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Shizzle, Inc

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Isa applies for a job at Shizzle , Inc owned by Mr. Maxwell Hue. Mr. hue is very wealthy and likes to throw his money around on helicopters and private limos. Isa got the job even though she has no training or experience. Isa is from a dysfunctional family  and seems to have a cop stalking her, a not happy ex employer,. Isa thinks she is destined to be rich and famous. Isa wants Brad her H S sweetheart who just dumps her as brad had a dream of an NFL career and he feels someone else may help him get that dream. . Isa only has a car on its last legs, lives in a house that isn’t the greatest and her roommate is always high and weird. Isa has a friend Hayden who is a wannabe DJ who changes his name all the time. Isa is determined to pay her bills and show brad what a mistake he made breaking up with her. Isa becomes the personal assistant to Mr. Hue.
Although funny to some degree I really couldn’t get into this story it was so far from reality.
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