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I love AG Howard. I loved her Splintered series. I was so looking forward to this, as both a fan of her AND Phantom of the Opera. And while I finished the book, it felt more like a chore to read, and I just couldn't get invested in it like I wanted to. I do hope to try again someday!
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This was a decent retelling of phantom. It is always interesting to see what parts of a source material that authors focus on. The characters were interesting and the plot moved along alright.
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Unfortunately, after reading reviews from readers with the same taste as mine, I don't think I'll enjoy this book. It sounded so good, but I'm just no longer interested in it.
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I did not finish reading this title. The story line was a bit hard to follow and did not capture my attention the way that some of the author's previous works did.
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I'd like to preface this review by saying that I've never read any of A.G. Howard's books, but I love all things Phantom of the Opera, so I knew I had to give this book a chance. My rating would be lower except that this book made me feel so nostalgic because I love Phantom of the Opera, and the romantic scenes truly were amazing! The writing, though, felt a little subpar
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Have enjoyed A G Howard’s others books but felt this one was a let down. I found it hard going and just found it too predictable
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I received an Ecopy from NetGalley and Abrams in exchange for an honest review. 

When I saw that my favorite author was releasing a new novel, I was beyond excited; when I read it was a Phantom of the Opera retelling my excitement was at an all time high. A.G. Howard has a way of taking a story and making it completely unique and her own. Unfortunately, it was very difficult for me to get invested in the story.  I gave this novel three stars because it just did not meet my expectations, I love Howard, I loved her Splintered series and I was hoping to love this novel as much as I do that series, but it just did not do it for me.

In this retelling the main character is not the Phantom, it is Rune who is the Christine in our story, she has the beautiful gift of music, but as of late it has become more of a curse, she has no idea where her “gift” came from or why she has it. I enjoyed reading about Rune, she had amazing character growth throughout the novel, I liked learning where her gift came from and seeing her take control of it.  

Thorn is our love interest and the reason I kept going, I wanted to know everything about his broken and mysterious past! Unfortunately, there wasn’t as many chapters with him as I would have liked, but the ones he was in would suck me in and had me turning the page wanting more.

The main reason I didn’t give this novel more stars was because it was a very slow, it took me a month to get trough it and it usually takes me a week to finish a novel that size. The story did not catch my attention until more than halfway in, that’s when the story got very fast paced. I think Howard concentrated a lot in the character growth and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but it did make for a very slow-paced novel.  

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Fantastic, I seem to love anything this author writes. The stories and characters that she create seem so vivid.
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When it comes to this book, I think I need to try it again. I first started reading this book when it was first sent to me. I was so excited to read this book and I sort of fell short for me. Maybe I wasn't feeling it at the moment or maybe I just didn't like it but I want to try again one day. The idea of a modern day romance story based on Phantom of the Opera sounds amazing. I will give this another go soon. Until then, I will stick with 3/5 stars.
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Sometimes if I knew what I end up rating a book not long after starting it I would be shocked. RoseBlood is one of those books that would've shocked me to know my final rating after starting it. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it was hard for me to get into but it did take me a little while to start enjoying it. Actually that sounds the same either way lol I think the first chapter was just a bit slow and info-dumpy for me. And at first the characters came across a bit cheesy and juvenile. Generic. But once it read more it just seemed to disappear into the awesome story and suspenseful writing. 

I quickly came to love the characters despite my initial feelings. I loved all of them. Which is rare for anyone I feel. There was just such a great group of friends in this story. I love when the popular guy and/or girl in a book is actually nice! Yay for knocking down stereotypes! There was a long time bit of racial diversity but it honestly could have been better given the setting of a boarding school abroad. The sexual diversity was more lacking than I would have liked as well. I don't usually note this(lack of diversity) much but it seemed like the author tried for some diversity so I thought I'd note my thoughts on it(could have been more/better). 

This is obviously a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. So before I note anything on that I want to say that I haven't read TPotO yet. I really enjoyed the history and backstory given with that and the very creative and exciting way it tied into this story. The author very clearly did extensive research on it. I also really loved the Young Adult spin on TPotO. The magic and the music. The family ties and bonds of friendship and how it all combined to make such a fantastical story that left me enchanted. I felt so much while reading this book. I loved trying to figure out all of the little mysteries sprinkled throughout the story that ultimately combined to make one big, exciting mystery. 

The author managed to evoke fear and fascination with Erik, the Phantom and pity and adoration with Thorn, his young prodigy/adoptive son. Both of their stories were just so tragic and brought so much humanity and emotion into the story. More than anything I loved seeing Rune's character growth throughout the book. Also- Diable and Ange were the best animal additions to a book ever! I can't recommend this one enough! Especially once you get past the first few chapters. 

