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For me, there is just something refreshing about classics revisited Manga style. Japanese style art flowing across the pages....reading right to left....    It's still the favorite classic tale I know and love. The Manga adaptation just gives a new feel to an old, favorite story.  

I've read Jane Eyre probably 50 times. It's one of those stories I can re-read often, but still enjoy. And I loved the Manga Classic version! It follows the book closely, including illustrating most, if not all, of my favorite lines from the book. The artwork is awesome! From Pilot (Rochester's faithful dog) to Mrs. Fairfax, I liked the appearance of all the minor characters. As for major characters....Jane Eyre had a sweet face and Rochester was drawn with just the right amount of brooding darkness. The pages depicting Rochester's hidden, terrible secret as well as other important plot points were perfect! 

I am always skeptical of adaptations. I have dnf'd many, many supposed continuations of favorite classic stories or re-tellings/adaptations because they just didn't stay true to my favorite classic stories. I am picky. But I have yet to be disappointed by Manga Classics. The story is always well depicted. The art is awesome each time. It's an enjoyable reading experience for me. I don't find myself frowning about weird plot changes, or missing characters/dialog. For the most part, they stick to the original...just condensing it a bit and illustrating the story. Love it! I'm ordering copies for my keeper shelf! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this manga version of Jane Eyre! 

**I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Udon Entertainment via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
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I loved this adaption if Jane Eyre and I would highly recommend the Manga Classics series it to anyone who wants to get into classics but has trouble with the prose.
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This is probably my favorite manga classics adaptation that I have read so far. When I had to read this novel in college, I really hated the beginning half of the novel. I felt that too much time was spent detailing the landscape and providing seemingly insignificant details. This edition removed all of those issues that I had with the original novel. If this was the edition that I read in college, it would have been so much more enjoyable for me.
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I am constantly rereading Jane Eyre but this is my first time reading a Manga version and it was so much fun. The manga had all the important dialogue and the art looked so beautiful which had me hooked. The movie skipped some parts so it was awesome to them at least in the book. I plan on reading more manga classics because they do a great job with converting the story without messing up the original story.
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Alas! I’ve found a way to read classics through this Manga Classics series. I never knew they exist until I saw one up for request on NetGalley. Thank you to Udon Entertainment for giving me the chance to enjoy reading this one.

Though I know, it’s still better to read the novel, but for people having a difficult time getting into some classics, this manga adaptation would surely help you read classics in an enjoyable way. If I will read the book, maybe it would take me a week to finish it, but with this manga adaptation, it only took me five hours. Five hours! That’s an achievement for me since I’m also a slow reader. And, this is unputdownable too. I enjoyed reading the story while seeing the arts drawn inside. It adds more enjoyment in following Jane Eyre’s journey.

The story written by Charlotte Brontë is about a girl named Jane Eyre, who has bad memories in her aunt’s house, was sent out to a charity school to stay and receives an education, and later out, took a job as a governess on a place called Thornfield.

The story unravels gradually. It is exciting to read especially the pace is not slow. Since the story also used a bit of magical realism, it added more enjoyment on my part. There are a lot of elements that can be found in this novel. There is feminism stuff where we can see how a woman can be recognized as an “almost” equal of a man – she needs to have an education by attending a school. Then there is also romance on the part of Jane and Rochester. Then it also slightly touches mental illnesses because [SPOILERS].

I like Jane Eyre and how she developed throughout the story. She is admirable and even though she is plain and poor, she didn’t let it brings out the light in her. She definitely shines in her own ways. And some lovely people, like her friend Helen, whom she met indeed has a contribution to her personality.

There are a lot of characters in the story, and each has their own messages that I’ve grasped. If I’ll speak about it all, I might be spoiling you so I’m leaving the rest of knowing the other characters and what is their role in Jane’s life to you.

Now, since this is a manga, I’ll talk about the art. The drawings used in presenting the characters and the settings are awesome. I enjoyed following Jane’s journey while looking at the visuals. What I like the most is how the characters’ reaction over some news or events was shown. I find it engaging. 

Overall, I think anyone who would like to read Classics can and will also enjoy the Manga Classics series by Udon Entertainment. It brings out a new experience for me because I have found a way to enjoy classics through its manga adaptation. I recommend this to everyone who likes reading classics and also to those who want to try reading classic literature in a manga form.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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Jane Eyre: Manga Classic by Charlotte Bronte and Stacy King is a 2016 UDON Entertainment publication. 

If are reading this review on Goodreads, then you can tell from my profile pic/avatar that I’m a huge fan of Jane Eyre. So, with my developing interest in Manga/Comics/Graphic Novels, choosing this book was a no- brainer for me. 

