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I loved this cover and wanted to read this book before I read the authors much anticipated new novel Snap.

I'm glad I did because this is an amazing read and I absolutely loved it.

Eve Singer works as a TV crime reporter on iWitness, she has a hard personal life looking after her father who has dementia.

A serial killer has become obsessed with her..will she become his next victim.

This is one brilliant read. it is filled with drama and suspense and I couldnt turn the pages fast enough.
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Love all books by Belinda Bauer especially rubbernecker which was first one I read but beautiful dead was a great read
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Its a good suspense book yet a bit unbelivable how the killer have all the resources and do the crimes under the nose of the police. The author spends a lot of time in   Eve's head which just add personal problem not much time in the absurdo mind of the killer
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I have to admit that I had a completely wrong picture of Eve Singer before I started reading this book. I saw in front of me a cold-hearted reporter who would do everything for her career. But Eve is so much more than that. She is not a bloodthirsty reporter who is prepared to step over corpses to achieve success. In fact, she has a problem with blood and very early in this book is she vomiting because of the scene she just saw. But she has to do a good job, must satisfy her boss's need for sensations to keep the job. Because she must have the job. At home, she has a sick father and who will take care of him if she loses her job and income?

Unfortunately, she gets into a big problem when a serial killer gets obsessed with her and decides to contact her every time he plans to kill someone. So she faces a dilemma, informing her boss about this contact or not. But the more time goes, the surer she becomes that she has to contact the police before the killer gets on her.

The Beautiful Dead is an impressive thriller, but it's also a book about relationships. Eve Singer struggles every day to take care of her sick father while doing a good job. Around Eve are the people who want to help her if she just lets them into her life. But she takes on so much. And then she gets a video sent to herself that changes her entire life. How will she tackle the fact that a murderer seems to have become obsessed with her? Can she really go so far that she would earn money on a serial killers obsession of her? 

The book is fantastic and I look forward to reading more books by Belinda Bauer and since this is the first one I have read of her I have a lot to read!
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When tv crime reporter Eve Singer gets inside information about a murder, it is good for her career, but she and her family also become a target of the murderer. The story is gripping and hard to put down as we follow Eve and the police in their attempt to find and stop the killer. In order to stop a killer, you may need to think like the killer.  Can Eve do that?
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Awesome story. Eve is the perfect heroine- a woman that is single minded and focused until she is faced with the ultimate horror. 
I liked the idea of the killer being someone so ordinary that he's so easily missed.
Brilliantly written, suspenseful. I loved it.
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Finished this book a few days back , and it sure has been an interesting read. EVE Singer is a crime reporter, she is at the point in her career where she is very close to losing all she has. With a father who fails to recognize her , and a job at stake , Eve is in a tight spot. With murders and deaths occurring in different parts of the City , Eve is on her toes seeking the big break. What follows next is a strange episode that puts her in direct touch with a killer. 
This strange murderer seeks death to keep himself going, and finds ally in Eve. He becomes obsessed with her , and seeks her attention, wanting to exhibit his 'work of art' to the world. This is all Eve needs to keep her job, but what if her life's at stake? 
With a very interesting narrative , this book kept me hooked throughout. The killer is eerie , and has that essential touch of madness that keeps the book alive. It is fast paced , and entertaining with the right about of mystery and death. 
The end is just as intriguing as the entire book itself , and though it is quite predictable as to the fate of the varied characters , the end ties the plot up in a pleasant manner. 
Overall , a good read for crime fiction lovers .
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This was the first book I've read by Belinda Bauer, and thanks to netgalley for the opportunity.
It was a very entertaining read and I can't wait to read more of her!
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I always like to savour a Belinda Bauer book knowing I'm going to get something quite special. And though this is not as good as some previous reads, it's still a Ms Bauer book!!

Eve is a tv journalist that likes to get to her next story fast. Always wanting to be first on the scene her journalistic prowess pushes her to what most people would find uncomfortable levels. Filming scenes on her phone when most would look on in horror. As younger journalists seem to be hot on her heels Eve finds herself forever pushing those boundaries.

Eve finds herself inadvertently on the hunt for a serial killer who likes to stage his work in the name of art. And this is pretty much the premise of the story. I kept waiting for some twist or something else to come along but it never did. Eve's dad is suffering with dementia and this is the best thread within the book. Ms Bauer captures well the struggles Eve faces and the reality that Duncan has to face on a daily basis. I found it a touching, heartfelt and a realistic portrayal of dementia and what it must be like. Kudos to Ms Bauer for that.

