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The Fountain

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I really enjoyed this read and I loved the magical element involved in the story.

Set in an old boarding school it was a pleasant read and I was thoroughly entertained, it is a tale that is superbly told and Ava was an interesting character

It is a perfect YA read but I think it will appeal to all readers, it is a quick read but the mystery and the suspense is thrilling .
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Even though I wasn’t a fan of the ending and the romance between the main characters, I really enjoyed reading this. I enjoyed the concept on which the story was built on and overall it did it justice. I enjoyed reading from Ava’s perspective of the story and the way she dealt with the problem at hand.
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I was hoping to like this book more than I did. That being said, it was okay. A quick and easy read!
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A well crafted book for the young adult readers. The book was captivating and lovely. The plot was unique and intriguing. I was hooked into the story from the beginning. I absolutely loved this book and it was fabulous.
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