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Utterly fantastic and such a wonderful read. It kept me gripped every single second and I can't wait to read more by this author.
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Pre-Reading: July 25th, 2016 

This is why I have no self control on Netgalley.....because I see a book by Rysa Walker and I have to fan girl squee!!! This is what I've been dying for ever since the Chronos series ended. I love Rysa's books and she is probably my absolute favorite writer that's alive/still writing today! *Squee* Thank God for my auto-approval from Skyscape!!!

Review, August 9, 2015 

Gonna have to gather my thoughts. Full review later.

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This is the story of a girl named Anna, who can see and speak with ghosts. It involves government conspiracy, high stakes adventure/survival and some romance & friendship building. This is the bare bones of the book of course, but that's mainly because while it's objectively a well-written book with interesting plot, characters, action, etc., it left me a bit cold personally. I am a big fangirl of Rysa's other series, Chronos Files. It's one of my all time faves. I eventually want to finish this series, but I didn't connect well with Anna. So I'm not in a hurry and that's a damn shame.
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I read part of this and listened to part of it on audiobook. From the switch from my old Kindle to the new one, this Netgalley book got lost in the mix, so I borrowed via Kindle Unlimited. The audio narrator was wonderful and I just got so sucked into this book that I couldn't read/listen fast enough.

The Delphi Effect follows an orphan named Anna who has the ability to pick up spirits with unfinished business. Her newest spirit is Molly, who wants to help her Pa find her killer. Along the way, Anna realizes that this goes much further than a simple homicide.

Like I said, I got sucked in. This is such a well-written novel. The premise is super interesting and I love how Anna's paranormal ability was done. The intricacies of it are just so fascinating. I cannot wait to read or listen to the second book in preparation for the final book to be released this fall.
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4/5 stars

amazing YA novel . would definitely classify it more as paranormal and not sci-fi. Main protag's ability to consensually allow ghosts to possess her body was a cool idea and nicely executed.
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I'll admit I snagged this one mostly on the strength of the author's name.  I've already read previous books by Rysa Walker, and very much enjoyed them.  From the blurb it sounds potentially interesting, but not particularly original.  But I trusted the author, and I'm glad I did.
Anna Morgan is a seventeen year old who is jaded by the foster care system.  She also has the ability to communicate with the dead.  However in this story her communication is facilitated by a dead person attaching him/herself to Anna inside her mind.  She calls them "hitchers". And typically it's one at a time.
At the beginning of the story Anna is playing host to Molly, a young girl who had been murdered and wants Anna to communicate with Molly's grandfather, a retired police officer, in order to provide him with information that will hopefully catch her killer.
But there's more going on here than a simple murder mystery.  Molly's murderer was tied to a much larger scheme involving kidnapping and experiments. And Anna's contact with Molly's grandfather brings her, and her gift, to the attention of this nefarious group.
Anna, along with her younger former foster brother Deo, are both in danger.  Along the way they do have some allies, including Anna's therapist and Molly's grandfather.
I'll admit the basic plot isn't terribly original, although I did really like how Anna's gift was handled and the way it worked.  But it's much better and more engaging that it may sound.  What takes what might have been well-worn ground in another's hands and turns it into an interesting story is Ms. Walker's skill in writing a well paced story with believable characters and likable protagonists.  
And while there are occasional hints of attraction between Anna and another character, it remains infrequent and very slow burn.  There's no insta-love or teen angsty romance here.  Something I very much appreciated.
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I really didn’t realise exactly what this book was about, even though the blurb pulled me in.
A 17yr old Anna attracts ghosts who hitchhike when Anna touches something connected with the ghost
I was expecting a sad ghost story for Anna and Molly, but getting so much more.
 It reminded me of one of the early episodes of the X-files, one look and you are hooked.
Government conspiracies, murder this book is so hard to pin down.
Molly was murdered, and wants Anna to talk to her Pa.
We see Anna tracking down Porter and we are off.
It’s YA with Science Fiction with Paranormal elements.
I received a copy of this book for a Blog Tour and at the time I was new to Net Galley so I find my reviews and leaving my impressions.
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I requested, and received, this book a while before it came out. Then it promptly fell further and further down my TBR pile. I don't know why, I love the author's "Timebound" series, so I figured I would like a new series by her, but I kept putting it off.

When I finally did read it, I kicked myself for putting it off for so long! The blurb doesn't do it justice, as it goes off into directions I wasn't expecting. The book starts off at a run, with the MC Anna trying to convince a man that his dead granddaughter is talking through Anna. The story grabs on to you then, and doesn't let you go, as it goes through some twists and turns with so many different things going on. 

The characters were likable and the story was really enjoyable. I've been approved for the next one and I need to make sure to get to it sooner, rather than later!

Setting = B
Plot = A
Conflict = B
Characters = A
Theme = A
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I really wanted to like this book. The cover was intriguing, the description hooked me in, but the read left me flat. I had trouble with the flow of the book--it seemed choppy and the dialogue was contrived. I could not buy into the characters, especially Aaron. 

A sure death knell for me was how much effort I had to put into reading it--I literally had to make myself read it every day. I was surprised at the high ratings of some of the reviews and actually wondered if we were talking about the same book.... 

I'm a firm believer that reviews are simply guides, so if the novel's description sounds enticing and the other reviews encourage you--give it a go!
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Cleaning out my netgalley of books that I don't have downloaded. Sorry I never got to this one.
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The Delphi Effect is a fascinating book. It starts off kind of strange, but in a good way. That's how it sucks you in. Makes you curious. And the farther into the book you get, the more curious you become. The middle of the book is a little slow at times, and I had to force myself through it so I could get back into the swing of things near the end. And, believe me, once you get to the last 20% or so of the book, that's when things get really crazy. 