Overall the storyline isn't that special or different and I missed the humour of Ms Bauer's previous book in The Shut Eye but nothing would stop me reading the latest offering whenever the next one comes about.

A solid 3.5 rating from me. Thank you to all those involved for my review copy.

My review as posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

Thanks again!
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Eve Singer is a TV crime reporter. Eve needs the dead. The killer needs the dead too. He likes to Exhibit his crimes. When he contacts Eve she jumps at the chance to get the story first but things don't just work out.

I enjoyed Rubbernecker so was really looking forward to this read. The story started out quite well and I was drawn straight into it. I felt however that as the book progressed it seemed to lose its way. I felt it  flawed, and at times was doubting if things would have happened they way its portrayed. 

I read thd book very quickly and found the book very easy to read.  Instead of being a great thriller which it could have been with it's premise,  it turned out to be an average crime read which is easily forgotten. 

I always find it disappointing when an author has produced good books then throws one out that is a let down. I did finish the book was really past caring at the end.

Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review the book.
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I'm turning into a Belinda Bauer fan. I haven't read many of her books (yet) but the ones I have read are so good I just want to keep on reading.

In The Beautiful Dead, we have the story of Eve Singer, a young TV reporter who covers the  crime section. If it sounds ghoulish, trust me, it is! She fears life and success are passing her by, so she will do anything to at least maintain her job. At the same time, she is taking care of her elderly father, who has dementia, so life is complicated, lonely and kind of sad for her.

Then she covers  a horrible crime scene, and then another; But the killer has chosen her to promote his story, and when he reaches out to her, she realizes there is a very fine line between right and wrong. Will she encourage the killer and with it promote her career? Will she survive this story?

Eve is a great character: she has morals, but she also knows that this might be the end of her career if she doesn't ditch them. But she is smart and knows that the killer can't be trusted and that what she is doing is so wrong, in so many levels. I was struggling with her all along the book.
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Thank you to Net Galley and Atlantic Monthly Press for this ARC, in exchange for my honest review.  It seems this author has many fans, but I'd never read her previously.  I'm glad I had the opportunity.  This book is about Eve Singer, a reporter on homicides...and not always in the most classy manner.  She feels she needs to get ahead, but when she starts getting inside information on the homicides, there is a lot of twists and tension.  The characters were well done, the writing was great, and I kept reading to see what was coming next.  I'll now search out more by Bauer.
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When you read a lot of thrillers like I do, reading that a book features a serial killer is almost to be expected. However, if you think THIS novel is just another serial killer novel, you would be sadly underestimating it. It was written by Belinda Bauer – therefore it is brilliant!

Eve Singer is twenty-nine years old and makes her living off of other’s people’s traumas. She is a television journalist working what her colleagues call the ‘meat beat’. Accidents and murders are standard fare, the bloodier the better. That’s what the viewers crave. She is ambitious, but at what cost?

As if her working life wasn’t enough to jade her perspective, her home life would do it for sure. She lives with her Dad who is in his mid-fifties and suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. She has a carer to sit with him whilst she is at work, but evenings and weekends are all on her. It is an arduous, soul-wrenching, and thankless endeavor. He seldom knows who she is.

Because of her circumstances, Eve is a loner. She doesn’t want anyone to know just how dismal her life has become. Not even her work partner, her cameraman, knows the true extent of her misery and disheartenment. Three years his elder, she is quite fond of Joe, but won’t open herself up to him thinking she is too old and jaded for him.

Eve’s next door neighbour is an odd old duck. Mr. Elias is a widower who keeps his property and environs in a fastidious manner. He has always seemed disapproving to Eve – who imagines him to be a ‘dirty old man’. He is not. Lonely and misunderstood, he cleans the neighbourhood red phone box, making it the pride of the street. He made me think of ‘Norris Cole’ on Coronation Street. He will prove to be a valuable ally for Eve.

The story, which takes place in the weeks leading up to Christmas, goes back and forth from Eve’s point of view to that of the ‘killer’. He is a tragic and twisted figure to be sure. When he was just a child he had a serious surgery. Hearing a grown-up comment that he was living on ‘borrowed time‘, he took the comment literally. Now, in his perverse brain, he believes that by killing other people he will live longer. He anticipates the death of others believing that their time that is cut short will be added on to his time.

