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What can I say about this? It was a great refresher and a fun way to dip my toes into the Brontë’s work again without having to commit to a longer read of the entire novel. I talked about the pros of illustrated classics when I read the Marvel Illustrated Jane Austen works (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Northanger Abbey) and again when I read is when I read the Manga Classics Emma, so there’s not much point in rehashing those.

Overall, the adapters and artist did a great job on the adaptation. There were a couple of things that I was like uh that definitely wasn’t in the book, i.e. positioning of characters and character interactions. I guess it just has to do with making the stories more accessible to wider audiences.

Recommendation: I still prefer the Marvel Illustrated style, but since they didn’t deign the Brontë’s important enough to adapt before they shuttered, this is a pretty good option. They’re a quick refresher on the classics and if they do the job right, which so far both the Manga Classics and the Marvel Illustrated have) they’ll make you want to (re)read the originals!
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Wow. I'm pleasantly surprised. 

I read Jane Eyre several years ago, and I enjoyed it. It wasn't my favorite classic of all time, but I enjoyed reading it and could understand the importance of in in history. 

I'm totally shocked that they were able to break down the classic into a well-read manga. I don't know if I would go so far as to say that you would be able to read this instead of the classic for a class test/essay, but, the manga classic gets almost everything right and succeeds in making the story enjoyable. 

Also, something that was really cool, was at the end, there were extras: information about the drawings, the time period, etc. which added to the enjoyment. 

Overall, I'm really impressed. But, maybe read the classic first, because it would be hard to read after.
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Having thoroughly enjoyed reading the Manga version of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, I decided to pick up another favourite classic, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. The original is a substantial novel and the first third of the book, before reaching Mr Rochester, has always been a challenge. Jane’s start in life is bleak and sad. The manga version, with its magnificent illustrations, shortens this journey whilst still communicating the emotion of it which I appreciated. The time with Mr Rochester is elegantly done, the familiar lines included and the romance accentuated by the accompanying visuals. The style of writing can put some readers off this great story, I think the Manga version overcomes this barrier and will encourage new readers to appreciate Bronte’s work. I love art and this is definately a form of it! I have my eye on Emma as my next Manga classic, a five on the en-JOY-ment scale!
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I absolutely love the classics and I love how Manga Classics have brought this book alive again for the next generation. Loved how it was set out and written and the artwork is gorgeous can't wai to read the next one.
My review is on goodreads 😊
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This is by  far one of the best artistic renditions of the original novel "Jane Eyre" that I have had the privilege to enjoy, and that includes the movie and tv adaptations. This manga is both true to the original text, including scenes, like Rochester disguising himself as a gipsy during a party to investigate Jane's feelings, that are often disregarded and deleted, as well as excellent in terms of graphic art, lines choice and script in general.

I wholeheartedly recommend this comic for both Young audiences first approaching Bronte's novel as well as for adults who already know the novel but might enjoy a very well done and respectful visualization of the text.
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I continue to love the classics retold as manga! As an ESL teacher, I also love the visuals and facial expressions and the opportunity these books provide to make the classics more accessible to my students while their English language acquisition is in the early stages. .
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Jane Eyre the Manga! A light take on the timeless classic, should I mention the one that is dearest to my heart? This particular manga from the Manga Classics uses a more traditional Japanese art manga-anime style, compared to Pride and Prejudice (see my review for this one: A variety of details is used towards characters, places and clutter background items. I did take a star down, as the story is a little watered down, but non the less is quite enjoyable. Definitely would be an adorable and sweet addition to my collection.
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Jane Eyre has always been one of my favorite books, so I had high expectations for this manga adaptation, and I was not disappointed! 

Jane is beautifully portrayed, and all the complexity and grace of her character is reflected in her appearance, her facial expressions, and in every bit of dialogue. Simply brilliant! I loved her pretty dresses, and her fierce spirit and sweetness absolutely pours off the page!

Condensing such a complex and deep story into manga form works very well here, and the plot closely follows the original story. I loved the artwork so much! Beautiful panels in every chapter that draw you into the story.

Every character is exactly like I always imagined while reading the original book. Mr. Rochester is a difficult character to pin down, because he's so changeable and enigmatic, but they did a wonderful job portraying his wild nature, both when he wants to be charming and when he's being a manipulative jerk. The only reason I love his character is because he repents and reforms at the end.
Adele is adorable in every way! And even St. John is just the sort of haughty and distant character I always imagined him to be. Both good characters and villains are drawn so uniquely and that makes them all very memorable.