*Thanks to Amulet/Abrams for an eARC for review*
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While the synopsis of this book made me very happy and this was not a 'bad' book by any means, I felt like it still fell short of the mark. A retelling/spinoff of The Phantom of the Opera should leave fans of it's origin work feeling satisfied and smiling at ties to the original, but this young adult novel only rarely nods at the Leroux classic aside from the obvious Phantom. As a fan of both modern young adult and the classic, I feel like the two didn't mix well in this instance. With that aside, as an original story, I enjoyed this book! I would recommend it to fans of the Gothic horror genre.
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I have a couple of girls that love PoO. They will want to read this one.
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2017 has been a strange year in that I’ve DNFed two books this year. Normally I’m surprised if I DNF one.

Both books were DNFed for the same reason: boredom. Unlike my last DNF, I didn’t find the characters irritating but I was struggling to get into the plot.

ROSEBLOOD is a Phantom of the Opera retelling and I feel like that was lost on me. I am not familiar with the original story. I was oblivious to all the references and little connections that Phantom fans would probably love this book for. But for me, a person who knows nothing, it was quite boring and sometimes strange, and meant I didn’t care all that much for it.

Not knowing the origin tale really does make it difficult to get into the plot if there isn’t much else drawing you in. The writing wasn’t fast paced enough to really keep my attention either. The descriptions were quite long and made everything sound gorgeous, but I didn’t care enough to appreciate it all fully. The characters weren’t annoying (thank god) but they also weren’t all that interesting despite their detailed background.

The other thing thing that bothered me was the stalkerish and manipulative behaviour of Thorn. I know it’s part of whatever Erik’s plan (he otherwise seemed like a decent person), but it bothered me that Thorn is a love interest who is probably going to end up with Rune in the end. The fact that he’s the likely end game love interest is what makes the behaviour super creepy.

Even though I was bored, it was a hard decision for me to DNF because there were some things that intrigued me. Namely, the atmosphere was super gothic and creepy, I wanted to know what type of paranormal creature Thorn, Erik are, and I wanted to discover what Erik’s plan was. They kept teasing their abilities, saying “one of us”, talking about the auras and effects, but they never outright told us what they were (which was incredibly frustrating. My guess is some variety of succubus) or what they were planning.

While I decided to put ROSEBLOOD down, I think I might eventually pick it up again in the future, if only for the sake of answers. But in the immediate future I don’t want to waste my time on a book that bores me.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Amulet Books for the opportunity to read and review RoseBlood by A.G. Howard!  Roseblood. Rune is being taken to an elite school in France and wonders what the motives of her relatives are by helping her have access to this expensive school and paying for everything she needs from tuition to uniforms, when they haven’t been kind or close in the past. Her father passed away years ago and his relations are the ones helping Rune with acceptance to the school. Her mother has traveled from Harmony, Texas with Rune to take her to the school. For some reason, Rune needed to leave her hometown because of some kind of trouble she caused. Her father shared a musical talent with Rune and without him, this talent is taking a toll on her health and life. As I read, I became more engrossed in this interesting twist on "The Phantom of the Opera". Chapter four intrigued me with it’s foreshadowing and I couldn’t stop reading after that! Magic is somehow involved with this story along with a bit of the supernatural. Each chapter begins with a literary quote that applies to the chapter content and, as always, I appreciate and enjoyed the author’s note at the end of the book which explains A. G. Howard’s research into the truth behind the Phantom. A supernatural fantasy retelling of The Phantom of the Opera, told with imagination and complex, multidimensional characters, 5 stars!
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This title was a Did Not Finish. Unfortunately, I was unable to connect with it whether it be for characters, story-line or writing style.

Thank you for providing me with a copy.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this title. Unfortunately, I have lost interest in the title, partly due to trusted reviews, and will not be reviewing the title. I have, however, promoed the title through my weekly recap with links to Amazon. Thank you again, and I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
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I wanted to give a new chance to AG Howard (I've read her first series) but I'm again disappointed. This book was difficult to read and unfortunately, I didn't finish it. I think the author's books are not for me. 
I agree that she has a powerfull imagination but there is something I don't like. Maybe it's too vivid or dark.
Roseblood was not my cup of tea. I wanted to discover this new retelling but the story wasn't for me.
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Unfortunately, I DNFed this book in the first 15%. It just didn't grab my attention.
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This book is just.....honestly I don't have the words. So I'm going to do what this book couldn't and be succinct. 

1. Way too many words. Like WAY TOO MANY. Descriptions and events that could take a paragraph or maybe two would go on for pages. The writing was unnecessarily intricate and sometimes it just plain didn't make sense. 

2. Racist. Continued use of a racial slur (g*ps*). The author is not Romani, she is not taking back the word for her people. She has no business using the word, especially in the racist and demeaning way it was used over and over - Rune's "cursed, g*ps* blood".

3.  Psychic. Vampires. I can't make this shit up. 

4. Romanticises the relationship between the Phantom and Christine (which lbr is abusive as fuck). 

5. One of her (teenage) friends has a bird tattoo underneath her eye. On her FACE.??

6. Boring MC. Creepy love interest. 

Honestly, there was nothing I liked.
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I didn't really enjoy this twist on the Phantom.  I also wasn't a particular fan of the original story either.  The ending was worth it though.
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