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Life is a lot like a crossword puzzle. One needs clues to put the whole thing together or else none of it makes sense. Even if you have all the clues the puzzle still may not come out together as cleanly as you like because there are a lot of four letter words that start with the same letter and could even mean the same thing as your one clue! You have to make sure that the other clues match the other letters!! It can be very confusing at first just like this book was at first!
However, the author Kevin V. Summons slowly starts feeding clues and then it builds up and then it’s like a light bulb goes off! You figured out that someone is trying to get back at Paige’s dad the District Attorney and Morgan her boyfriend is going to be a hero maybe!  But, you think her sister Candy might be after Morgan at first, but realize that her sister is really a wonderful person!! However, there are more clues later about her!! 
- [ ] This book leaves you pondering at the end I guess life is a lot like that so in retrospect one can embrace the contemplation. 
- [ ] Paige, Morgan and Candy had so many adult life situations thrown at them that so many adults will never experience, but they do so with aplomb & grace that I think some people will not be able to empathize with them. I hope that they will, but I think there are too many adult situations at one time. I personally think that it was well written, but I think overall that too much drama will lose some readers. 
- [ ] Life is not cut & dry and just like the title, Chrysalis is about opening up ones horizon & flying towards learning to survive. You are no longer wrapped up in your cocoon. Paige, Morgan & Candy, soon find out that life’s lessons are not perfect & the decisions and choices we choose one had better be prepared to stand behind them.This is a romantic book with a mystery and drama mixed in for good measure! I recommend this book for those who like serious issues with young romance mixed within! 
- [ ] I received this as a advanced netgally and this is my personal opinion.
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