What a delight to revisit this beloved classic in manga form!
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I was surprised by this combination: english classic literature with  japanese popular culture in the form of manga comics. It was strange to read backwards (the correct way to read manga is explained in the book) but I got used to it. I read Pride and Prejudice and Emma by Jane Austen and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. The stories are all true to the original, mixed with the expressiveness of the characters drawn with the typical manga big eyes. There's also humor in the illustrations. It's a different reading. It's fun to see the classics you know translated in a different art form.
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Another great adaptation in the series. I thought the beginning wasn't gothic and harsh enough compared to the original, but it got better after a while.
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I found some of the character designs a bit...odd. This won't matter to manga fans, but may be a bit off-putting to those reading it as a straight adaptation of Jane Eyre. It covers most of the plot points well, yet misses a lot of nuance (to be expected in the transition from Victorian prose to 21st century comic). I would certainly suggest it to manga fans and younger readers.
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I remember trying to read the novel for school, but at the time I just could not get myself into it. However, I really enjoyed reading this book as the romance was different to any other books I've read. This manga also made me want to try to read the novel again.
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Have not yet read the original novel, but this was pretty adorable and I think the illustrations really suited the story (basically - the drawings were also adorable).
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This review has been pending for a long time. Sorry for the delay Netgalley. And yes thank you for providing me with this arc. The delay was mainly because I had to read the original. 

I absolutely love anything that the Bronte sisters-sans Anne Brontë- have written (Miss Anne Brontë, I shall get to you soon). I generally spend a good two to three weeks rereading their books and then spending some more time just thinking about what I’ve read. Honestly, I felt that this manga butchered the original. First-time readers kindly note that this manga version you read is not the Jane Eyre people sing ballads and love songs to. This isn’t the story that shot it to fame. It’s a satire I tell you.

You cannot cram in Jane Eyre into a 300 page manga and get the story right. I have a really long list of complaints to make. Here I provide the compendium,
1.	The main thread of the story which is the romance between Jane and Rochester comes out as insta-love in this manga version.
2.	Helen Burn’s cough was another case of the insta. In one page she is all fine and suddenly when her death is imminent, she starts coughing. It was so discontinuous.
3.	Jane Eyre seems childlike even after she’s 19 years old. So when she stood next to Rochester and gazed at him with love in her eyes, it felt so very wrong.
4.	The flavor of this adapted version is so very far away from the original. Jane Eyre is termed a gothic piece of literature. There is a brooding atmosphere and this general dark feel to it. But in this version, Jane is all teenage squeaky. She jumps up and acts so childish and just really weird. 
5.	Now Mr. Rochester is not supposed to look like a bishounen. Fine, Fassbender acted in the 2011 movie and I need to cut some slack there (Fassbender is just so dreamy 
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 I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review. 

The classic story of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is taken and made into a super cute manga. I have to start this by saying that I have not read Jane Eyre yet, it is on my tbr shelf. Having not read the original novel I can't compare it to this manga. The cover is drawn very beautifully. I like how it shows Jane looking pretty and reserved in front of Thornfield Hall. Throughout the whole manga the illustrations are very well done. The one thing I have to say is that characters who say that they are unattractive or have some sort of disfigurement are drawn very handsomely. But I guess that can be said with any manga. This manga has made me want to finally read Jane Eyre. I am interested in reading it to see if it was exactly like the original and to get the whole story. I found this to be a good mixture of classic literature and manga.

4/5 ⭐
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I thoroughly enjoyed this manga adaptation. Possibly unlike most readers, I actually have not read the novel. To be honest, I sometimes get bored with classics. But, put them in a manga form and I am much more interested! I can't comment on how it matches up to the novel, but I wasn't bored at all. The writer notes that she purposely had cliffhangers st the end of each chapter, and I loved this! The artwork is gorgeous! I would recommend to anyone, especially those with my "classic" problem. :)
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seem flying through these manga classics.

"Jane Eyre"

was recommended to me and I must admit I really enjoyed it.

It was really refreshing to go back to that classic and enjoy the story of Jane. It's a story of a class division in the society and of a woman position in the early XIX century. It's about the life of a girl that despite the bad that was done to her, became a woman of value. It's about love that crosses every border of social classes in the society.

The artwork is beautiful but in my opinion not as much as "Pride and Prejudice". Manga is a great idea for all classic lovers and for the students that need help with the revision.
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(I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)

Jane Eyre is a personal favourite of mine, so I am generally irrationally protective of its story and portrayal. Reading this manga version of it was not only refreshing, but it was also a relief. So much of the original content and ideas have been kept and remain true, making the story connect more through its use of images .The drawings are beautifully produced (although the version I read was in black & white, but the cover pages showed how incredible the colour is). 

There are informative cautions at the start of the book in case you are reading it the wrong way, and a small diagram shows how to properly read the panels for those who are not as familiar with reading manga - it does take some getting used to, but it was worth it!

For any classic readers and anyone looking to change up how they experience literature, this is a great book for you. I can't wait to read the next one!
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Jane Ayre is one of my favourite classics and I was happy to see it in the form of Manga.. Now I can motivate my non reader's and comic reader's to read the best classics while enjoying the pictures in a shorter span of time.
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Having not actually read the original classic, I can't compare the manga adaptation to the original, but I felt they story flowed incredibly well and the chapters were created so that they had nice little cliff-hangers at the end. The art is servicable, but I felt that Jane was always depicted as being much younger than she was supposed to be, even as an adult, her face was that of a small child and I simply didn't buy it. The other volumes of the manga classics from Udon check out really well at our library, and so this is still definitely a purchase we will be making.
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