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The tale of Jane Eyre as told by Charlotte Bronte and illustrated by UDON entertainment. Part of the Manga Classics series, this novel brings Jane Eyre to life. Closely following the original book, ( but missing our Mr Rochesters favorite descriptor of dear Jane) it does a wonderful job at showcasing this truly beautiful work in a new light, making this long ( and for some, hard to read) novel accessible to those of us who enjoy some pictures, and maybe not 500 pages of words. This version hits on all the major scenes and themes from the original book. It keeps Jane's personality, independence, and strong will and let's it shine through.

Personally I found it a little fast, but I understand that they are trying to fit a large novel into the size of a manga; and that's not easy! Having read Les Miserables and The Scarlet Letter in this same format, you kind of get a feel for how the structure of the book has to change only so slightly to accommodate.

This novel is great for any reader. If this is your first time or your 20th time reading Jane Eyre, this adaptation is a great choice.

Page Count: 328 ( But it's mostly pictures I promise 
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“My name is Jane Eyre. My parents are dead; my aunt, Mrs. Reed, raised me for most of my ten years. The arrangement made neither of us happy.”

It was very good! 

Jane Eyre is a character I've always admired, ever since I read the book a few years ago. I like her willpower, her stubbornness, her choice to stay true to her principles and her own impressions. More than the romantic part of the story, I like the great charge of strength that a character like Jane can give to the reader.

When I discovered this manga I was euphoric. I wanted to see how those scenes I had imagined in my head would take place. 
Surely the artist and the curator did a great job. 
Although the drawings are simple in their clarity, they are beautiful, and represent the characters at maximum level. the scenes with a particular background, such as those with the Rochester house, or in the woods, are beautiful. I really liked the characterization of the characters and the choice of the scenes to report. Great.

I adored the appearance of Jane, from when she was very young until she arrives at Rochester's house. The clothes are very well chosen, they have nothing that does not go. I liked everything, I have to admit it.

An excellent reading to bring even the youngest to read the classics.
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Love this book! I love how she's always beaten back at every turn, but then in the end she gets the better over everyone.
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Relatively strong manga adaptation of Jane Eyre. The portions dedicated to her early years were particularly well rendered, which is impressive given how much of the source text is focused on internal monologues.
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This manga is based on a classic. This was a great read. The story was great but the way it was portrayed by the artist was wonderful. IT made the story come to life. IF you've never read this wonderful classic or you just love manga then this book is for you. Well worth the read.
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I read the Scarlet Letter Manga Classic a few years ago and it was wonderful! Made me want to read the original novel. When I saw that they had put together a graphic novel for Jane Eyre as well, I went straight for it. This time I'd already read the classic, so I had the privilege of being able to compare the two. 

The team does a great job of transforming the story. The art is gorgeous and they still maintain some of that sexy, mysterious feeling throughout Jane and Mr. Rochester’s courtship (and the total wrongness of St. John's proposal). Of course, all the key scenes in their relationship remain. The different format also helped me understand Bronte’s purpose in including Jane’s early schooling, which I totally missed the first time.

I was disappointed in two things only: 
- Mr. Rochester did not once call Jane “piquant.” It was his favourite word (almost in excess) for her in the original and I’d hoped they would at least tip their hat in its direction. 
-Jane was as plain as manga could make her (ha! Manga’s only fault is it’s too pretty!), but Mr. Rochester was handsome when he’s also supposed to be relatively unattractive. 

Like Scarlet Letter, Jane Eyre is true to the story and a great introduction to the classic, not to mention super fun to look at. 

A copy of this book was provided by Netgalley for an honest review.
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This was a fun adaptation. I like Jane Eyre and this was a fun little manga of it. It was done really well and the way it was adapted was done well.
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This was a beautiful read. I love Jane Eyre. I loved listening to the audible version narrated by Thandie Newton. But this was entirely different. This is also my first manga! The adaptation does justice to the original version of Jane Eyre. If you are too lazy to read a 500+ book or if you love reading manga, then go for this. It's more like an illustrated summary of the classic without omitting any important details.
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** I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. **



A booklover but didn’t ever heard of Jane Eyre – that’s a rare find. I think manga adaption of such classic is a hit among those who are not into reading classics but still want to know the story. It’s cute, it’s enjoyable and it’s short. The only drawback is to not containing the details which can be the actual beauty of classic literature writing.


