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Signposts on the Road to Wellville

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This is the first of author Vanita Oelschlager's illustrated journals. It's aimed at readers who are working through some period of darkness in their lives, whether that be related to serious illness (the author refers briefly to her own lived experiences with both M.S. and alcohol addiction), relationship breakdown, overcoming addiction or dealing with personal loss. That said, the vast majority of "prompts" are general enough that they would be relevant to any reader who seeks simply to live more mindfully.
The journal consists of alternating pages featuring inspiring photographs overlaid by thoughts or quotes, and blank (lined) pages for the reader to journal their own reflections as prompted by the accompanying text and image. Thus, it does fit the definition of a "guided" journal, although the format is less structured or directed than other more subject-specific workbook-style options.
Many of the images are delightful and calming, and I appreciated many of the quotations and thoughts. Several are well known quotations from famous figures, some are proverbs, others are original reflections, including several that reveal some of Oelschlager's own experience and personality. There is some level of spirituality referred to amongst the quotes, but they are drawn from several different world religious traditions, and tend to emphasise the similarities rather than the differences in philosophies.
The author states in her introduction that the content consists of snippets of wisdom and insight she has gathered "like breadcrumbs" over her own periods of darkness, and expresses that they will be similarly inspiring to others going through their own challenges.
I've reviewed Signposts on the Road to Wellville on the basis of an electronic copy, so can't speak to the quality of production of the physical version. However, based on content alone, I believe the book would be a useful resource for any reader who seeks to consider their life and goals with a little guidance along the way.
My thanks to the author, Vanita Oelschlager, publisher Newbury Drive Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an electronic version of this title.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. Unfortunately, I just couldn't connect to this book and all of its contents. I am sure that it will be helpful for some.
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This book, in my opinion, might really be helpful for people struggling with addiction. Some good stuff in here.
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I was not a fan of this book because it looked like something you could make yourself in 10-15 minutes. The pictures are all stock photos (as credited on the copyright page) and the text is just generic phrases superimposed on top. The layout of the journal is one image page facing a blank lined journal page, and some of the journal pages also have a boxed section with another quote or phrase.
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The photography in this book was beautiful. Some of the statements were profound, some not so much. I think this book would be well suited for someone who is recovering from a path of addiction.
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I'm sorry but unfortunately this one wasn't for me. A lot of the text didn't resonate with me personally and aesthetically, I think it could have been done better and been more pleasing to the eye. Most of the images were very nice, but just putting text over an image doesn't always work. For half of the images, it worked absolutely fine, but the other half, not so much. They needed text boxes or something, or if the text had been written on the lined pages instead, that would've worked better for some. 

Also having a full sized image on every second page was a bit too much. I think if the number of images had been limited and their placement was more sporadic throughout the book, they and the accompanied messages would have been more powerful. I also have to say I was so disappointed there weren't any pictures of literal signposts anywhere in the book! I would have loved to see a couple at least..
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I was extremely dissapointed with this book.  The cover and description promised so much but delivered so little.  My high expectations were shattered. when I read it.   Would not even recommend that people flip through it as even that will not provide any help or insight.
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I can’t really call this a self help book, more of a guided journal.
The photos are beautiful, and I liked most quotes, but they did not inspire me to write a journal entry about them. This journal is beautifully out together, which is why I gave it 2 stars. But for me personally, it failed to guide me through grief, which is one of the things it’s supposed to help with. 
I think recovery of any kind is way too much of an individual and personal thing, that one size doesn’t fit all, meaning one book may be exactly what one person needs, but won’t do a thing for the next person. 

I was provided with a free copy by Netgalley, in exchange for a fair review
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The description claims this self-help book will help with divorce, addiction, sickness, and death.  I am not sure how they made that claim.  I think it is more of a coffee table book than self-help.  There were beautiful photos with inspirational sayings or verses and then a blank journal page following each one.  There were not many of the sayings that sparked that much journaling for me.

