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Haunted Souls

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Delightfully dark and sinister! I loved the artful and riveting combination of romance and intrigue. The aura of suspense increasingly bumped up my anxiety, notch by excruciatingly-taut notch.
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Holy Moly. This book was addictive! I couldn't put it down and have to say I think it may be one of the best books I have ever read, and I've been reading for 40 yrs.
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This book dragged me in on page one and didn't let me go until the final period on the last page. I had a hard time putting this book down. There was a couple of spots where I did skim over a few paragraphs that got a little long winded but other then that I loved this book. I am all about paranormal reads, and ghosts just happen to be my favorite. I am not a huge romance reader and this book does center a lot of romance, I am impressed it kept my attention so well.

In the book Emily and Brett met 4 years ago and had a whirlwind 2 week affair. Both agreed it would be no strings attached. Brett was headed to the Air Force to be a EOD Tech and Emily was headed back to college to finish her senior year and become a vet. Neither one wanted to admit they had begun to have feelings for each other so at the end of the 2 weeks they parted without looking back. Until a few months later when Emily finds out she is pregnant. She knows that her and Brett's parting was the end, and that his schooling and training in the Air Force was all he could handle at the time so she decides not to tell him about the baby. 

Now 4 years later Brett is back in town and Emily has Tyler their son now 3 1/2 years old. She knows she has to tell him now before he finds out on his own. Brett steps right into his role as a father, and Emily and him do their best to keep their feelings to themselves for each other which are still in place even after the 4 year separation. Both also have their own demons to battle with. Emily has lost everyone who has ever been close to her and Brett has PTSD from his years of deployment. There's also a new presence in their life in the form of a 12 year old boy ghost who died over 300 years ago that Tyler picks up as a friend from a ghost tour and invites to come home with him. Brett who at first does not believe in ghosts tries to help Emily with the haunting, and in the mean time their feelings grow stronger for each other. Can they fight their demons, rid themselves of the haunting, and become a family?

There are a few sex scenes in the book, some violence, but very few and very light cuss words in the book. Katherine Knight has done an amazing job with this story. The book is filled with feelings that grab you by the heartstrings. Like I  said I am amazed at how well this romance help my attention.

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This book was not my cup of tea. I tried multiple times to read this and each time didn't get very far along before moving on to something else. I wish the author luck, but this just was not for me.
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