This is my first ever manga. Before that I struggled a lot to read mangas but could not finish them. I was not sure if I was reading in right direction. Jane Eyre manga edition comes with a manga reading directory and finally makes my life easier and makes me fall into love with manga.

Jane is an orphan from the very start of the book but portrays a determined character of a lady (though she’s been such cutesy illustrated) who faces obstacles of life without any hesitation. Being such limited detailed character discussion , the manga does not fail to show her as an inspiration to the people. She is strong and aspiring. There are so many versions of Jane Eyre. They often fail to carry the real essence of this powerful novel but this manga did not do that. It’s able to connect the readers with the story and engross them into it despite of not giving enough details to connect with the scenes. That’s a success.


The illustrations are very cute but the portrayal of Jane Eyre makes look her tiny and younger sibling and I felt very sympathetic to her circumstances but very proud of her decisions made through all over the chapters. As a first Manga reader Jane looks like a teenager to me (barely 13 or 14) which was irksome. The chemistry between Mr. Rochester and Jane seems legit yet slightly unique for the illustration maybe. But that’s not an obstacle to enjoy the story. Still there are a lack of backstory of Mr. Rochester’s secret which could be an interesting part of the manga.

I would like to give the manga a solid 4 stars for it’s story, dialogue, illustration. As I said if someone is a fan of detailed storytelling he/she may not catch the beauty underlying of such classic adaption but it can be a great read for middle grads and quick readers.
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Stunning version of Jane Eyre!! I absolutely loved it! 

Jane Eyre is a very passionate character and it was great to see her almost explode from the pages in this brilliant and very faithful adaptation of a well-beloved classic novel. Manga is the perfect medium to capture the near violence of her emotions at times, the fire at the core of this outwardly calm, seemingly unremarkable young woman. 

Jane's sudden outbursts, both as a young girl, and later when standing up for herself to Mr. Rochester, make for great scenes! Loved how these moments were depicted!
My absolute favorite scene was the one where Mr. Rochester declares his feelings for Jane for the first time, she needs some convincing, and their first kiss. Swoon!

I was completely swept away by the amazing artwork and I loved the attention to detail brought to both the characters and the scenery. The kitchen scene where everyone is busy at work, surrounded by pots & pans, to prepare for Mr. Rochester's return is a great example, as is the appearance of all his guests. Everyone has their own look, with different hairstyles and outfits.

I loved the way Jane Eyre's costume and hairdo reflect her lowly status as a poor (repressed) orphaned governess, with her hair drawn back into a simple bun and her nigh-necked, modest gown. She's always dressed the same, except for her wedding day, and afterwards when she comes into her inheritance. It's great to see her dressed in a more individualistic, more cheerful style once she's got means of her own and feels happy with her new-found cousins. 
Mr. Rochester's appearance is also spot on and I was pleased to see how the artist alters his looks at the end, making him appear a bit rougher and less put together, to reflect the changes in his mental state. 

At the very end, we see a slightly more mature Jane, happy with her little son and the love of her life. They are both dressed very simply, no visible trappings of wealth, which I think is also a lovely way of showing that their happiness stems from their being together and doesn't depend on monetary riches.
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This manga is an adaptation of the classic Jane Eyre. Jane is an orphan who is sent away to school for eight years and then receives a job as a governess for the ward of Mr. Rochester. She and Mr. Rochester become closer, but he's hiding a secret that could change both of their lives.
I actually started the original novel and then read this manga classic. The manga is very close to the original, that it made me want to read the original along with it. Although I kind of blew through the manga because it was hard to put down. This is such an easy and entertaining way to read the classics.
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I loved this manga adaptation of Jane Eyre, it captures the essence of all the characters so well.
The illustrations are beautiful and well-represent the essence of Victorian era.
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Jane Eyre is my favorite book in the world so I was so happy to experience this version and feel in love again with the story!
Jane is such a good character and so strong.
Thanks to the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read it
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A beautiful, beautiful book. The first manga that has made me feel like reading the original classic.
The artwork was brilliant as the story was told beautifully. I really loved it!
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An acceptable manga adaptation of a classic. The art leaves a bit to be desired, and I just don't see it circulating as a result.
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I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

We start our story in England in the early nineteenth century. Jane Eyre is living with her aunt after the death of her parents. After constantly being treated unkindly by her aunt and cousins, Jane is given the opportunity to attend school, which she immediately takes.