I received this galley from NetGalley.
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This is a beautiful compilation of vivid photos and inspirational quotes. I liked the layout that gives the reader the ability to write while perusing the book, creating in this way a personal journal - hopefully on the road to Wellville. 
Perhaps I would see this more as a notebook/journal though, as the way it's been put together resembles more closely that than a book.
It should be noted, however, that the graphic design part is slightly lacking. The fonts of the text, the colours and the placement seem amateurish and most of the time they don't blend in well with the picture, leading to an awkward result. If this had been done in a higher quality, it would give much more value to the book itself and the end result would be substantially improved.
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A unique and lovely journal to for one who may be struggling or just going through their day to reflect their thoughts as well as be inspired by the uplifting quotes. My favorite quote within the journal is "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples," by Mother Teresa. Quotes are geared toward those struggling with addiction, divorce, or simply just lost in the dark and looking for the light. I recommend this to everyone, because we can all benefit from writing down our feelings, whether we've had good or bad days.
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Plenty of wisdom, phrases from proverbs like this one: "Write injuries in sand, Kindness in marble"  or famous quotes by  writers, intellectuals, as this one: "The world is full of people who have never, since childhood, met an open doorway with an open mind" or phrases able to mark the person who reads this book like: "You can't go home again, neither start over anew really, but you can continue and grow new roots, new leaves, new seeing, new friends..." Signposts on the Road to Wellville by Vanita Oelschlager is a real surprise.  
The first impact that you receive opening it, it's the beautiful, serene approach to life, to existence.
Every page is accompanied by a wonderful imagine and a quote. 
This journal is perfect as a gift if you know someone who is experiencing a hard time in her/his existence and needs some serenity. You know: life is long and sometimes is not a joke. 
Life could becomes unrecognizable and the old dear past so reassuring, gone forever. 

The death of someone loved, a divorce, a big stress, whatever the depressing moment that the person you know she/he is living, this journal will be in grade to be helpful. Sometimes in fact people need some encouraging words for re-start, for going on again in this life. 

This journal is a special tool, and can be very helpful for the most stressing existential situations. Every page, then, leave space at a blank page where you can annotate your thoughts, your feelings; when there is sadness writing down what you feel is helpful.
Make it happens: your new re-born also thanks to this important inspiring journal.

I find the cover beautiful.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley for this eBook.
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This is meant as a way of journaling your experience with the quotes that are inside this book. A way to reflect and navigate struggles you may be going through.

There are pages that are meant to be written in so this is definitely better as a physical copy. If you're wanting to write in the same place you're reading the quotes from. Most Vanita's books I download are kid focused but this is one that is meant for someone older and recovering from something in their life.

The images used are scenery, bright and colorful. There are a few that have people but each image page is meant to focus on the small quotes or phrases.
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An enjoyable read, artfully put together, beautiful pictures. I was looking forward to flipping the pages to reveal what is on the next page.
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Inspiring and very helpful. I enjoyed this book immensely.
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  From the publisher - 
This is a spiritual journal for those who need some help coming out of a dark night of the soul. Some of these dark nights deal with addiction, divorce, sickness, or a death. By writing down some of the difficult feelings we have during this hardship, we might find some release and healing. We will help you on your journey to recovery. This beautifully designed, full-colour journal features inspirational sayings that complement the areas that are left blank for writing.

This is a great book for people (like me) who spend their nights worrying rather than sleeping - in my case, 99% of my worries are about 1% of my life!   This is more of a journal than a book, not only does it have so many wonderful photographs and it has BLANK PAGES TO WRITE ON!!  I am NOT a fan of journals but this book might actually get me writing in one, which says a lot.  Great for anyone who is going through tough times!!
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A beautiful volume of hope and healing. Each page, journal style, contains an inspirational quote  accompanied by a beautiful  photo and facing a blank page. The format is a departure from Ms Oelschlager's previous works but the empowering "live your life" message is consistent . An excellent gift choice.
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A beautiful compilation of quotes along with serene backdrops.  A very inspiring quick read.
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Sign posts on  the way to wellville is a unique journal and provides a guided journaling experience to get in touch with ones innner self get beneath the surface find ourselves.  Colouful prints with though provoking powerful quotes as promters with journal pages to be filled by the reader. I would recommend this inspiring  journal that takes you on a journey to self discovery and inner peace.
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This book was incredibly special to me. It was mindfulness, humanistic psychology, and addiction recovery all condensed into one. One-of-a-kind is not a strong enough phrase for how magnificent I found this to be.
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