When Eve covers one of his crimes he notices her – and follows her home! Terrified, as only a woman alone on a street at night can be when she hears footsteps behind her, Eve does the unexpected. She turns around, confronts him, and asks him to walk her home. The killer is so taken aback that someone actually trusts him, he spares Eve’s life. Then he feels that they are connected in some way – that she understands his needs.

He makes Eve privy to his plans, the result of which she witnesses a grisly killing in a busy London underground station.

William Stafford Vandenberg lives alone in a mansion flat. Empty now because he has either sold or burned all of its contents. ‘Psycho‘-like, his mother lies in a bed upstairs. She has been dead for years… His crimes escalate. Each time he kills someone he gives advance warning in the form of a ‘flyer’. This fact is discovered by Eve, who gives the information to the police. When Eve’s life is threatened, the police supply her with a bodyguard. What a joke she thinks! Her ‘bodyguard’ is a five-foot tall, one hundred pound woman! But, Emily Aguda is a force to be reckoned with – as Eve soon finds out. The fact that people underestimate Emily Aguda is in fact her greatest strength.

The novel is fast paced throughout, but the final chapters whiz by as the tension ratchets up even more. When Eve’s father is threatened and abducted by Vandenberg, she tries to take back control of her life – to her peril.

I thoroughly enjoyed “The beautiful dead“. Bauer’s writing is of high caliber and her pacing and characterization is top notch. Highly recommended to all who love suspense fiction.
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My heart was racing right from the start of this gripping book.  A killer who likes to put on a show for each murder he commits by advertising it in advance, and a TV journalist who is doing the ideal job for the killer. 

Love the way this book is written and I will definitely be reading more from this author.

A solid 4 stars from me.
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This is my first time reading a book by Belinda Bauer And it has quite a suspenseful beginning. There is actually suspense throughout this novel, a feeling that almost anything might happen to anyone. It also is a compulsively readable book. This really keeps moving. And it feeds on one of my primary concerns about today's journalism...what does a reporter need/have to do for a story or to succeed in the business, here, in TV news. In this telling, I also like the introspective views of many characters which adds depth to the story.

The Beautiful Dead is also a thriller to the very end. The story moves quickly, kept me wondering to the end, but, and there is a but, I found by the conclusion of the book that my decision of a couple years ago to primarily read mysteries that are not thrillers has been reinforced. Here there seems too much emphasis on the craziness, the mayhem, the horror of what madmen do. Also, in the end, I had some issues with elements of plot, the coincidences, realism, etc.

I must say, however, if you are one who enjoys the thriller component of mysteries, this really is a good book, and as I said above, a compulsively readable one. You will want to know what happens once you begin.

probably a 3.5*

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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I'm not a big fan of serial killer books and I really dislike it when the author takes you inside of the head of the killer. However, this one had some redeeming virtues so I'm glad I stuck with it, even though the first chapter was a little too gory for me and I almost stopped reading at that point.  The killer commits murders as performance art, and even posts notices for his "shows".  Despite his giving advance warnings, the police aren't able to stop him, or even figure out what is going on, until the killer contacts Eve, a plucky tv crime reporter, and involves her in his plots.  As the killer points out to Eve, they "both crave death and an audience".

The story seemed pretty improbable but there were some good action sequences near the end of the book.  I also liked some of the tangential touches, like Eve's elderly neighbor, her father's dementia and the back story of the female detective assigned to watch over Eve.  Ultimately, I did like this book, but I preferred "The Shut Eye" by this author.

I received a free copy of the e-book from the publisher, however I wound up borrowing and listening to the audiobook from the library.
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What brought me to this book was its title. I was told departed people looked beautiful because the burden of life had been taken away from them. That is a way of seeing things. Still, the title was poetic and intriguing enough for me to hit the request button before even taking a look at the blurb. Had I done this, I would have realized the author had merged two of my favorite elements in a story. A bad guy killing people, and a journalistic edge.

