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This is a difficult book to read, but lovely and worth it
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I love reading about relationship's between women and this book is one of favourites. A single mum of a teenaged daughter finds help from two strong women when she most needs it. They too have their own problems! Beautifully written from the four women's perspectives I really enjoyed this book. 

Thank you Netgalley for my copy.
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Very original book, not like anything I have read before.I thought it was very well observed and thoughtfully written.I thought the personalities of the main characters was written very well, and they seemed believable and I was on their side .Not an easy subject matter  and I wasn't sure how this was going to unfold,I don't want to give much away but will say that this is a well written book and definitely worth a read.Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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I had a very personal connection with this book - my very best friend lost her battle with cancer almost three years ago. If I had realized this was a story about cancer, I might would have passed it by because my emotional wounds are not completely healed. It was enlightening to see the point of view from the cancer patient this time but also see how her life affected all of those around her. There are very likable characters and although the main character's end was inevitable, I am glad that all the other characters had happy endings. Everything worked out in the end, even with a few surprises.
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A mothers promise

it was amazing
Wow what a book! The Mother's Promise is a roller coaster of all different fears and emotions. 
For the past 15 years Alice has been raising Zoe almost completely by herself. Then Alice falls ill and realizes that she not no one to depend on. Zoe has server social anxiety, and her condition worsens when Alice is admitted into the hospital.
This is where Kate (a nurse) and Sonja ( a social worker) enter to try to help both Zoe and Alice. While these two are trying to help Zoe and Alice they start to uncover secrets and fears within themselves.
A Mother's Promise was beautifully written. These four beautiful and courageous women had me... I felt for them and I seriously wanted to give them each a hug! This heartbreaking novel with honestly stay with me for a long time.
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Thanks to NetGalley & St. Martin's Press for sending me this book to read for my honest opinion. 
This story is about four incredible women, Alice, Zoe, Sonja, and Kate. Alice is the mom and her daughter Zoe is 15 and has social anxiety disorder so her everyday life is very hard to handle. Alice and Zoe only have each other, no family and no friends really. Alice gets sick, really sick and starts to worry about what would happen to Zoe if she dies. Kate is the nurse who kind of gets Alice mad at one point because Zoe seems to be attached to Kate. The social worker is Sonja who has her own troubles and is in denial about her marriage. Zoe is the character I could most relate to and I know how hard it is to be shy and try to fit in. The chapters flowed well and I did like the characters. I did not care for the ending of the book as I felt there should have been more to the story. 

I have read "The Things We Keep" and loved that book so I was happy for a chance to read "The Mother's Promise".
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The Mother's Promise by Sally Hepworth is a heartwarming and heartbreaking book at the same time. Three women's lives, Alice, Kate & Sonja, are intertwined when Alice (single mother to teenaged Zoe) is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Kate is a nurse who cares for her, and Sonja is the hospital social worker. All three characters are well developed and believable. The story flows beautifully and grabbed me right away. Zoe suffers from extreme social anxiety and she and Alice have built their lives solely on each other. Now that Alice needs help, who can she count on? Who can she trust to care for her precious daughter after she's gone? Zoe is a main character in her own right as well. We feel her pain and embarrassment, and cheer for her as she tries to grow and challenge her condition.

A very good read indeed! I'm so glad that NetGalley and St. Martin's Press allowed me to read an e-ARC of this book!
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I have decided not to write a review of this book. I enjoyed it and I think the author touched on a lot of interesting and emotional topics. But, one character (the social worker) didn't fit into the narrative for me. She wasn't connected enough to the rest of the story and to the other characters in the book. Her story line was therefore less compelling and seemed extraneous. It all fit together in the end, in an unsatisfying way that seemed too contrived and convenient.
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Thank you to St. Martin's Press for an ARC of this novel. Sally Hepworth is an insightful author. She is a master at examining families and relationships. Zoe Stanhope suffers from debilitating anxiety. She has just turned fifteen. She doesn't know her father. Her mother Alice may have ovarian cancer. It is just Zoe and Alice and no support system. Could things get any worse? Miraculously Hepworth's story develops into a novel full of courage and hope. Be brave enough to read this book!
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I received a copy of "The Mother's Promise: A Novel" from NetGalley for an honest review. I wish to thank NetGalley, St. Martin's Press, and Sally Hepworth for the opportunity to read this book.

