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​This book is so apt in describing the way we talk to kids as if they need to be manipulated, objectified, micromanaged, distressed, invalidated or threatened.

Jennifer explores why we generally talk to children differently and how we can better educate ourselves and take a better approach.

Rating: 4/5

Favourite quote: “So when we parents try to become the drivers of our kids’ bodies, when we think we know better, they can come to doubt their own good judgement, and that’s truly risky”.

Recommendation: If you have found if challenging to decide how you want to speak to or raise your child with relevant words, this is the book for you. Jennifer outlines the effects our words have on children and how we can retrain ourselves to engage with them better.
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Thought-provoking and insightful. I never would have guessed some of these or the rationale behind not using these phrases in communicating with our children (some were more obvious and some I didn't quite see the harm in even after the reasoning argument was presented.

As a teacher of primary school students and the mother of three (ages 4, 8 & 11) who is a strong proponent and longtime practitionet of Nonviolent Communication, I am very receptive to the idea that we do need to be careful  and how we say it- particularly concerning the most sensitive amongst us: our little ones who look to us to model their own future behaviour and habits.
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