed suicide. Determined to find out the truth behind her mother’s disappearance and suicide she travels to the convent where her mother lived. There she finds a final confession from her mother, Denise, and pages that are part of The Devil’s Prayer. What will Siobhan learn when she reads her mother’s confession? Will she find all of the answers that she is seeking? What do the pages of The Devil’s Prayer reveal? Siobhan has also found herself being pursued by extremist monks who want the pages she has found back. Will they be successful, or will Siobhan escape their grasp? Read this book to find out. This story has scenes of action and danger. It is thrilling and suspenseful. I had to remind myself to breathe. Siobhan’s mother was also a very interesting and intriguing character. I was appalled and angry at what she went through, however, I at times questioned the actions that she took. The story also has other additional characters. Some of them help and some are only out for themselves. I enjoyed reading about the part that each one played in the book and their interactions with Siobhan. This is a story that had chills going up and down my spine and found I didn’t want to put it down until I had finished the final page. Highly recommended.
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This book changed directions so many times. The first half is completely different from the second half. At first the book was about a girl winning a lottery and her friends deceiving her. Then it turned into a thriller when she made a deal with the devil and killed all of her ex-friends. Then there was lots of environmental stuff. Then it turned into the movie "The Nun" (The starting gave me serious 'The Nun' vibes). Then it turned into history lesson which i skipped. I didn't read much after 80% because it was totally unnecessary. The ending was also very unsatisfying. I'm not sure if there is going to be a sequel but I'm sure I won't read it.
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Received it from NetGalley...on request.
I abstain from reviewing new books as I lack patience and perseverance, but the blurb of this book sent to me via email caught my fancy. And I was in the mood to read about the strife between evil and good.
The story started good - a nun, Benedectine, who runs away from a sect of monks and commits suicide, who is later recognized as Denise, the woman who, one fine day, ran away from her two daughters leaving her old mother to fend for them. her elder daughter Siobhan, a young journalist student sets off to the monastery in search of the cause for her death... and learns more than she bargained for.
Then follows a convoluted story - in present and past, often with tidbits from remote history and biblical times thrown in. Got to know a lot about the old Christian beliefs on good and bad, God and devil. 
There were many extraordinary happenings in this book which marred the simplicity of a tale well told. Too much violence, and too many weird happenings is what, in my opinion, deflected this story from a reasonably enjoyable one to a slightly tedious one.
All in all, I persisted as I wanted to know what happens in the end, ... but the end was disappointing.
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DNF. I thought the first chapter was interesting, and exciting, and well written, but then the story came to a halt for me once I got into chapter two. The writing didn't seem as polished and came off as childish, as did the characters. It just wasn't a story I could get into at that point. It may be for some readers, but not me.
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Got to be honest - I really struggled with this one.  Took a few attempts to actually get into and then I found it moving between boring or complicating. Afraid this wasn't for me.
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It started a bit boring, but then picked up and actually kept me pretty interested, to the poi t I couldn't put it down. Then last chapter with all the historical info was a bit too much and I had to re-read bits just to keep track. 
However... ending ruined it all for me. I really didn't feel like this book should've ended with 'You decide what happens next' . It really seemed that author couldn't come up with good ending and left it to us.
Shame, as really enjoyed the rest of it.
In the end it left same impression as D. Brown's DaVinci Code. Getting you all interested and then leaving you with unfinished story.
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I gave this one a try, as I thought it looked interesting. But unfortunately, it wasn't for me. I put a 3 star because I neither recommend nor dislike the title for anything other than my own preferences.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Luke Gracias and Australian eBook Publisher for providing this book for an honest review.

The Devil's Prayer was a page turner for me and hard to put down once I started to read it. I found the plot to be quite exciting. The beginning was a little slow but it quickly picked up, it died a little towards the end but, it was still a good read for me.  Each horrifying scene came to life, very vivid. 

I enjoyed the book and I'm looking forward to the next book by Luke Gracias.
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Scary good writing. Suspenseful, well-written characters, plot line well developed. This author is an up and comer and I predict, a future best seller.
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This is a book that you want to read with no preconceived ideas in mind. Just dive on in and start turning the pages. This book was so much better than I expected
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I received a free copy of this book for review from Netgalley.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me be honest. The only reason I requested ‘The Devil’s Prayer’ was because of ‘Devil’ in the title. And it was marked as a thriller/horror, so I was doubly intrigued.

Luke Gracias starts the story with a bang, when a nun commits suicide in front of thousands of people in Italy. There’s no explanation as to why she took this extreme step. All we have is a frenetic, pulse-pounding chase followed by sudden death (forgive the pun).

Anyway, the nun, Denise, has a daughter, Siobhan, who is summoned from Australia. When she arrives, she receives a cryptic warning and her mother’s diary. On the way back, she reads the diary. And so begins our tale.

Largely speaking, this novel is a story divided into three disparate parts. The first third is consumed by how the story is set up. Piece by little piece, we learn about how Denise became a nun, why she walked away from her young daughters — Siobhan and the rebellious Jess.

The second part is a flashback, one that in my opinion is poorly executed. The core tragedy — the driving force behind the story — feels contrived. People apparently close to Denise appear to switch personalities in an instant, as they go from amiable-if-unremarkable people to depraved predators.

Equally baffling is the way Denise is able to exact revenge. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say the manner in which Denise makes a deal with the titular Devil beggars belief.

The best thing I can say about the Devil in this book is his natty sense of fashion. Otherwise, he seems to a constructed entirely of cliches.

The final part, of third act if you will, of the novel also disappoints. Here, Gracias has shoehorned a tenuous, out-of-left-field link between Jess and the Devil. From there on, it’s just an information dump, with a series of historical references, dates and theories on dealing with the Devil.

In a nutshell, ‘The Devil’s Prayer’ is a strict one-time read. I daresay it will not hold up under repeated readings. It starts with a bang, loses its way in the middle, and ends with a whimper.
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This book is not what I thought it would be. I can't get past the beginning.
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Really not what I thought it would be
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This is a spooky, frightening story that you don't see coming. A group of friends prove themselves to be anything but and Denise has only one place to turn for help and vengeance - the devil.

A well-written book that keeps you guessing, an uncomfortable read in places, but a very accomplished portrayal of a woman from a male writer. A bit of Christian myth and intrugue, and this is a great read.
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It was good, scary! i like the world as well as the characters!
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