Her Nightly Embrace

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There were several things I loved about Her Nightly Embrace. The character of Ravi Singh, a PI at a somewhat dodgy - if exotic - investigation firm. Ravi - a former religious studies student and disgraced teacher - is swept up into a series of mysteries - all while seeing various Hindu gods. I enjoyed the premise of the books, the use of a diverse main character, the details of Ravi's Indian family and neighborhood, and the shenanigans of the other PIs in the firm. And in many places, the book was quite funny - there were some great one-liners and zingers.

The novel was very episodic, reading very much like the TV serial it's supposed to become. In some ways, I felt like I was reading a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories rather than a connected novel. As long as you accept this going in, it won't bother you.

There were some more glaring issues with the books that were incredibly distracting, however. There was some sloppiness in the copyediting - referring to someone by the wrong name, for example - which drives me bananas. Some of the mysteries themselves were fairly weak and pushed beyond the boundary of any kind of credibility (even when I was very willing to go along for a ridiculous, Mission Impossible style jaunt), and the characters - although interesting - felt very one-note. Overall - the novel felt a like a rushed job and a premise that was probably better explored in the RV series.
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This was an okay read, with nothing standing out. But good luck to the author for the series. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC.
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I have a fondness for private investigators and religious scholars, so this book seemed right up my alley. I liked the way the book was divided into distinct cases that nevertheless fit together, and Ravi was a fascinating character to view the world through. 

However, most (all?) of the other characters in the book seemed very one-dimensional and can be summed up in a single phrase. While I know this type of book is rife with tropes, the lackluster characters brought this from a four down to a three for me. 

That said, I did enjoy it quite a bit and would be happy to recommend it to patrons who like mysteries. It’s a shame that the tie-in podcasts and tv show haven’t manifested—I think that could have fleshed out the characters.  I’ll be adding the second book to my to-read list.
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Seemed rather disjointed, trying hard to be different, the hero didn’t seem believable nor did the story to me. Blurb says it’s being made into a tv series and I can imagine that might work better than a book
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I barely made it halfway through this one before I had to call it quits. It was just trying too hard to be cool while coming across stilted and flat. It reads like a movie or television script, which is what it should have been instead of a novel.
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Her Nightly Embrace is a quirky and bizarre book. It's actually a  collection of 4 novellas representing 4 cases worked by the team. The team are a group of investigators who have elite clientele, so they are basically non existent. They are a very bizarre group. Ravi, the protagonist, is a former teacher turned PI. When he's stressed, he can see gods which is beyond odd. It's an interesting unique approach to procedural crime fiction. It's entertaining for sure and engaging. It's a guessing game enough to keep your interest. I enjoyed the quirky characters because of their differences. Not normal is refreshing right now. So, if you want to read strange crime fiction, you should enjoy this one. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Could not get interested in this book, though I did try. I managed the first six chapters, before growing utterly bored with the plot. I think I'll stick with my preferred genre of Scifi and Fantasy.
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Her Nightly Embrace is the first in a series with a  PI named Ravi. He doesn't like his job but has to keep it to help his mother with gambling debts.. He works for a private investigation agency whose clients are rich. The people in the agency are a gay  ex-cop  couple to a disgraced PR agent to an amazing  hacker And we can't forget Ravi, the teacher And did I mention he can see Gods? It appears that the next  Prime Minister has a dead girlfriend, Louise coming several times of week to have sex with him. He can't let this get out or he will never be PM. Why is Louise coming back? Is he going crazy or is it all the medicines he is taking? Revi and the team figure it out and I really liked the way the ending came together. There are other cases written about but this one was my favorite. I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review and no compensation
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Hurrah .. new refreshing PI with real problems and in this novel, wonderful ghostly episodes that Ravi can sort with aplomb and. clever out-of-box solutions... there is so much satisfaction when underdog succeeds.. political figure sees his dead wife ever. night, running his tagged. Well. Ravi sees gods  on weird days,  so he's just the right guy to investigate. No one knows this but closest friends .. and they take it seriously. Really enjoyable, and I look guessed to a new episode with this guy (and television series!!)
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An okay start to a series. I did like some of the overall plot and some of the characters. I just feel that the story overall was a bit of a let down for many reasons.
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Fun and entertaining mysteries solved by a crew of characters. Fast-paced and interwoven cases. Has some elements of Janet Evanovich, Elmore Leonard and Blake Crouch. Has been picked up for TV series. May make a more entertaining series than book.
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A refreshing and engaging new voice in crime fiction that effortlessly combines magical realism with the police procedural to create an engaging and entertaining new series. The novel's witty voice and style manage to allow the author to capture the maddening nature of contemporary culture.
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"gods, they mainly stand there observing . . . though they wear modern clothes and they have mobile phones. I think they’re tweeting to each other about me"...Ravi Chandra Singh has changed professions, from a 'failed' religious scholar to a PI. The book discription hooked my interest. After reading Her Nightly Embrace, book 1 of Ravi PI series, I believe it's Spot-On!!! Read the entire discription, Then Read The Book!!! The cast of characters are zany, spastic and endearing. Asi Tantimedh takes the reader on a wild, sardonic, glorious, twisted rollercoaster ride. The type you want to take again and again!!! It will be a book and TV series, Woo Hoo!!! The only bad part is having to wait for the next issue. This series and author I will read as soon as each book is available!! I received this book from Atria/Leopoldo & Co. through NetGalley. I am voluntarily posting this review. A MUST READ book, series and author!!!
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Okay, I love the idea of this book. And when I started reading it, it was just as charming as advertised (and who doesn't need more Sendhil Ramamurthy in their lives?) The twists and turns are entertaining (with one very large exception that I'll get to in a minute) and Adi Tantimedh's inclusion of a diverse cast of characters lent for some great humor and set pieces. But towards the end of the book, it started to feel less like a novel and more like a screenplay. I kept having to envision actors adding nuance to the words with expressions, gesture and inflection. As a former actress myself, I found this very distracting because it felt less like reading for pleasure and more like reading for my former work, ironic considering the work I do now. I wanted to start scribbling in the margins as if this were a script, with questions for the writer a/o director as to motivation, interpretation etc. It all felt very thin of everything but dialog and action. Tho perhaps Her Nightly Embrace might have benefited from being a graphic novel instead, with an artist to draw panels? It certainly did not work well as just prose.

