Manga Classics: Jane Eyre

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I received a free copy in exchange of an honest review.

These collection of mangas are a great way to revisit classics or get the gist of a classic book you haven’t read before but fells like a challenge. 
I really enjoyed reading Jane eyre, while it did leave out some favourite quotes and details that are in the book, it really made the setting and the story come to life. It was nice to see them interact with expressions and the art style was gorgeous I could spend hours looking at the details that went into the decors and the characters. While Jane eyre isn’t one of my favourite classics due to the cheating portrayed in the story, I still couldn’t help but enjoy the romance that seemed even more vivid as you could see each character interact and reimagined by the artist. 
Totally recommend to people who want to read classics but aren’t a fan of the full texts.
4/5 stars.
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As an older fan of manga and graphic novels, I was happy to receive a copy of this. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I have never read Jane Eyre nor have I ever read a classic book in manga form. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this-the story of Jane Eyre and the struggles she endured throughout her life and the beautiful artwork, layout and pacing of the book. Jane Eyre Manga Classic is a good introduction to the actual classic and a great read for anyone, regardless of age. I definitely plan on reading Jane Eyre next month. Highly recommend to fans of classics, manga and graphic novels.
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I loved it! It is a good adaptation of Jane Eyre and it helped through the book hangover I get after reading the book! The characters were illustrated amazingly (i really LOVED Mr. Rochester) and it was full of the things I loved from the book! Great job and thanks for letting me read this!
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Having never read Jane Eyre before, I thought a Manga Classics edition would be a great introduction to the story, and I was not disappointed! The artwork is so lovely (I was especially fond of the chibi styles in certain silly or sweet moments), and the layout and pacing was very easy to follow.

As for the story itself, I actually knew surprisingly little about it, but I was surprised by how hard it was to like Mr. Rochester! I rarely enjoy the love interests in classics, so I shouldn't have been shocked, but he is truly awful through most of the story and I didn't care much for him until the very end (perhaps that's the point, though). There were also much heavier religious overtones than I'm accustomed to in my usual reading, but it's to be expected from classics. Between these two things, the story wasn't a perfect read for me, but I still enjoyed it a great deal and am so happy that I chose the Manga Classics rendition for my first introduction. I'm not sure if I have much interest in reading the full novel, but I'm pleased to know the story now and even plan on purchasing a finished copy of this manga to reread in the future. ♥

Thank you so much to Udon Entertainment for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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This was a beautiful adaptation of Jane Eyre. It gave a freshness to the ancient story. I particularly liked the drawings and am hoping there will be an anime based on this manga. This manga will definitely get people interested in the original novel.
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I was given a copy through NetGalley to review this book. This is such and amazing unique way to tell a classic story. I had fun with all the illustrations and rereading this great classic book. I can't to read the others that were also done this way.
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I really love this version of Jane eyre, honestly I have never really read the book yet. But this has made me want to. Also a huge fan of the art. Thanks for the review copy netgally!
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What a fantastic adaptation of one of my favourite Classic novels. A great way to get students to fall in love with some of the classic titles that they wouldn’t have a chance to read otherwise. I look forward to adding this, and other Manga Classics to my classroom library.
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This is a beautiful adaptation. I really love the idea of turning classics into manga. I don’t often read manga, but then again, I don’t read many classics either. I always feel like the language in classics can be inaccessible and dry. Overall, I find them to be intimidating. And I do enjoy manga, even if I don’t really read them often. 
Which is why I really enjoyed this adaptation. I didn't really connect with Jane Eyre the first time I tried to read it. I liked it for the most part, but there were many times in the middle that really dragged. I enjoyed this so much more.  This is perfect for those who are interested in classics, but are intimidated to dive into the actual classics.
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Content warnings include abuse, suicide and mental illness.

Jane Eyre was one of my Nan’s favourite books so I have intended to read it for the past 30 years. Over the years I’ve tried and failed to make it past Jane’s childhood. I was so mad at the way she was treated, especially by Mrs Reed and John, and when I finally made it to the beginning of her time at Lowood I was so infuriated by the injustice of her life that I discarded this story and moved on to something else; probably something with unicorns.

Now I’ve finally learned the rest of the story thanks to manga! While I’m not the hugest fan of Jane’s story due to my romantiphobia (I would like to think that had I been in Jane’s shoes I would have bailed on both potential suitors and enjoyed my life as an independent single woman) I was engaged in her story from beginning to end. I appreciated Jane’s strong will and independent spirit, especially considering the adversity she faced, and I think it was Jane’s perseverance that would have drawn my Nan to this story. 

