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Being a Scout is more than just helping old ladies cross the road.

This was a good short story. I was interested in it from start to finish. That being said I didn't become attached to any of the characters. I liked the concept of having the main characters be the boy scouts. It was an interesting twist I wouldn't have thought of. The story felt kinda flat. Yes, there were events in it but it was nothing that put me on the edge of my seat. It would start to build up a scene and then it was over and that was it. 

I thought this book was a stand alone but the ending makes it seem like it is a series. I went and investigated Goodreads and found that there is actually a 2nd book. It is called the Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie War. I feel that both of these could have just been put into 1 book and made more sense together.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC to read and review.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Perfect Analogy Publishing for giving me this book to review.

Scouts of the Apocalypse is an enjoyable, fast paced zombie adventure. It was nice seeing how the skills learnt in scouting can be applied in different situations. However, the main thing that bugged me with this book was that, at least in the UK, scouts (and the leaders) are not perfect or goody two shoes, they are cheeky, normal realistic people who are more often than not eccentric and feel like outsiders.

Mike is an OK character but like with most of the people in this book, he was too perfect and good at everything, making me not worry at all that anything was going to happen to him or most of the boys.

All in all, Scouts of the Apocalypse is a decent read and if you like zombie apocalypse books then I would recommend it but if you are interested because of the scouts angle then don’t expect them to be very realistic.
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Just finished reading this book after a few hectic weeks. Every time I did sit down with it it did keep me interested. It’s an interesting thing writing about this subject with scouts. It’s clever as the characters know how to deal with survival situations without being all knowing soldiers of war gives the subject an edge which I liked. Not sure if I liked the ending. Felt like the end of a first book in a series as opposed to a a one off story. All in all I enjoyed the book, good easy read
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A bit of a twist on your normal run of the mill Zombie novel, as a group of Scouts and their Scout Leaders use all their skills to battle to survive!

The story starts at the seemingly normal monthly scout camp out in the backwaters, but all is about to get a whole lot farther from normal. Starting with a traffic accident that triggers a string of events that stretch even the most experienced scout leaders beyond their comfort zone.

They encounter supposedly deserted farms which turn out to house infected hoards intent on satisfying their insatiable hunger for the living. The group of scouts must battle their way back home to safety, but as the story progresses it becomes all too obvious that their encounters with the infected are far from restricted to the backwaters.

This is a story that at first appears to be "Oh yeah! here we go again..." but suddenly takes a sharp turn as the one group of character splits up to become three separate group; all experience very unpredictable changes on their journey to safety.

The only real criticism I have is that on occasion the story appeared to building a character or event up to something big, only for it to fizzle out and feel somewhat anti-climatic. All in all though it's an enjoyable read. For me this is a read aimed at the early to mid teens going by the style of language and detail, but good enough for adults to give it a go; well worth the time and effort.
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I got a pre-release copy to review.

I hadn't realised this was aimed at younger readers when I began reading it. However, the story doesn't suffer as result of this focus. It's interesting and exciting enough, but without the swearing and (most of) the gore of adult apocalyptic fiction. 

Apocalyptic fiction is often dystopian. However, an unusual twist in this story adds a degree of hope to the situation the boys and their leaders find themselves in: this makes the book particularly suitable for younger readers. I would be happy to recommend this book to ages 12 and above, or even mature 10 year-olds. It's also perfect for adults that don't particularly like bad language or adult sexual content in their reading.
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Always Prepared.

A scout group on a weekend trip witness a strange meteor shower but think nothing of it until they come to leave the woods.
It has a creepy atmosphere but, since it is intended for a younger audience, it isn't truly horrific. There is bloodshed, the creatures are well described and the preparedness of the troop is shown. I have learned a few things, good ideas in case the apocalypse ever happens.
It is a good book, for both young and not so young. I liked the interactions, the progression of the plot and the outcome that gave it a nice twist on the norm. It doesn't have a cliffhanger ending, simply leaves things open for the next book.
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