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Jane Eyre is my favorite classic and I have read it over at least three times. If you know how big that book is you will know what a feat that is. But this manga captured my favorite characters so well. Right down to Mr. Rochester's enthusiasm over Jane and how serious Jane is most of the time until she falls hard for him. I love this story and this added a wonderful element to the story. I would recommend reading this if you don't want to read the actual book but if you want to read the book first and then read this. It will deepen your appreciation for the story and the characters.
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Another of my favourite books of all time made accessible in a format that those who find 19th c literature too challenging will enjoy. True to its source material and replete with beautiful art this is a treasure. One I will attempt to squeeze the library budget to purchase for our teen reading groups.
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Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books, so I was really excited to get my hands on this!

This manga follows the plot of the original book without any additional changes, it just stays true to it, and we get some pretty adorable drawings. I just couldn't help but love Rochester's character here. It's one thing how you imagine a book's characters when you're reading, but seeing them drawn doing such exaggerated facial expressions... I do mean it in a good way though, I really liked it. Rochester can be pretty ridiculous at times, especially when he declares his love for Jane, so this characterization was spot on, if you ask me.

Oh and Jane is adorable here!! It's actually quite funny how she looks like a little child and Rochester like a grown man. But it makes sense though, since he's way older.

Sadly, there are some annoying characters as well, like Jane's cousin John... I always disliked that little rascal... And the guy who ran Jane's school when she was younger, I always thought it was so ridiculous how he would say that the girls who went there should not be vain, have naturally curly hair (for real?!) or whatever, but wait, his wife and daughters are incredibly fashionable and vain themselves, and they wear such expensive clothes...

I really enjoyed getting into this story again, I liked reading about Jane once more and seeing her work hard and just wanting to be loved, since she never got that in her life. And seeing how nice and caring she is when it comes to Rochester as well. It all just breaks my heart.

I think fans and new readers alike might enjoy this :)
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Beautiful adaptation of a literary classic. A definite must-read for teens who may be reluctant to tackle a novel from the nineteenth century. Jane Eyre works insanely well as a manga. Loved it - got to get my hands on a physical copy of this one.
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Another Manga Classic! I was a little scared they'd stopped making these because I hadn't seen any new ones in a while, turns out there are 3 new ones! The newest one is out in just a few weeks, so to celebrate its release I will be reviewing the 2 other more recent ones in the lead up. You should also check out my old reviews of Emma, Great Expectations, Les Miserables, The Scarlet Letter, and Pride and Prejudice.

Starting things off for my month of Manga Classics is Jane Eyre! I have never read Jane Eyre but I've seen a few movie adaptations of it so I knew the story fairly well. I thought it was well told and beautifully illustrated. I wouldn't say this is my favourite Manga Classic because I didn't feel that it really captured the sort of chill and danger of the story as I feel it should be presented, everything was sort of light and beautiful instead which doesn't really suit a story with a murderous woman locked away in the attic!

I really enjoy the story of Jane Eyre I think it was well captured in this, they didn't have to cut anything as they tend to do in movies, so you get a lot more of the side plots in this version than I had experienced before. I think the romance was represented well enough though I didn't feel as passionately about it as I have in other versions or even in other Manga Classics romances. I think the pacing was alright, but not completely on point, that's more an issue of the source text as it's a rather long book, that seems to move sort of slowly.

The main issue I had with this was the atmosphere created in the book. It didn't have the chill and melancholy that I would expect from the book. There is a murderous woman in the attic and I never once really felt any fear about her existence, which I should feel all the time. Maybe the problem is I am so in love with the Cary Fukunaga Jane Eyre movie and I just want that atmosphere to creep into every bit of this book and haunt me the way that movie did.

I will say that like always the art is on point. Jane was adorable, Rochester was handsome, Mrs. Rochester was haunting and scary in the few glimpses you get of her. I cannot fault this book on its art because it was astounding as per usual.