Little did Jane know that school would not be much better. The older children tricked the younger ones out of food, clothes were thin against the cold, and hygiene was sparse. However, she soon finds solace out of new friend, Helen Burns, and teacher, Miss Temple. But nothing good ever stays long for little Jane.

After Jane Eyre finishes school, she becomes a governess at Thornfield. On her way to deliver a message, she helps a man who has fallen off of his horse. Before she can figure out who he is, he leaves.

The poor girl...after finding true love, she is deceived and not all is as it seems. Will things ever go right for Jane? Will she ever find love and happiness?

Jane Eyre has been on my TBR list forever. Not unfortunately, this was my first rendition of it and I loved it! I definitely have to read the original text soon! Honestly, I am more than impressed with the Manga Classics and hope to have my children read these one day!
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'The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.'
                                                                                                                                                                        -Jane Eyre
The above sentence uttered by Jane herself, reflects her nature like a mirror. Fiercely independent yet soft-hearted, Jane is the ideal heroine and this manga adaptation reveals this sweet nature of hers in an exquisite manner.
The artwork is elegant and expressive. The amount of thought that has gone into the creation of the characters can be felt in every page, nay in every panel. The character of Mr Rochester stays true to the original, depicted as an older man instead of portraying him as the usual impossibly handsome manga males. 
The dialogues stay true to the classic, the lines are selected with a lot of care and accentuate the feel that is already set by the artwork.
Overall, an enchanting adaptation that stays true to its original while infusing an already beautiful story with a sweetness that one can savour long after the book is closed.
If manga adaptations are going to be so good, I'll be waiting for the adaptations of my favourite classics, for sure!
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This is absolutely something I never would have picked up without Netgalley. I am somewhat of a purist about my classics and I don't always like retellings or reimaginings of them. So I saw this and was intrigued. I liked that it was actually pretty close to the story. Manga is just not something I am usually drawn to, but this was interesting and I liked it just fine. The style of this might help this classic appeal to people who would never pick up the classic version of the story, so that is pretty cool.
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I first and foremost must thank Netgalley and the Publisher for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review. 

I have never been able to read and enjoy classics, This has helped immensely, I loved this story in manga form. I couldn't put it down. I now understand why so many people enjoy the classics. 

I give this 5/5 the artwork was stunning, the point of the story was very clear and concise. I will definitely be purchasing these books, as well as recommending to everyone!
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Never before I read or watch Jane Eyre, this is actually my first time ever meeting with Jane. 
The manga format helped me a lot to understand and portray the characters in my mind. Usually, for me who English is not my main language, I had to spend more time to invest in Classic books. The language and the culture are pretty much different from our modern times. Thankfully, I choose to read this manga format to begin with. 

Jane Eyre, an orphan girl got sent to the charity school by her awful aunt at the age of ten. There, she lived in the school for six years as a student and two years as a teacher. Later, she seeks an employment as a governess at the Thornhill, responsibility for teaching one young girl, Adele. Jane, who grew up to be an innocent young woman, finds herself attracted to her master, Mr. Rocherster whom twenty years old senior to her.
I come to love Jane from the very first chapter. She's a brave woman who knows to stand for herself, even when she's just a little girl. With Mr. Rochester, I found him intriguing. I knew he holds up some secrets but I don't know what. When the secret is out to the public, I got shocked just like Jane.

The weakness of reading manga is you couldn't go as much as deeper than if you read the actual novel. Because of the page limitation, I could feel the gap jump between one scene to the other. Keep that in mind if you want to try manga format. Thankfully, the art is beautiful, clear and lovely. The creator did a wonderful job bring Jane, Mr. Rochester, and all of the other characters in manga format.
All in all, I highly recommended this manga version especially if you like me, who interest but hesitant to read the Classic story because of the complexity of Classic language.
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