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HUNT THE DAWN by Abbie Roads.   So, having read book one of the series (and liking it), I was intrigued by Lathan and happy he got his book.  That being said, I wasn't overly thrilled with the heroine, Evanee.  She came across quite immature, especially for having lived through all she did.  I adored Lathan and felt he was the epitome of a Hero - he was kind and loving, a bit gruff, and lived to protect his love.  I liked he had a physical handicap as well - made him more human but also more endearing.  The first half of this tale was terrific - had me roped in.  Sadly, the second half just didn't hold my interest as well.  This mostly had to do with Evanee again.  I wasn't thrilled with how she handled some things.  Overall, not terrible, but a bit disappointing for me.  I do intend to read future books in the series, and certainly more by this author as I do like her writing style.  (received ARC for honest review)
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This book was definitely thrilling and kept you on the edge of your seat!
It took me a bit to really get connected with the story, but once I did I had to get to the end.
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This is the second book I read by Abbie. The first book I DNF and decided to give her another chance. Abbie Roads is an excellent writer - the way she uses her words is very well done and descriptive. That being said, I also think Abbie is not a good story-teller. I find her characters annoying and shallow. Let’s take our heroine.... this is a girl who literally immediately attaches herself to a guy she just met, professes her love in less than a day, and becomes suicidal when she thinks something happens to him less than two days later. She likes to stick her tongue out when she is annoyed and suddenly out of nowhere finds a backbone with her family. The way Abbie wrote about her heartbreak was awesome, but would much better serve in a book where the couple were together for at least more than a week. If she applied that writing to a better story, I would eat her books up. It was complete over kill here.
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This book, Abbie's writing, is mind-blowing. I've never been a big sci/fi or fantasy reader, but this series sounded so intriguing, I just knew I had to dive in. And I don't regret it what-so-ever!

These characters are very well written, and so completely different than any others I've read.  The book has a darker tone to it, which just heightens the mystery and suspense. I love the connection that Lathan and Evanee share. It's genuine and heartfelt. 

The plot of this story is so unique and that's why I love it so much. If you're looking for a thrilling read that will keep you on edge, look no further than the Fatal Dreams Series.
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Lathan has a special talent.  Though he is practically deaf he can smell the emotions and memories of others.  This makes him very useful in helping to solve unsolved crimes.  When he meets a young woman being attacked on the side of the road something compels him to stop.  Evanee’s life hasn’t been easy.  But the moment Lathan steps in her life she feels safe.  She’s never felt safe.  But, when her dreams start flowing into reality she realizes that things with Lathan are very different.  As their feelings grow so do the strange happenings around them.  Can Lathan save the one person who saves him?
I was really taken in with this book.  The specialness of these characters really makes this story.  It was unique and very enthralling.  The world that Abbie Roads has created swirls with paranormal and native american folk lore.  There is also a very emotional level in this book.  I wasn’t expecting a book like this to have the emotions that it did.  This was a truly unique experience that has made my first Abbie Roads book a fantastic one.  If you are looking for a great story, dynamic characters and a bit of paranormal mixed in you will want to pick this up ASAP.
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Wow. New, amazingly talented. Abbie Roads has dark romance wrapped up in one neat package. Whomever suggested her cover, is a person she needs to keep on her team. It drew me in on first glance, her blurb was the bait, but Abbie's writing kept me on the line. Having received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review, I will not hesitate to purchase, not only Race the Darkness, but Hunt The Darkness as well. This is a book which will be recommended to family and friends.
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A well written book. Getting to know Lathan and Evanee as their situation throws them together, was interesting. Both for what his gits are and what she then brings to the table. A fast paced read, and one that is easily recommended to those that like a bit of mystery to their paranormal and a light romance too.
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Hunt the Dawn held me captive from beginning to end. It's definitely a dark paranormal romance, not a fluffy romance, and not for the faint of heart. Abbie Roads writing is very compelling and has great flow to it. The characters were unique, flawed, and raw. Exactly what I like! Lathan was at once a bit scary, a bit vulnerable, and endearing with his protectiveness of Evanee. It was easy to see how she could fall for him and feel safe in his massive arms. There were a few things that I would have liked to be fleshed out a bit more but overall Hunt the Dawn definitely delivered. I look forward to reading more books from this author.
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I am not into dark, suspense thrillers. This book was not for me.
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I would give this book 3.5 stars if I had that option.  It was pretty good. I liked the premise of the story, but there were times when I felt like the plot moved really slow. I ultimately did buy three books in the series and would recommend this book if you like paranormal romance.
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I received this book as an ARC. I am glad I did. The style defies definition. Is it Paranormal? Romance? Suspense? Yes, to all. But not quite. It's a really well-written story about the Hero, Lathan, who has the uncanny ability to smell memories left on anything or anyone that is touched. This affects his interactions with almost every aspect of life. He uses this (god-forsaken) talent as a Profiler. He meets the Heroine, Evanee, while she is in a real crisis. He saves her, and discovers that he can stomach her smell, without the memories. Then, they discover she, too, has a "talent" which wreaks with her life. Her dreams are more like prescient memories of people who have been killed, and she possesses telekinetic abilities. The plot revolves around a serial killer Lathan has been tracking. When the two are together, they make quite a team. Of course, there are other players in this story, and a couple of intriguing subplots. The author did a great job weaving the elements together to keep us invested in the characters and the plots. This is a standalone book, with a HEA. But, I will be reading the associated books. I want to know what happens to everyone.
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I love Abbie Roads new series!!! The books pull you in leaving you wanting more!!! I can't wait to read the next book in the series.!!!
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This is 'gritty' but wonderfully suspenseful and romantic. My Rating 4.75