I adored the illustrations in this book, although Jane’s gorgeous doe eyes made it difficult to take her seriously when she spoke of her plain looks. I loved that, in true manga style, this story reads from right to left and was surprised by how quickly I became used to reading this way.

Thank you to NetGalley and UDON Entertainment for the opportunity to read this book. I’m all doe eyes for manga right now and want to work my way through the rest of their Manga Classics series.
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After reading The Count of Monte Christo Manga Classic edition I had to try another one.
The manga editions are fantastic! Quick easy reads if our favorite classic tales.
Next on my list is Macbeth.

If you want to get into classics and live manga you better start collecting those gorgeous editions.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy.
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I believe this manga publication will draw readers would otherwise not pick up a copy of this classic. 

The illustrations are lovely and the content follows the story well. 

This is a coming of age story. Jane Eyre is orphaned and we see her grow into a strong independent woman. She finds a home as a governess at Thornfield Hall, where the estate’s master is Mr. Rochester. As we learn of the secrets, we see she responds with determination and love.
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Jane Eyre is one of my favorite stories. I also love manga, so this was exciting for me. I absolutely loved it. Everything was completely true to the story and it was so well done. The artwork was beautiful and expressive and made the story flow perfectly. This was a great new way to enjoy a favorite classic. Every important part of the story was there, perfectly encapsulated in the manga format. It was easy to get used to reading it right to left and I was swept along in the story and drawings. I will definitely be reading more manga classics, this was a fun, fresh take on a classic.
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I love the Manga Classics! The artwork is lovely and they always do a great job of retelling classic tales. Jane Eyre brims with tragedy and brooding romance, just like in the original volume. Audiences will weep for Jane and watch Rochester closely as the story unfolds. If you know a middle school or high school kid who loves comics, then this book would be a great introduction to the world of fine literature.
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I really like the Jane Eyre's story in this manga. I have never read the real classic before and now I want to read it. 
Just I had a mistakes of reading because it is my fault. I always forget to read a manga.
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The tale of Jane Eyre as told by Charlotte Bronte and illustrated by UDON entertainment. Part of the Manga Classics series, this novel brings Jane Eyre to life. Closely following the original book, ( but missing our Mr Rochesters favorite descriptor of dear Jane) it does a wonderful job at showcasing this truly beautiful work in a new light, making this long ( and for some, hard to read) novel accessible to those of us who enjoy some pictures, and maybe not 500 pages of words. This version hits on all the major scenes and themes from the original book. It keeps Jane's personality, independence, and strong will and let's it shine through.

Personally I found it a little fast, but I understand that they are trying to fit a large novel into the size of a manga; and that's not easy! Having read Les Miserables and The Scarlet Letter in this same format, you kind of get a feel for how the structure of the book has to change only so slightly to accommodate.

This novel is great for any reader. If this is your first time or your 20th time reading Jane Eyre, this adaptation is a great choice.

Page Count: 328 ( But it's mostly pictures I promise 
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“My name is Jane Eyre. My parents are dead; my aunt, Mrs. Reed, raised me for most of my ten years. The arrangement made neither of us happy.”

It was very good! 

Jane Eyre is a character I've always admired, ever since I read the book a few years ago. I like her willpower, her stubbornness, her choice to stay true to her principles and her own impressions. More than the romantic part of the story, I like the great charge of strength that a character like Jane can give to the reader.

When I discovered this manga I was euphoric. I wanted to see how those scenes I had imagined in my head would take place. 
Surely the artist and the curator did a great job. 
Although the drawings are simple in their clarity, they are beautiful, and represent the characters at maximum level. the scenes with a particular background, such as those with the Rochester house, or in the woods, are beautiful. I really liked the characterization of the characters and the choice of the scenes to report. Great.

I adored the appearance of Jane, from when she was very young until she arrives at Rochester's house. The clothes are very well chosen, they have nothing that does not go. I liked everything, I have to admit it.

An excellent reading to bring even the youngest to read the classics.
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Love this book! I love how she's always beaten back at every turn, but then in the end she gets the better over everyone.
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Relatively strong manga adaptation of Jane Eyre. The portions dedicated to her early years were particularly well rendered, which is impressive given how much of the source text is focused on internal monologues.
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This manga is based on a classic. This was a great read. The story was great but the way it was portrayed by the artist was wonderful. IT made the story come to life. IF you've never read this wonderful classic or you just love manga then this book is for you. Well worth the read.
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