Yet, at the same time, I might have been taking a risk, since the story is one my favorites. What if the graphics didn’t live up to my expectations or what if the story was restructured in a way that disappointed me? Well, I need not have worried. Stacy King has been the illustrator for several other Manga Classics and has always done a wonderful job of formatting these beloved stories into the Manga format. This one was no exception. 

I’ve read Jane Eyre several times, have seen several movie adaptations, as well, but reading it with these vivid illustrations truly brings the story to life in a way anyone can appreciate and enjoy. 

I won’t rehash the plot, as it is familiar to most everyone. I will say that this book is part of the reason I developed a love for Gothic fiction and is one of the reasons why it holds a special place in my heart.

So, enjoying this story again, in a new format has been a real treat. The artist did an amazing job with the characters’ facial expressions and period clothing, while adhering to the unique Manga art form. Although, I must admit, Jane isn’t really all that plain, in this book- she’s simply adorable!! The book is structured in such a way the reader is truly engaged and the story flows at a nice fresh pace. 

Overall, this is another outstanding addition to the Manga Classics library. 

5 stars
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As a fan of the Bronte sisters, I was excited to learn there was a manga adaptation for this book. I ended up buying a copy so that I could share it with my friend who got me into the Bronte Sisters in the first place. The art was consistent as in the other manga adaptation of classic novels that I've come to expect and made it so the characters were very expressive. I'm glad there are more translations for the French so I didn't have to try to bring up my original book to see the translations at the bottom to compare. The dialogue is pretty close to the original novel, which is also a delight! Like I said before in a previous review, these adaptations can be very useful in getting students in younger schools to read the classics and be interested to one day read them as adults.
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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte in manga format/ adaptation published by UDON Entertainment was a great read. I finished this manga in one sitting. I love classics and classics in manga format have made me love manga too. I had not read Jane Eyre before (in any format) but after reading this manga, I am sure I will be picking the novel version from the library or bookstore soon enough.

I really had fun reading it. Because of the illustrations in manga, I did not have to imagine any setting or place according to that era because it was already illustrated.

I am a huge fan of art present in comic books, graphic novels and manga. The art is just amazing here.

I definitely recommend this to anyone. I recommend especially this to:

> Students
> Teachers 
> Teachers who want to get students interested in classics
> Those who just love classics (like me) 
> Manga lovers
> Those who want to give classics a try but are not sure where to start
> Those who want to introduce their children to classic stories but children are mostly interested in reading 
   picture books and short stories (this can be a win-win. You would get your children to read, introduce them to 
   classic books and they would get to read in a way they like).

I was provided an e-ARC by the publisher through Netgalley.
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My reading of Jane Eyre goes back to my childhood and to an abridged and simplified version (it seems to me). Therefore, I will not venture a comparison with the original work, which I have few memories, if not the main plot...

I liked the graphics style, very "typical" of the manga. English is very easy to read is the story is fluid. To put it simply, it's cute and it reads well. This version made me want to reread the original work to be able to speak more about it and to give my opinion on the "quality" of the adaptation!
In any case, I think it's a good way to make classics read to younger, more "playful" than put in their hands a book written in the nineteenth century.
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So Jane Eyre was one of my favorite books in high school, and this manga edition, while missing on the beauty of language, was wonderful in highlighting the main events of the story. I would totally recommend this to students for the purpose of review only. Thank you NetGalley and Udon Entertainment for this eARC. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I hadn't read Jane Eyre before so I was excited to get introduced to it through a graphic novel. I'm also not a manga connoisseur so I had no idea what to expect. It was a really cute adaptation. I liked how they chose to illustrate Jane, who looks sweet and demure, and Mr. Rochester with his awesome hairstyle. I also liked how the illustrator based it off her and her husband with their height difference. The thing I wasn't keen on is how sometimes the character's eyes turned into swirls to show confusion, which I guess is normal for manga but it was a little odd in a classic book, but that's what you get when you read a manga adaptation. Overall, I'll be checking out the original Jane Eyre after this fun introduction.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley.*
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I’ve been thinking for years that classics just weren’t for me. The writing it’s always a little too much for my brain to actually enjoy it, but with this Manga Editions I’m actually learning to like them, the style, the tone, the gorgeous art and the way that translates into graphics. 

I’m in love.

I wasn’t familiar with the story, since I’ve been fearing classics for awhile, but I liked it well enough, Jane was a character that sometimes frustrated me, but I could put that aside most of the time and just enjoy the story.

Thank you, Netgalley.
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E-Arc provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I love this story with all my being and as soon as I've seen that they made a manga version of it I had to have it.
As I previously mentioned, I knew the story so there was much surprise there.
The style was very much up my alley and I would definitely recommend it.
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As someone who is new to classics, this is a perfect stepping stone. On the other hand someone who is a lover of classics, this is s perfect edition to their collection. 

The art is beautiful and every space was filled with amazing detail. I highly recommend this to everyone. 