Lathan is a man who has always been sensitive to others – more than he wants. His olfactory glands are stronger than normal and he can smell the emotional memories of those around him. In a crowd that can be overwhelming and it creates difficulties on individual interactions too. Although his ‘gift’ is frowned on by many, and even makes his parents uncomfortable, the skill has come in handy as he consults with the FBI.

One night as Lathan is riding his motorcycle home he comes upon a car and truck by the side of the road. He smells the fear and anguish of the young woman trying to escape an attacker and steps in to face off with the attacker.

Evanee is trying to make enough money to get out of town and away from her abusive stepbrother, Junior. She shouldn’t go off with a stranger but she must get away from Junior. Evanee is accustomed to having nightmares but having ones that put her in touch with murder victims is new – and frightening. During each nightmare episode, the victim reaches out to her and a dark presence makes her take a token.

Lathan calls in the FBI and they begin to tie together the clues and the bodies to a serial killer known as the Strategist. Lathan has never had a woman focus on his eyes instead of the tattoo on his face. He is awed to have a woman respond to him as honestly as Evanee does. He can’t stop her nightmares but he is determined to keep Evanee safe from her Junior and the Strategist. And both come after her.

I liked the strength of Lathan and Evanee from the very beginning of the story. They both had harsh childhoods and, even as survivors, they are emotionally vulnerable. The author created a relationship with depth and steamy chemistry. There is language and graphic brutality which is why I say this is “gritty”. But Ms. Roads creates wonderfully believable characters and a finely crafted plot, with twists, that carry the story beyond any “grittiness” for me. I may well go back and pick up book 1. I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy strong romantic suspense with a supernatural twist.

