Grace, Not Perfection

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I had every intention of reading this book and writing an honest review but it expired before I had the chance. My apologies, If you like to resend it to me I would be happy to get it reviewed,
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A really lovely inspiring book, full of encouragement, loved it!
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I actually really enjoyed this book. It was practical and helpful and the words were beautiful. I felt like I could relate so much to what she was saying, as could most moms probably. We run ourselves ragged and forget to fill ourselves up thinking we are doing the right thing. Being the stronger one and giving and giving and giving. Giving is great but what are you going to give when you are running on empty? I loved the practical tips and the questions throughout like you are working through a workbook. It was really helpful and I found it easier to process the information while answering the questions. 

The biggest draw back was the pictures! The whole book is about not striving for perfection and finding grace instead and scattered throughout are these absolutely perfect photos of Emily and her home and her family. They are lovely love photos, don't get me wrong, but it once again made it feel like you have to have a picture perfect house and family to be worthy which is the OPPOSITE of the message. It felt odd to me. It would have felt better if she wasn't all done up while doing laundry. (Yes she was just in jeans, but she clearly had makeup and looked put together.) It contradicted her whole message in my opinion and would have been so much better without photos. Once again it felt like someone saying they can relate to you, but seeing the photos you felt like they really could not. 

All in all I do enjoy the message of the book and feel like there is truth and good nuggets of wisdom. I am fan of Emily Ley in general so I am definitely biased. I would recommend it to a friend (and shoot a warning about the photos first ;) )
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I struggled with this book. 

I love the premise, and appreciate what the author was trying to get across. But I found myself having a very hard time connecting with both the author and her story. I kept getting distracted, wondering if she actually knew what hardships were; what it really means to strive. There just wasn't the meat and potatoes that I was expecting, nor anything really life-changing for me.
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Emily is a very busy woman, life with juggling kids, work and of course her husband and friends means time is precious for other activities as the circus of life takes place.

This book is all about enjoying what you do and approaching it your way no matter about achieving perfection but facing it with grace and your style taking matters into your own hands. However, it is also okay when you need to take a break as Emily learned by causing herself a serious health scare, nothing is worth breaking yourself for as without you imagine what the world would be like. Realise your worth and importance and accept that rest can be best and other times sure work is crucial but just make sure you enjoy it and if not manifest it into that.

The main aims of Emily's book is to allow us to realise what we need and don't need, appreciate everything we have whether it's big or small, enjoy life but don't allow it to take over and cause you unnecessary stress and most of all, face everything with Grace, perfection is overrated and you have your own perfection within you, trust yourself!

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them!
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You must hold yourself to a standard of grace, not perfection, realizing anew that  you can never do it all. Simplify your life, get organized and prioritize the priorities of life. You must give space to what matters most. Focus on your faith. God abundantly pours out grace on us. Embrace simplicity, celebrate joy. Grace is free, absolutely free. You don't have to be perfect to embrace it. God has set a standard outside our way of thinking. In Galatians 5, He calls us to "walk by the Spirit ... with love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
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Lovely book and gift for a family friend.  I ended up buying a copy and gifting it.
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this free ARC, even though I was very. very. late in getting to it and now it is no longer even an "advance reading" because the book is already released. *sweats* But hey! I hold myself to a standard of Grace, Not Perfection, right?

I will start by saying that I would not advise the Kindle version of this book, because the formatting got all screwed up. You'll be reading along and right in the middle of a sentence will be the page number, chapter title, or a large photo. And sadly, I missed out on all of the lovely aesthetic design for which Ley is known. It's not a good idea to read a coffee table book on an e-reader.

All in all, this book was a little repetitive. I enjoyed the anecdotes more than the vague inspirational paragraphs. That being said, it was a very comforting message that I think is important and was a particular balm to me at this time in my life.
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This book is full of lovely stories of the author's life. She mentions a few verses here and there and I find myself so disappointed that it pretty much ends there. The rest is what can I do to change my situation, to bring joy for myself, etc. she repeatedly mentions grace grace grace but it seems like it's more I give myself grace than dipping into the grace Jesus has bestowed upon me. This book is lacking the depth of insight about the only thing that is the reason I am free, the reason I don't have to be perfect, the reason I can have true joy... it's not about planning meals, doing things to love myself, etc it's about Jesus. This is a simple self-help book. Doesn't rock the boat too much. It's ok. If you want a pounding about having Nothing to Prove there are better reads out there. I received this digital book from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I expected more out of this book and am rather disappointed.
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I liked this book a lot. I love the concept of it, and I thought that it had some good advice and a good perspective that I think would be beneficial to women of all ages, colors, backgrounds, etc. One thing that bothered me though was the way that the author presented herself a lot of the time. While I could sympathize and even understand some of the hardships that she had dealt with (i.e. losing her father-in-law and dog, infertility problems, anxiety, pushing herself too hard, etc.) I thought that sometimes she tried too hard to come off as "relatable" while also only showing herself in a "perfect" way. Like all of the photos in the book were styled, perfect, and looked totally fake. It would've been better to show real, messy life photos that women could relate to and identify with, considering what the book was all about. Other than the way the author presented herself most of the time throughout the book, I thought that it was overall interesting, helpful, and an encouraging read. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.
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I don't have kids yet. And my fiancé and I aren't planning on it for another two or three years, so part of this book didn't really apply to me. But that didn't stop me from buying the book.  I LOVE Emily Ley and her planners are to die for. You can imagine my excitement when I found her planner at a little stationary store in Alpharetta, Georgia when I was choosing wedding invitations which led me to picking up her book a few hours later. I have followed her blog for a very long time. And have maybe liked an Instagram post or two. Naturally, I had to read her book.

I won't lie, her book is very geared toward family, christian life, and children. With tips thrown in here and there. So, don't pick it up thinking its going to be your answer to everything. It is VERY family oriented. And I love that. Even if it doesn't apply to me... YET.

Grace, Not Perfection is a beautiful book. Though for a very narrow audience. Regardless, I do think that her ideas are good. (Perhaps I am just a little biased.)

Ultimately, I would totally recommend this to anyone with a need for some grace in this hectic world.

"Don't sacrifice the good to chase the perfect."
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