See, I’m a believer in a stronger and better journalism that what we are getting today. To quote the highly idealistic show  The Newsroom “There was a time journalism wasn’t a career, it was a calling.” (Yes, this was from memory, I could go on for two hours but I can’t find the right quote on Nancy Drew). Blame Aaron Sorkin and his fabulous but utopian TV show for making me believe the news could find its way back to what it was supposed to be instead of feeding this never-ending viewer morbid curiosity. The Beautiful Dead deals with what it takes to bring images to the screen, and how far you are willing to go to please the audience.

Eve, the crime journalist and main protagonist of the story, needs to find a way to keep the machine going, his blood-sucking boss happy, and her job, with grisly tales and reports on the despair of human beings. This only had my body temperature rise as I revolted against the system and how we people can’t get enough of polluted news. The writer had me hooked by having Eve in the middle of this system that sucked the life out of her with a precise and frightening style that depicted the constant urgency to be the first on the scene, to get an exclusive, to go away and beyond to win that 1% of the audience that makes the difference for channels.

But the tension was only starting as another POV made its appearance. Darker, more dangerous, with a very special idea of “beautiful” And with Eve on the line, or should I stay on the screen, it did not take long for that disturbed mind to find the perfect plan. Get his most beautiful piece and get Eve her hour of fame, whether she truly wants it or not.

If this is not enough to give you goosebumps, don’t worry, the characters will make sure you have your dose of action, creepiness and danger. I am leery of POVs that make me dive into a killer’s head as I have issues understanding their motives or thoughts no matter how good the narration. But this time I was grappling with the deepest and darkest ideas, creepiness oozing off the and a disturbing feeling finding its way through my own mind. It’s frightening when you are able to follow such a character’s feelings and actually make sense of them. The writer made an excellent job at making me feel for him. Oh, no love or sympathy, but something different, something empathetic, something that whispered to me ear “go deeper, find what’s hidden inside. Look for the “why”” His game with Eve had me on the edge of my seat and whenever I thought he could not do worse, I was proved otherwise. I won’t underestimate a killer again. I won’t reveal any of his plans but you’re in for a twisted ride. Hold on to your book and “enjoy” the view.

I enjoyed everything about Eve. She was determined to do her job even if doubts riddled her and she hated that mad thirst for bad news and shocking headlines. I felt her struggle against her principles and it made me warm to her so quickly I was enthralled with her within a chapter. While Eve the journalist was a fantastic protagonist to share this story with, Eve the daughter, Eve the young woman also deeply moved me. There are things in her life she keeps secrets and juggling a killer, a sick father, and a mad job without losing your edge is not a walk in the park.

Despite all of dark and twisted of this book, there is a certain light, a feeling that you are not alone even it feels like it. Be it a neighbor or a work partner. I loved that the focus was on everything because life is about juggling it all at the same time. For most of us, it’s work, kids, laundry. For Eve it’s dementia, news reports, cold coffee with a colleague and getting friendly with the right people to get the right info. Until the bad encounter that changes everything. Several scenes gave me the heebie-jeebies. Now I know, I get scared easily, but the writing grasps you and envelops you into this foggy and creepy atmosphere until you suffocate and find yourself so immersed into the story that you feel every word on your skin.

The Beautiful Dead was my first book from the author and I’m looking forward to reading more!
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Great book of cat and mouse! Loved Eve and the way she thought in the book, fast paced and gritty the plot is fantastic and will keep you wanting more when the last chapter is over and done with!. Can't wait to read more by the author!
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This book kept me turning the pages.  I enjoyed how it switched between the serial killer and Eve Singer, a crime reporter.  I liked Eve and loved the relationship she had with her father.  For me this relationship added an additional dimension to the book.  The main storyline became even more enthralling when Eve's father is drawn in.
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Atlantic Monthly Press and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Beautiful Dead.  This is my honest opinion of the book.

Eve Singer, iWitness News Crime reporter, gets the scoop on a story about a young woman, Layla Martin, who was brutally murdered in her office building.  Unbeknownst to Eve, she has caught the eye of an admirer - not one that she wanted.  As the bodies start to pile up, will Eve's admirer put her in the tenuous position of having to choose between ambition and integrity?  Will Eve be able to figure out the clues before someone she loves becomes a target?

The Beautiful Dead shows the depravity of certain individuals, as well as the lengths that people will go to get a story.  Eve Singer is a good main character, especially as she gains perspective on the difference between getting a story and doing the right thing.  With a fast paced plot and suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, The Beautiful Dead is a book that I would recommend to readers who like the genre.
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