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Elinor and Maryanne Dashwood have never looked as lovely as they have in this adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. Each panel is shojo beauty. It gives you the look Sailor Moon, but you're in Regency Era England. For those unannoited with the tale, its about the Dashwood family coping with the loss of their patriarch and being ousted to a small cottage in the country. The two daughters Elinor, the practical one, and Marianne, the hopeless romantic, deal with social politics and romance in that era. What's so wonderful about this adaptation is how you get utterly lost in the beauty of the landscapes and the very gorgeous rendering of Edward Ferraris. Any romance manga fan, romance reader or period piece reader should check this out for sure.

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This is my first experience read story from Jane Austen. First of all the art is pretty, remind me with Rose of Versailles type drawing. The storyline kinda confusing at beginning but flowing. Even the pictures make the character and story become extra dramatic, I still enjoy it. Easy way to dipped your toes to classic.

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Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed the different take on the classic by Jane Austen, and whilst I may not be a huge fan of the original novel, I enjoyed this version of it, especially with the lovely illustrations to bring it to life.

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This was a really great interpretation of Sense and Sensibility! I enjoyed the illustrations and the storyline, it was well done. Despite being more brief than the original, it stays true to the story and is great.

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this adaptation of one of my favorite Jane Austen novels: "Sense and Sensibility." Although I will always prefer the original for the witty narrative (which this version lacks, translating it into illustrations and dialogue), the book (or "script") itself was well done and left out very little of the original content in terms of plot.

Visually, this is very much in the Japanese manga style, complete (in sections) with overblown facial expressions that make moments of gravity rather more comedic than necessary. It will always be jarring to see characters that have only ever lived in your head (or, if you're lucky, in a very good film/TV adaptation) turned into artwork as it would be impossible to gratify everyone's mental image of Elinor, Marianne and crew. To that point, Colonel Brandon looked rather too much like a caricature of a silver screen villain with his impossibly-angled face, dark hair, and spindly physique, and the Miss Steeles were a bit too cartoonish for my taste. However, I was intrigued by the "androgynous" (the illustrator's own words) portrayal of the sensitive Edward Ferrars.

I would certainly recommend this book to my high school students as a primer for entering the literary canon of Jane Austen, although I would be loathe to use it as a substitute for the original in my own curriculum. It would be an excellent addition to a unit on literary adaptations and as a learning tool for hesitant readers and students who are not quite on grade level for literacy.

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A great adaptation of Sense and Sensibility with lovely artwork. Manga Classics are always an interesting way to experience classic literature.

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Very beautiful artwork and a nice way to make a timeless tale an easy read. This turns reading a classic from a chore to an amazing experience!

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I have not read the original version of this book and probably won't because I am not a huge fan of classic novels. This is a story of two sisters and their romantic relationships. Both believe that they have found love, only for it not to be. They eventually find love with other people.

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I just love the illustrations of the whole series.
Just to hope to keep the vocabularies simple for young students.

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I love everything by Jane Austen, so this was a must read for me! Love seeing the beautiful art bring this story to life!

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This was my first manga Jane Austen novel. For a long time, I put off with the idea of reading the original, so this manga version was very helpful.

The relationship between the sisters, Elinor and Marianne, is beautiful. They are such contrasts but are equally dedicated to their family. Unfortunately tragedy befalls them everywhere. Starting with the death of their father. However their mother manages to keep things together. Both fall into conflicted romances. Elinor's man is not bold and Marianne's man is unreliable. Ultimately everything works out in the end. Though not in the ways that the sisters thought. The cruel and thoughtless people fade out in the end. This story is real on so many levels. I love the traditional rules and practices followed in old England.

I especially loved the explanation and discussion by the authors at the end of the book. How they used visual cues, dressing styles and many more to emphasise certain emotions and personalities.

Moreover, this novel teaches you about different life experiences where one has to use sense at times and be sensible at other times; while dealing with the complexity of human relationships.

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If you're a fan of Jane Austen, I think you should pick this book up. If you love Manga or have always wanted to read one, I think you should consider picking this up. I am of both the first, being a fan of Jane Austen, and the second, always wanting to try a Manga, but never knowing where to start. This book has been sitting in my books since last year, if not before that. My reason for starting it and finishing it now was the Net Galley Book Shelf app, I remembered about it, and it piqued my interest when I saw it there. Before I go any further, I feel it needs to be said that I have never read this story before. This was my introduction to the characters and the plot of Sense & Sensibility.


The plot of this story is juicy, and I feel it comes across in the Manga. From the first chapter, the plot intrigued me, and I wanted to know more. I feel like that was what this me all throughout the book, wanting to know more, and know where the plot was going to go next. Just because this was a Manga, didn't mean that this was short of plot and details about the story following the characters. In fact, I think this being a Manga version enhanced the plot, because we could see the characters' facile expressions and the reactions to what was happening in actual time.


The other thing that made me fall for this book was the characters. Each Dashwood sister is written differently, and that makes them unique. They each have their flaws, and their strengths, which make them characters you want to keep reading about. The depth in the characters doesn't stop with the sisters, The men in this story also had their fair share of strengths and flaws, and these are what make you want to keep reading the novel. I enjoyed all the characters, and because I had not read a Manga before, I didn't know how the characters would come across on the page. I can now say that these characters feel just as alive as ever.