You've got your main character, Anna, a teenage orphan who has the ability to "pick up" ghosts who are still lurking on Earth, desperate to finish something before moving on. And once they do, she's the lucky owner of their knowledge/talents. Pretty cool, right? Not according to Anna. 

Anna's ability is what sets off the entire story. She's picked up a "hitcher" named Molly, who happens to be a young girl eager to solve her own murder. Anna finds herself, along with her best friend Deo, stuck in a whirlwind of conspiracies, secret government labs, and an organization that will stop at nothing to get Anna into their clutches so they can use her for their own nefarious purpose.

Plot-wise, the book is pretty solid. It's different and unique, while also being fun and entertaining. Sure, it did get slow for me in the middle, but I flew through at least 70% of the book. The ending, like I said, gets pretty crazy, and you will definitely want to finish it as quickly as possible. It left me eager for more.

Character-wise, you've got a plethora of intriguing people to read about. Anna, of course, with her ability. Deo, her best friend, who is a very likeable character. And Aaron, Taylor, and Sam are a few others that you will end up meeting and liking along the way. Of course you can't have a book with no unlikeable characters, and you definitely find a few in The Delphi Effect. Dacia, Graham, Lucas, and at least one other who won't be mentioned because it might spoil things are the people you're going to dislike very much. 

Overall, The Delphi Effect is a really good read. It's full of action, mystery, a dash of paranormal (if you count having abilities paranormal), and a hint of romance. I can't wait for the sequel, and I definitely recommend checking this one out. I rate it four stars.
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The Sixth Sense meets The Summoning in the middle to high school novel about ghosts, a murdered girl's spirit, and conspiracies that weave through some powerful people in powerful positions. This will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page!
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I can't wait for the next book in the series. Very well written, and the story is outstanding.
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Anna was put in foster care at an early age.  She doesn't know who her parents are.  Anna has the ability to hear the dead speak to her.  They speak to her as they want something done.  However the dead can even take over Anna's mind and body.  Molly has taken over Anna's mind.  She wants Anna to  solve her murder.  She has Anna go to a cop, Porter who is also Anna's grandfather.  Porter has retired but still thinks about Molly's unsolved death.  As Anna works on the case, she runs into a secret governmental project that runs experiments on special people.  Will they discover Anna and what makes her special?  Will Anna solve Molly's murder?

This is a novel that has several surprises in is a fascinating story.  I got involved with the characters making the story all the more involving me while reading this.  It is complex with clues given to you while you read the book.  I hope the author continues writing more about Anna.
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I LOVED this book!  I really had no idea what this book was going to be about but I am so glad that I requested it.  Anna is a a foster child, 17 and has been through a lot at her young age being abandoned by her mother for being "possessed".  Turns out she has a gift, the gift of being a medium of sorts, able to pick-up/talk to ghosts in her head.  The story is SO interesting yet complicated and has so many surprising twists and turns that I could not put it down! The ending was amazing.  I also loved the writing.  Can't wait for the sequel!!
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Seventeen year old Anna Morgan communicates with ghosts.  It happens without warning and it's no wonder that she struggles to stay focused and the foster homes she's been in shuttle her around and don't want to have to deal with her.  When she comes into contact with another young girl, this one brutally murdered, Anna is drawn into a conspiracy that reaches deep into the government.  Meanwhile a covert operation is trying to recruit Anna because of her gifts, but kidnap one of Anna's few close friends, causing Anna to focus on them with the intent of bringing them down.

Author Rysa Walker has created an interesting (though not a particularly original) world here and what starts out as a murder mystery becomes a political thriller aimed at a young adult readership. The teens' talents are what keeps the book most interesting, but it's the relationships between the teen characters that moves the story forward.

While I liked the ideas and themes I felt that the book was terribly uneven. I would be really interested and invested for a while, and then I'd be completely bored for a few chapters.  Then there's be a burst of action  and it would catch my interest, and then there'd be great periods of time where the teens just talk and repeat themselves and it didn't feel like the story was moving forward and I'd be really bored again.

Clearly I wasn't invested in these characters.  I didn't find anything about them that really made me care about what they were doing - most of the time.  I was willing to buy into the concept early, but I couldn't keep that interest all the way through.

I thought I would like this, based on the description and the number of high ratings the author has received for her works, but this book definitely didn't work for me.

Looking for a good book? The Delphi Effect by Rysa Walker has some interesting ideas, but the writing is uneven and often too slow.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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I wasn't expecting this to be a thrilling as it was. As usual, i got hooked about 1/3 of the way and couldn't put it down. And when I put it down, I actively spent time thinking about it. The story itself has good pacing, and most of the characters are pretty interesting. I feel like much more of the character development will happen in book 2, as in this one I felt only the bare minimum was given.  I'd definitely recommend it to friends, and am already looking forward to the next installment.
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I was apprehensive about this book as it is more geared towards young adults. The title drew my interest and i felt the book started off very well. It had me engaged in the characters and the storyline but a way through i was lost. I got halfway and gave up. I think the premise is good, it just wasnt one for me. Thanks netgalley
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I honestly am not sure what to make of the book. The Delphi Effect is a decent start to a new series that I am hoping will further delve into the events in the last quarter of the book. The story started strong, got a little frustrating with characters making rash decisions, but then ended on a strong note. 

I cared enough about the characters and the story to defintiely want to finish and see what happened to them.

If you like stories with a bit supernatural elements, and potentially secret programs then you may like this introduction
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