I recommend this book, it's not my favourite in the series (that's probably still Emma) but its good, and its deifnitely worth a read if you're into manga and classics!
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Beautifully depicted, however, I was a little thrown off by the choice of scenes and dialogue. I was happy to see a lot of emphasis put on Lowood, but little was done about Bertha's role, which was strange to me. 

I also understand the importance of sticking to the original wording, but when marketing to a younger, and much different audience, I imagine some of the conversation could have been better selected or toned down. 

Still I love manga and I was happy to see another classic transitioned into this form. Everything was brought together well with the ending, which tends to be cut short in other formats.
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Admittedly, I am not a manga fan.  But I got this book because my daughter is.  I have loved the story of Jane Eyre for many, many years and have read the unabridged version many times over.  It is truly one of my top ten favorite books.  I began reading this manga version with a bit of trepidation, hoping that the story would not be "mangled."  I am happy to report that it was not in the least bit mangled.  

Although the story line moved swiftly, the pictures were richly and carefully drawn.  I wasn't  completely sold on the way the hair styles were drawn, but that is more manga-stylization than strict adherence to period authenticity.  It wasn't hugely distracting, especially when faced with such beautiful renderings of the rooms and Thornfield Hall.  I liked the way the book denoted when they were speaking French by drawing double lines around the speech bubbles.  It still kept the essence of the story without distracting the reader with trying to decipher the language.  I did notice that Blanche Ingram is drawn as a raven-haired beauty (as in the novel) and not as a blond (as in a fairly recent film adaptation).  I further noticed that this version included an oft-excluded part of the story when the gypsy visits Thornfield.  In fact, this version contained almost the entire story as written in the original novel, something that most other adaptations cannot claim.  I also liked the supplemental information at the end of the book, such as further information about the publication of the original novel and about the real life of a governess back then.  It was also interesting to see various character sketches as they developed.  

Overall, I highly recommend this book.  Like I said before, I'm not personally a manga fan, but I can see how this book would be a useful tool to encourage reluctant readers or readers for whom English is not their first language to explore the richer texts of classic English literature.  I wouldn't quite put this on par with Cliffs Notes, but it could be a useful companion to a literature student who struggles with the original text.

I gratefully received this eARC from the authors, publisher, and NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.
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Lush period details combined with traditional manga conventions in the illustrations and well-chosen dialogue among the characters make this graphic novel version of Jane Eyre especially appealing. This Manga Classics. title will intrigue young adult readers new to Bronte. (Adult readers of a certain age may be reminded of the allure of the Classics Illustrated comic books of yesteryear!) The only quibble some may have is that Mr. Rochester appears handsomer than described in the original novel, but this needn't discourage interest or enjoyment.
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I really enjoyed manga adaption of Jane Eyre. I have red this story so long ago, I forgot why I have stopped reading at around 80% mark. 

The language is bit odd and I'd not suggest to any beginners to read this. But may be I felt this problem as English is my 2nd language or I've problem reading old English. Whatever might be the reason, it was creepy and interesting till then end (at-least manga was) to help me complete this story for once.
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This is a wonderful graphic novel adaptation of Jane Eyre and another great addition to the collection of Manga Classics! It has been a while since I read the original novel, but I felt like this shortened version stayed true to the story and I really enjoyed the art work. I would recommend this for readers already familiar with the story as well as those who just want to check out the story of a never read classic.
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Comics and poetry are my mental palate-cleanser when I finish a book late at night and don't want to start anything too taxing before sleep. So I finished The Gene last night at nine, and then turned to Manga Classics: Jane Eyre for my reading-time sorbet. I've read the real Jane Eyre, way way back in high school. At the time, I swooned. Now, maybe a bit more world-weary, I recognize that there's a lot of worrisome bits in Jane Eyre: if a friend were to tell me that her new boyfriend was already married and kept his wife locked in the attic but really really loves her (the friend, not the wife), I would be like Uuuuhhhhh. Even ignoring the more prurient bits, let's not forget Rochester's behaviour, like pretending to be in love with someone else to make Jane jealous and fall in love with him, which is not really romantic as much as creepily manipulative. And what exactly is the allure of Rochester? He seems like a mercurial jerk, always bossing Jane about and alternating being friendly with being cold. That and having read Wide Sargasso Sea within the last year has erased any memories of earlier Jane Eyre swooning; likely if Geoff locked me in the attic and then went off to marry a governess, I'd try to burn his house down too. Through a post-modern, feminist lens, Jane Eyre, manga or not, has a lot of problematic bits.

