The Timekeeper's Son

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This novel on family is quite a read. 

Josh, is a seventeen year old with learning disabilities, and is finding it difficult to keep up with his classmates in his efforts to become a filmmaker. His father has issues with him and finds him a disappointment. 

It is a moving and emotive read and it is superbly written. 

Itis a book to read slowly and I loved the main character. A tragedy holds the town together and this makes the tale a gripping and brilliant tale.
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Gripping tale of how our unintended actions influence our lives and how we are forever affected by them.  Poor Josh, life really dealt him a harsh hand- learning disabled, poor home life, harsh father, and now a car accident involving a prominent member of his community.    So sad to read at first. I think most of us have defining moments in our lives that influence the remainder of our lives. This book does offer closure in the end. It's well written and I thought the characters were well developed. They felt like neighbors pretty quickly.  Good book.
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A journey through the stages of life. Leaving one to reflect where they are, where they dreamt they'd be and where their future may lead them.
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Thank you NetGalley and Deeds Publishing for the moving novel The Timekeeper's Son, by Sara Baker. This was an unexpected read for me. Illustrating the power of support, acknowledgement and kindness to each other, and to family members. The thirst of it within us, as well as the grave results with the lack of such things provided. About passions and dreams for a bright future. A story of an unfortunate circumstance and the ripple effects of it. The struggle of a teenager boy and of middle aged persons. A thoughtfully written story!
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A novel about life, How one accident can have an enormous effect on so many more than the just the victim. It is a story about the decisions we make and the paths we take, but more than anything else it is a story of forgiveness and of love. It is a wonderful read, full of people each dealing with this accident as well as other things in their lives. These characters are very easy to relate to and I was able to connect to each in a different way.  The book is well written and will keep you engaged. It moves along well and flows smooth. While it is a long book is it a a read that is well worth it.

Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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