I received this from the publisher through NetGalley.
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I really enjoyed this story. I  loved how the author used Native American folklore.  This story has it all. Suspense,  angst, love and mystery. This has a HEA. I think I will buy book one and read it. Great character build. Good plot and lots of twist.
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A quick read, in as much as the flow was quick. I found the book itself took me longer than I anticipated but that might just be down to the fact that I am not normally a reader of paranormal stories but I read the blurb and really had to give this a try.
There were bits of the book that I totally engaged with and that I found I really enjoyed but that was balanced by certain aspects that didn’t sit quite so well with me but that isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the story as a whole because I did, I just didn’t get or like little bits of it.
I liked Lathan although I wouldn’t wish to have his gift for the world. He had an ability that while it benefited the FBI (he helped them track down the worst of the worst), I mean who the heck would revel in being able to read the thoughts of the sick and twisted. He is safer with the world at arm’s length, and because of that he deliberately avoids others at almost every given opportunity and because of that he is a little bit off the wall. Right up until the time he met Evanee Brown.
Now most of the time I liked Evanee, but she had the capacity to peeve me at times and that was a disappointment. She gave off the vibe of a girl that was able to stand up for herself but that wasn’t entirely the case and when she kept poking her tongue out well I could have clipped her round the ear it was so childish! The two of them had an almost instant interest in each other and the fact that Evanee was also gifted, only solidified the fact that they could very well be good for each other.
Evanee had been through so much, a childhood that was riddled with abuse and an escape that proved to be almost as traumatic. Haunted by memories and terrorised by nightmares, her gift much like Lathan is one that taints her very life, but is there more to her gift and does its subsequent impact on her life have wider reaching consequences? Only time will tell.
I thought the author had a deft touch with the situation and she presented two uniquely gifted individuals in such a way as to help me, the reader engages with them. I loved that for once Lathan could feel normal, could embrace what it is like to feel something for someone else and he definitely felt for Evanee, his purpose was to keep her safe but would the world that surrounded them make that promise impossible?
I finished the book thinking that this was more of a thriller, more suspenseful rather than paranormal but either way it was a great read. It was dark and I mean more than just a little tinted around the edges, it had some proper cause for concern in the storyline, it had more angst and attitude than I thought it as going to have and it certainly kept me guessing all along the way but what I really enjoyed was the human aspects of the story, the fact that the connection, the emotional and physical connection between Lathan and Evanee was one that I could believe.
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Very well written book with highly developed characters. I loved it and although it was dark, there was hope that was justified in the end. I'd definitely recommend it.
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Very good book with a great storyline and well defined characters! Very enjoyable read by Abbie Roads, I look forward to reading more from this author!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
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I couldn't get into this story. Just didn't hold my interest.
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Abbie Roads has done it again with her dark paranormal thriller, HUNT THE DAWN, the second in her Fatal Dreams series. Filled with flawed, vulnerable yet strong characters, Roads amps the adrenaline as a serial killer, The Strategist, is murdering women across the States. And it’s up to two scarred and psychically enhanced individuals to stop him. 
Lathan Montgomery was struck by lightning as a child and developed a keen olfactory sense–and an ability to scent memories. It’s all he can do to keep so many memories at bay, but his talent comes in handy helping out the federal government. It’s a difficult life, trying to filter his own reality. Then he meets Evanee Brown, and he goes from saving her to being saved by her. 
Evanee quiets the overwhelming memories in his head. A miracle in itself. But when she starts bringing pieces of her dreams–pieces of murder victims–with her into reality, she taps into the life of a serial killer through his victims. Evanee is a survivor, having endured her fair share of abuse. But just when her life starts to even out with Lathan, the killer targets her. Only with Lathan’s help can she come out whole. And that’s if she comes out at all.
Abbie Roads takes a thriller of a plot and infuses the story with pain, redemption, and salvation through love. The paranormal thread was intricately woven throughout the story and added so much to both the characters and plot. The villain is three dimensional, the danger real, and the tension deliciously thick.
I hope she’s got more in this Fatal Dreams series, but I’ll definitely pick up SAVING MERCY, the first in her new Fatal Truth series, coming out in April.

4.5 Hearts, Romance Junkies
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An unlikely hero plus a strong female lead equals a fierce love story that kept me flipping pages late into the night! Another strong, dark romance from Abbie Roads! More like this? Yes, please!!
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