Really Bad Girls of the Bible

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In "Really Bad Girls of the Bible" the author offers several biblical stories that feature women who were up to "bad" whether it's witchcraft or murder. What I really appreciated though was that the author treated these women with compassion and recognized the complexities of their situations. Most bad girls don't do bad things just because they are pure evil. We're all human and as such the reasons that we stray are complex. The author does a great job of explaining the slippery slope that any of us could find ourselves on. She pairs each bible story with a modern day fictional story to try and illustrate that these lessons are not archaic. The risks to our souls are just as real as they were in Biblical times. I think this book would make an excellent text for a bible study group and would lead to very lively discussions. The stories are easy to read and the author's voice is friendly and conversational. She invites the reader to join the conversation.
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You can't go wrong with a Liz Curtis Higgs book, and this one will not disappoint you!  As always she teaches us from the mistakes of others, in a fun entertaining way.   Really loved this book.
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Liz Furtis Higgs once again proves that God can use anyone for His purposes, even bad girls like Jael and Bathsheba. I especially enjoy the way that Higgs begins each chapter with a modern-day equivalent of the Biblical Bsd Girl, reminding the reader that God can use us too.
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Have  loved reading about these women  in the Bible. It's helpful to have  understanding  of things they experienced and see how God continued to love them so much. Very encouraging to me.
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Love Liz Curtis Higgs and her books!  This book brings a lot of things to light that you normally wouldn't think about. I really enjoyed reading this and learning new things about these women. I highly recommend this book and all books by Liz Curtis Higgs. I received this book from net galley for  my honest review.
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“No.” She shook her head, certain on this one. “I’m not good enough.”

“That’s true, you’re not. Neither are they. But I am.”

He held his arms out, as if to cradle something. “Are you ready?”

I read Liz Curtis Higgs’ Bad Girls of the Bible as a teen. The setup, with a modern retelling of a Bible story followed by a study of the Bible passage in question was fascinating. The modern version of Ananias and Sapphira is still stuck in my head. Apparently I liked it so much that when 📌 I recently received a review copy of Really Bad Girls of the Bible I was more than happy to share my thoughts with you.

The format of this book is really neat. There is a fictional modern retelling of a Bible passage first. I would read that, and stop to think about it for several hours or even a day or 2. Then the second half of the chapter is a Bible study Q/A. Liz unpacks the verses so that you can have a good understanding of the passage.

I learned a bit about human nature and forgiveness in reading this. And it was fun! The insider look at these girls lives and choices made me think. For example:

The teachers of the law and the Pharisees… In their time these were supposed to be the Good Boys, the “custodians of public morality.” In our time , though, we think of them as the Bad Guys, the men who made life miserable for Jesus and his followers…. What they hadn’t counted on was a man more concerned with people than with practices. After all, the Bible doesn’t say “law one another”— it says “love one another.”

Liz has made this into a very affordable Bible study, by offering a link in the book to free videos, study guide and leader guide! I think this series is definitely one of the best Devotionals or Bible studies that incorporate fiction!
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Really Bad Girls of the Bible
More Lessons from Less-Than-Perfect Women
by Liz Curtis Higgs
WaterBrook & Multnomah

Christian , Religion & Spirituality
Pub Date 19 Jul 2016

I am reviewing a copy of Really Bad Girls of the Bible through WaterBrook and Netgalley:

In the opening of this book we meet Beth a young woman whose lost and in despair, ready to give up when Jesus called her name and saved her.

Dora was playing with fire, believing she could talk to the dead, some called it white magic, others said she was dealing with Satan.

The Medium of En Dor went over to the dark side.  Jael had enough strength to stand up to a ruthless enemy.  The adulteress was caught between a rock and a hard place.  Athalia tried to bid for power and that ended badly.  Bathsheba managed to capture the eye of a King.  Heroidas made a cruel request to her husband.  Tamar changed her widows weed for the garbs of a harlot.  The bleeding woman found enough faith to touch Jesus garment and was healed.

This book tells of these eight Bad Girls of the Bible, and the way their acts affect us even today!

I give Really Bad Girls of the Bible five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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The stories of eight women of the Bible are shared along with what we can learn from their story. Liz contemporizes the stories so we can understand their potential motives, situations, and thought processes. The end of each chapter includes specific lessons from the story and discussion questions. There is also a group study guide at the end of the book.

I really enjoyed the way Liz retold the story in modern time. It helped me to see how I might be like the women in the Bible. I appreciate the opportunity to study various women at a deeper level. It provided encouragement and conviction.
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Liz Curtis Higgs packs the same punch as Joyce Meyers in her wonderful Bible study books.  Filled with humor, depth, and hard core truth, I have enjoyed all 3 of them in this series.  You will definitely come away with a new perspective and a deeper understanding of the Bible Women she covers.  The format is wonderfully developed as she first presents a modern day version of the "bad woman" following it with the Bible version including the exact gospel message relating to them.  She clearly points out the sins committed and the changes that were made (if any) by the "bad girl."  The next section of the chapter discusses the important lessons learned from studying this "bad girl."  And the final element of each chapter is a section of in depth discussion questions that can be used by a group studying this book.  

Each of these books is an excellent Bible study in itself and can be used either individually or with a group.  Liz is an outstanding Christian non-fiction writer, and I highly recommend her books.
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5 solid stars!

Wow, what a great devotion! Liz Curtis Higgs delivers another phenomenal devotional book with “Really Bad Girls of the Bible”. She takes on the Biblical tales of eight truly sinful woman from both the Old and New Testament. Each chapter begins with a modern-day fictional retelling of the lives of these women. Higgs follows the fiction story with the Bible account. Higgs shows how God used each and every one of these women for a higher person regardless of how sinful or bad they may have been. She deftly illustrates how God can use any person and any sin and use it for good. God is in the smallest of details even to the point of using one of these women to be within the lineage of Jesus.
Liz Curtis Higgs has a unique way of showing the love of Jesus to every single person regardless of their past sins and she backs it up with solid Bible-based theology. This book is perfect for an individual study or done as a group as the book includes study questions and a discussion guide. I highly recommend this study to anyone!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and Net Galley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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Really Bad Girls Of The Bible Is a grand book about just what the title says. It is about really bad girls of The Bible and it would be a great Bible study - there is so much to learn. I was so excited about reading this book and learning more about those bad girls. I thought I knew all about it but there were things that I just didn't know. I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.
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Loved reading this book. I learned so much from it, so much i thought i new and didnt. great insight
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Love, love, love Liz! Her books are so on point. I recommend her!
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