Anyway, that's all well and good, and HNE might have just been a promising first installment of a series that definitely needs work, but then something happens in the book about a third of the way through that left me acutely uncomfortable with the rest of the novel. You find out that the guy being visited by a seeming succubus is actually being raped (with a little help from the Rohypnol he's been prescribed by his doctor as a sleep aid) by his dead fiancee's sister Julia, who is a sex addict who subbed in his bed while her sister Lou was dying because something nonsensical about Lou having cancer but still wanting the guy to get his rocks off. Jesus fuck, Lou, tell the idiot you don't want to have sex because YOU HAVE CANCER. If he can't deal with it, dump his stupid ass. Don't have your sex addict sister fucking impersonate you! Anyway, even tho the guy forgives Julia when she's found out, I thought it was extremely gross that she used her sex addiction as a reason to (continue to) victimize the guy once her sister died. But fine, feelings and family and forgiveness are all complicated beasts, and I would have been okay with it if it had been left at that, but then Julia fucking joins the Golden Sentinels detective agency that Ravi works for and becomes his girlfriend and I'm just all "no, hell no." I cannot be made to root for her and their relationship because she is a rapist. Her redemption is so matter-of-course as to feel completely unearned, and godfuckingdamnit, sex addiction is not an excuse for rape. She is awful and I hated having to feel like I should care about her because what she'd done was treated like not that big a deal when, in fact, it is.

Anyway, I'm still going to read the sequel because I have to, for work, and will likely pretend that all that ^^ never happened so I can be objective about Her Beautiful Monster but oh, man, HNE was not a great book, with some really bad messaging. Plus, the Hindu gods Ravi sees are never used in an interesting manner, another thing I'm hoping improves in the sequel. I just... ugh. This should have been so much better than it was and I'm just so appalled that it wasn't.
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I received a copy of Her Nightly Embrace from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Her Nightly Embrace is the first in a series featuring a somewhat reluctant PI named Ravi Chandra Singh. Formerly a religious studies professor, Ravi lost his job after trying to help a student who was having an affair with another professor. Out of desperation to not only pay his own bills but to pay off his mother’s gambling debts and to pay for his sister’s wedding, Ravi takes a job with the Golden Sentinels, a private investigation agency which caters to an elite clientele. The agency is populated by a group of outcasts from ex-cops to a disgraced PR agent to a hacker.

The book is broken into four parts, each covering a different case. The title refers to the first investigation during which Ravi is assigned a bizarre case. A rising star in the Tory party and possibly the next Prime Minister, has come to Golden Sentinels claiming that his dead girlfriend is visiting him at night and having sex with him. Admittedly, the man takes several medications to help him sleep but he claims he’s not hallucinating or dreaming this wild story up. Is it the meds or is someone trying to mess with his head? It’s Ravi’s job to find out.

I found the first story to be over the top and not very believable. The second story, War of the Sock Puppets, is more interesting. The agency is hired to find out who is harassing a writer and television host. She is under vicious attacks from internet trolls who not only attack her character but also threaten to kill her. Someone even leaked her home address online which led to her having to move. The client believes someone is egging the trolls on and pulling the strings and she hires Golden Sentinels to find the head troll.

In the Hideaway Bride, the third case, the owner of a timber company has hired the firm to locate his daughter who has run away, possibly due to the prospect of an arranged marriage. It’s during this case that my interest was truly piqued. It is revealed that there is some mystery about the origins of the agency and its ties to things much larger than itself. The case isn’t groundbreaking or exciting but it’s entertaining. It’s the behind the scenes of the agency that I wanted to know more about, however, not the runaway bride to be. Ravi is thrown when he learns the truth.