But Manga Classics: Jane Eyre does have this: some of the panels are drawn chibi style and they are sooooooooooo cute. It seems all aspects of my feminist-self can be co-opted by chibi drawings. And then I start to swoon.

No, I tell myself. Don't do it. Rochester is a dick. Manipulative, lying, and way too tall.


Chibis cannot make up for the warning signs of an abusive partner.


I am not going to throw away my principles because of awwww they are so cute so so so so so so cute.




Basically, this is Jane Eyre with a few panels drawn as chibis and my mind ceases to function because chibis and I fail at feminist literary criticism.

Manga Classics: Jane Eyre went on sale November 15, 2016.

I received a copy free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Review and Thoughts:
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The adaptation of the classic book Jane Eyre is very spot on! I love how the narratives and talk bubbles stayed true. The illustrations are wonderful. I also like the object symbolism, it was shown well.
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Interesting premise for an old classic. Good pictures and followed story. If you like comic book style this could be for you to read classics.
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I give the book 4 stars. I loved that the classics are being translated into mangos. I think it's helping the younger generation be interested in classics and it will be helpful for kids who have trouble get into reading. Jane Eyre is one of my favorites and I happy with the reinterpretation and enjoyed the drawings. I would recommend.
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I am really in love with this series and am reading all the titles in it.  Jane Eyre is handled every bit as skillfully as the others both in the execution of the text and the illustrations.  But I must say that I haven't read this book since I was a teenager, and looking at it again after so long really casts a different light on the relationships in the book.  I think that reading it in the Manga format made these new insights even more apparent.  I sill enjoyed it though very much.
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*I received this book through netgalley, but all thoughts and ideas about it are my own*

To start, I have to admit I have never read Jane Eyre... or most of the 'classics'. I have been meaning to and I love manga so, when I saw this pop up I decided to give it a try. 

It was a very interesting read. I do really want to read the novel now so I can compare them because there were many places where the manga felt awkward. There were scenes or dialogue that seemed to come out of nowhere or not match the tone I suspected. This could also just be a time difference.... I wish we had more thought bubbles from Jane so we could understand things better. 

Very interesting though and I thought the artwork was very pretty.
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This beautiful stories really comes to life in this Manga. It feels like you're in it yourself, consumed by the wonderfully filled pages with amazing artwork!
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Udon Entertainment and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Manga Classics: Jane Eyre.  This is my honest opinion of the book.

Jane Eyre is an orphan, raised by her Aunt for most of her young life.  Bullied by her cousins, Jane is suffering the most miserable existence.  An opportunity to go to Lowood School changes everything for Jane, despite the horrific conditions.  She finds comfort with a fellow student and with the school superintendent.  With such a tumultuous childhood, will Jane be able to forgive her past and become who she was always meant to be?  Will being a governess and treating those around her with kindness help to fulfill Jane's life in ways that she could never imagine?

As a fan of classic works of literature, I was curious to see if a Manga could bring the characters to life as much as the original.  I have gained much appreciation for Manga because of Jane Eyre, as the story is exquisitely told through this visual art form. The life of Jane Eyre is simplified, but in no way is cheapened in this format.  This book is, in many ways, a CliffsNotes version of Jane Eyre, but the complete story comes through loud and clear.  Whether readers are fans of the classics, or fans of Manga, both will find Manga Classics: Jane Eyre to be delightful.  With the addition of background information on the original Jane Eyre story and historical references to the times in which the book is set, this Manga provides a complete representation of the novel and more.
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