As with every classic novel, the writing will be what makes or breaks the story. The writing in this book feels fresh and is easy to follow. With that said, the story still feels classic, and I think the feel of Jane Austen's writing is still kept intact when you read this. I was not sure what the writing was going to be like, but from the first chapter, much like the characters and the plot, I was drawn to and engaged with the writing in the story.


The art in this book was excellent. I loved seeing the characters' expressions and how they were styled in this book..

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Received a digital ARC of this book via NetGalley.

Graphic novel adaptation of a wonderful classic. Will do well for reluctant readers who still wish to read classics.

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This manga adaptation of Sense and Sensibility was my first time experiencing a Jane Austen story, which is fitting since it was her first full-length novel, published in 1811. I haven't even seen the 1995 movie starring Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman (ohhh Snape, my love 🖤... how appropriate for him to be cast as the best male character 😍), Hugh Grant (how appropriate for him to be cast as Edward, *yawns*), etc. but it's on Netflix! YAY!, so I'm going to watch it tonight while sipping tea in bed 😊

I'm really glad that Marianne Dashwood ended up with Colonel Brandon because John Willoughby was as shallow as a puddle and not nearly as amazing as he thought he was. I'm happy for her sister, Elinor, too, even though Edward Ferrars wasn't my cup of tea. To each their own.

I now understand why Austen's novels are so popular and I look forward to reading them.

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Einen Klassiker von Jane Austen kann man gar nicht oft genug lesen.
Diese tolle und liebevoll gezeichnete Version von "Sense and Sensibility" vom Mangaclassics Verlag hat mir richtig gut gefallen.
Wer Jane Austen und Mangas mag, wird große Freude an dem Buch haben.

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This was a nice Edition of Sense & Sensibility!
This is one of my favourite classics so I enjoyed this version of it.

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I have been a fan of manga for a long time. This manga sheds a new light the much loved Jane Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility. The illustrations are beautiful and pleasing for the readers. The artist has done an amazing work of designing each character according to their personality.
The file itself is incompatible with the book reader and I had a lot of trouble to open the file.

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Fans of the classic Sense and Sensibility will love this manga rendition. The black and white illustrations are beautifully done and the story easy to read. The manga is different from the book so expect a more "modern" vocabulary than the original. All in all, I really enjoyed the manga and know it will find fans among all readers.

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I read about 50% of this book (but had to DNF as the Netgalley app was causing me lots of problems, and kept loosing my page).
However the art style is great, and I really enjoyed reading a visualised version of Sense & Sensibility, they captured the characters well.

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Slight spoilers. Read with caution, though I try not to go into too much detail about the plot.

Once again, another tale of which I have seen the movie (or show) and have never read the original book. I’m starting to feel ashamed of myself! Especially since I have one or two copies of Sense and Sensibility. Honestly, it’s not my favorite Jane Austen work, but it is good.

Two things I’ll be going over in my review: the actual story itself, and the manga adaptation. Let’s begin, shall we?

First off, for those who haven’t read (or seen) Sense and Sensibility, it is the story of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood and their longing for love. Instead of taking care of his step-sisters like promised to their father on his deathbed, Elinor and Marianne’s step-brother and his wife toss Elinor, Marianne, their younger sister and their mother from their home.

Elinor is the oldest Dashwood sister, sensible, polite, caring, you name it. Also, she sort of reminds me of a mixture of Elizabeth and Jane from Pride and Prejudice, though I suppose more on the Jane side than Elizabeth. Marianne, however, is a little more reckless. Think Lydia Bennet in that she’ll freely flirt.

Before leaving their beloved home, Norland Park, Elinor falls in love with her sister-in-law’s brother, Edward, who seems to reciprocate Elinor’s feelings. However, Edward’s sister does not approve of their romance and does everything she can to sabotage their love, much to Elinor’s mother’s dismay.

At the request of their mother’s cousin, the sisters and their mother move into a second home owned by the cousin. Elinor and Marianne seem to enjoy their time at their new house, although Elinor has trouble being parted from Edward. While out on a stroll in the rain, Marianne slips and sprains her ankle, only to be saved by the handsome and kind (and problematic) Willoughby. Ugh, I must say, Willoughby is such a slimeball. I hate that prick.

Anyway, long story short, there is a lot of heartbreak and romance throughout Sense and Sensibility. AKA, there was tons of “Will they or won’t they?” moments hanging around. In the end, Marianne grew (a tiny) bit, eventually falling in love with a good-hearted character, but overall, she was such a pain of a person. Marianne held on to too much unreasonable hope when Willoughby was a jerk to her.

Next, let’s talk about the artwork. The book was pretty beautifully done, although some of the characters were sobbing in a pretty ugly manner. Though I suppose that was intentional because it made sense for the scenes. I mean, there really isn’t much for me to say about the artwork other than it was nicely done. THough if you’re not used to reading manga, it may be weird at first to read through (thankfully I’ve read a lot of manga over the years, haha).

Overall, a beautiful artwork adaptation! This is the third (?) Manga Classics book I’ve read and I still have at least two more review copies to read. Speaking of, there are several more still that I placed on hold at the library!

Much thanks to Netgalley for this review copy!

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