The Leaky Banker, the fourth and final case, is the most intriguing and exciting one. An investment banker comes to Golden Sentinels for help because her life is in danger and she needs their protection. It’s hard for the agency to protect her, however, because she is not telling them everything. They hide her in their safe house as they begin their investigation into the practices at her bank. Ravi is still uncomfortable with what he has learned about the Golden Sentinels but he motors on. During the case, he runs into an old acquaintance and lover who causes all sorts of trouble and leaves Ravi confused, shocked and a bit hurt.

Her Nightly Embrace has ups and downs. I really didn’t fully get into it until the third and fourth cases when the agency’s connections started to become clear and when some of the other characters really started to be fleshed out. The last case is really the best of the lot and, until I read that one, I wasn’t sure I’d be interested in reading more in the series.

My main issues with the book are the language and the forced quirkiness. I have no problem with bad language in the books I read. In this case, however, it is overused. It’s like a bunch of kids just learning swear words and using them at every single opportunity. I found it ridiculous, really. Ravi having visions of Hindu Gods when he is super stressed struck me as trying too hard to make the main character quirky. It’s not a “natural” quirk, it just feels forced. Luckily, Ravi is a very likeable character who is easy to root for so I tried to ignore his visions.

The book blurb mentions the book is in development to become a television series with the wonderful Sendhil Ramamurthy set to play Ravi. I think, once some things are cleaned up a bit and other things are ironed out, it would make an entertaining television show. I would definitely tune in. Though I had some issues with Her Nightly Embrace, I would probably read more in the series.
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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of diversity in entertainment. So when I received the promotional material for the new novel by Adi Tantimedh, I was intrigued. The main character of Her Nightly Embrace is Ravi Chandra Singh, a London-born Indian man, a failed religious scholar and former high school teacher turned private detective working at Golden Sentinels, an agency staffed with different characters from all over the globe. The book is only part of series in a major multimedia release, including a corresponding podcast and a TV show starring Sendhil Ramamurthy (formerly of NBC’s show, Heroes).
With all the hype and a well-known TV star on the cover, I must admit I went into the story with somewhat higher expectations than I would normally have for what is essentially a novelized teleplay. Regrettably, this turned out to be a mistake. I can say without hesitation that the book was one of the most disappointing I have read in some years. The writing is choppy, brusque, and full of clichés, with the supporting  characters becoming parodied archetypes – the brilliant Asian hacker; the charming but deadly British mastermind; the perky American with a secret agenda – that basically defeat the purpose of diversity in the first place. I can’t say, based upon this book, that I have much hope for it, but I can only hope that the upcoming show does a better job with the material.
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Thank you NetGalley!
Her Nightly Embrace was a hoot!
I will definitely be looking for the rest of the series.  It moved along at a good pace and I loved the collection of quirky characters.  I also appreciated their compassion and humanity.  All in all a very satisfying read.
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thank you.                                                                                                                                                                 
enjoyed it,                                                                                                                                      
will get copies for family and friends.
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Hardcover (edit)
Review	Her Nightly Embrace by Adi Tantimedh is a 2016 Atria/ Leopaldo &Co. Publication. 

I had no idea what to expect from this book, but the publishers were so enthusiastic about it and their plans for audio and television projects featuring “Heroes” star Sendhil Ramamurthy, I couldn’t resist taking a look at it. 

When Ravi Chandra Singh gave up his religious studies after his reputation was impugned, he is hired by Golden Sentinels, a detective agency located in London. While Ravi may not seem like detective material, he’s a quick study. However, he does have a few, shall we say, abnormalities. Every time Ravi is stressed out, he sees a variety of Hindu Gods, and they seem to be tweeting about him. No matter how many pills he pops the visions persists, causing Ravi to continually question his sanity. 

This is an introduction to Ravi, but we soon learn a great deal more about him and his family, as he gives us an up close and personal view to his highly unusual adventures as a private detective and the offbeat and occasionally dangerous cases he and the eclectic team at Golden Sentinels are hired to handle. 

It’s no secret this book is being shopped for a television series and I do think the book was written in such a way that it would appeal to anyone who enjoys media tie-in material, perhaps with the hopes the book will enjoy cross-media attention and sales. 

There are four complete short stories in one book, all individual cases worked on by Ravi and his team, but there is a common thread or continuance that binds the stories together. 

I like Ravi’s voice and the stories are imaginative, fast paced, quirky and are even humorous on occasion. Over the course of the four installments, the cases become more serious, more dangerous, and more intriguing. 

I always applaud creativity and imagination and I’m all for giving books a little boost by offering podcasts, movie or television tie-ins, or even some kind of interactive multi-media enhancements to keep readers engaged and to promote a love of reading. To that end, this book gets my seal of approval. 

I thought the stories were stylish, if a bit outlandish, but the characters were terrific, each member having a unique skill to bring to the table. There are several well placed twists that propel the story along from one installment to another and the dynamic between the characters and the plot is ever evolving. 

I can see how this book would easily translate to the small screen and I predict it will appeal to a certain demographic. It could pick up steam easily, but I’m not sure how long it would sustain the audience in that fickle environment. However, in the book world, if the author plays their cards right and doesn’t let the video appeal mar the integrity of the books, this is a series that could see a long and successful run. 

Personally, I got a kick out of this book, for the most part, and would be interested in reading more about Ravi’s adventures in the future.
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