My favorite details were the emotion, Each time there was hurt or pain it showed in a way that made me feel for the characters.
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Manga Classic is just a nice collection to have, and I'm so glad it exists.
To have our favorite classics like this, in manga form, for us to introduce the tale to someone new or just to find joy and seeing it again but now in a new format just brings me such joy! 

What a marvelous thing it is, Jany Eyre in the manga form, to give to a friend, a family, to introduce them to the Austen tale in a form so easy to understand and read. To catch your attention and breath. So fast and so so joyful
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As a thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced reader copy by Stacy King (Goodreads Author) (English script),  SunNeko Lee (Art by), Crystal S. Chan (Story adaptation), Charlotte Brontë. Coming into this magna classic, I have had previous experience with “The Count of Monte Cristo” and found it quite enjoyable. After having read Jane Eyre for the first time last year, I thought it would be interesting to compare how Charlotte Bronte’s story would translate to magna. It is I found to be similar in theme and importantly tone. With a known classic like Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre there is a familiarity with the story and its characters. With the magna it was able to translate its content into using dialogue from the novel. It was nods like these that contained the story and kept it feeling like a classic. I appreciated the art style, and the ability to adapt a known classic into this format. Overall I enjoyed it .I highly recommend this to fans of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, and Classics. You will not regret it. On a scale of five stars, I gave this three out of five stars on goodreads.
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his is the first manga classic that I have read and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Jane Eyre is one of my favorites and I didn’t think putting it in manga form could really do it justice. But, I thought the combination of the great visuals and the concise storyline captured the essence of the book. The art is great and I felt the characters were portrayed very well. I don’t think anything vital was removed from the plot and the ending still made me tear up. I recommend this to classic lovers who happen to also enjoy manga. I know I’ll definitely be reading more manga classics!

I received a copy of this manga from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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Jane Eyre: Manga Classics takes the classic and makes it far more accessible for readers, specifically students. When students read the original texts, they usually struggle with one of the following: not connecting to Jane as the main character or being bogged down in the lengthy narration and description/ multitude of characters. This manga classic takes away both of these barriers. 

At the beginning of Jane Eyre, Jane reflects on her time living with Mrs. Reed, her aunt, who despises having to raise her and eventually sends her to live at a boarding school. In the original, this always felt fragmented to me as there is a weird overlap between the adult narrator and the scenes from the perspective of a child. They did not sound like the thoughts and feelings of a child and made it difficult to feel/ view the scenes from Jane’s perspective, therefore, making it difficult to connect with her throughout the book as the narrator. I felt that the added visuals, specifically the manga art style, in Jane Eyre: Manga Classics made this element more believable than the original as you see an image of a child with the text. While emotional, I also feel that the images of the abuse Jane suffered in The Manga Classic also helps to connect with her character more. 

I think the most amazing element of Jane Eyre: Manga Classics is the pacing. Common with any other piece of literature, there is a lot of writing focused on description. Because a manga can take these details and add them into the images instead of written text, the story is able to focus on the dialogue and other important elements of the scene, therefore making for a faster and more enjoyable reading experience. For example, instead of reading about Jane’s change from living and working at Lowood Institution over 20 pages, the manga does this in about 4. The book also includes other manga elements that help with this such as time transition panels and nameplates anytime a new character appears in the story, as well as some added cliff hangers!

The only element of the story that I did not like portrayed in a manga format was the development of the love between Rochester and Jane. This development was fast in the original, but with the exclusion of a lot of narration in the manga, it felt even faster. I do not think that this takes away from any of the meaning of the story, just makes you stop for a second and think, whoa hold on they just started talking.

While it may take students a little while to get used to the format of a manga, I think Jane Eyre: Manga Classics makes this text far more accessible.
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I love Manga Classics!  This installment adheres to the quality of other Manga Classics that I have read.  Great pains are taken to preserve the integrity of the classic characters and plot while the illustrations beautifully portray the emotion and action of the story.
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5 stars!

  I've loved Jane Eyre for years- the story and Jane's strong character throughout her life will always be memorable to me and one that I love. Though parts of the story can be dark, there's also humor throughout and romance.

  This manga did an amazing job at capturing everything, from Jane's mind to Mr. Rochester's adoring love for her, but not only that! This manga brought one of my favorite classics to life- honestly, this was so much better than any of the four movie versions I've watched in the past!

  The writing was right on point- never dragging, the characters were just like themselves and everything was expressed so well through the illustrations. Even the romance progressed very nicely! I was rooting for the end and then I wanted to start it all over again- just to experience it again.

If you love Jane Eyre or classics retold- definitely give this one a try!!
 My favorite part is probably that it shows the epilogue that was in the original book, every other version I've found skips over that beautiful part and ignores it!
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