This book was a REAL page-turner for me. I just could NOT put it down and was eager to keep reading it. It was a very good book and I wish that I could give it 4.5 stars. The story was very riveting and made me realize how how lucky that I have been as a mother. 

Definitely a good book for reading with a cup of hot tea, roaring fire, and a rainy day. I highly recommend this book!
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A single mother with a life threatening illness and no support community of family or friends is at the heart of this story. Where does she, or any person so alone turn for help? A real life event was the author’s inspiration for choosing this topic. Children or not, I believe this is going to be more of an issue for society in the years ahead and was interested to see where her writing would take it.

This is a very easy, comfortable read about problems that are not. Because each of the four characters is dealing with serious personal issues, each is dealt with on a topical level as the story jumps around to cover them all and connect the threads; I prefer a less is more approach. Overall an honest and balanced rendering. A bit too much from the daughter’s POV for my tastes but I like how she finished. The overall presentation could fit in the time slot of an inspired by true events Lifetime movie. Nothing wrong with that, I need a quick feel-good rubdown myself every so often with predictable and guaranteed results. If that sounds appealing, you will enjoy these intertwining dramas. I generally prefer my reading material to be more in-depth and personally demanding—I’m definitely lighthearted-challenged (no light beer for me). Perhaps I read these hoping to bring more of it out in me or feel more like one of the girls? Wine does that. I should stick with the Cabernet.

Thanks to NetGalley & St. Martin's Press for this digital ARC.
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Sally Hepworth has produced another emotional, resonant book with THE MOTHER'S PROMISE as she  weaves the relationships between Anna, Kate, Sonja, and Zoe, as well as exploring those between the others in the women's lives. I don't usually say this, but I almost felt as though the book could have been a little longer- I felt that I didn't get to know some of the characters as well as I would have liked. Kate and Zoe were the best developed characters, but I wish we had a little more story about who Anna was before cancer, and while I think Sonja's role may have been intentionally smaller, I felt like I didn't get to know her well enough to truly understand her experience and motivation. Sally Hepworth writes women's fiction that is perfect for those who want to see the familiar, if very difficult, struggles of women with full, complex lives.
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As a mother, I know I'd do anything to insure my child's well being. The Mother's Promise by Sally Hepworth is the story of Alice and her daughter Zoe. As a single mother with practically no other support system, Alice raised Zoe as best she could considering Zoe has a severe case of social anxiety disorder. When Alice is diagnosed with a life threatening illness she must find a way to insure Zoe's well being. Enter the other characters in this emotional novel: Sonja the social worker and Kate who is Alice's nurse, both have their own family issues to deal with, but are important in the outcome of Alice & Zoe's struggles. 
This book will stay with me for a while, as I was overcome with emotion at various parts of the story. Sally Hepworth is a wonderful storyteller who makes the reader feel like part of the family she is writing about. I cried and cheered for Zoe and Alice whose love for each other was truly beautiful.
Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for an advanced copy of this unforgettable book.
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Heartfelt.  Emotional.  Thought-provoking. “The Mother’s Promise” is all that and more. It’s the story of Alice Stanhope, a single mother who has just received a cancer diagnosis. Alice has a fifteen year old daughter, Zoe, who suffers from social anxiety disorder. The father is out of the picture, and Alice’s family and social network is very limited. Alice has to confront the realization that she is dying, and she is forced to make one of life’s most difficult decisions—who should have guardianship of her daughter after she is gone.  

Two other women’s lives intertwine with Alice’s in this novel:  Kate, who is one of her oncology nurses, and Sonja, who is her medical social worker.  All three are dealing with their own personal crises. Add in to the mix Zoe’s own phobias relating to her peers at school, and sprinkle that with normal teenage angst. The different story lines tug quite hard at the reader’s heartstrings. A shocking revelation towards the end of the book binds the women together in an unexpected way with the shared purpose of finding Zoe a safe and loving home.  And the ending?  Well, all I can say is have some tissues handy, because you are going to need them.

I rarely give a book five stars, and when I do, it’s for something really special. It has to be something that has touched me at my deepest core. Something that I continue to think about long after I’ve finished it and moved on. Something just like this book, which in my opinion is highly deserving of a five star review.  

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a complimentary digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A very poignant novel that is, at heart, a social commentary on the end of life decisions  and mother/daughter relationships. The author also describes  serious physical and  painful emotional  issues that the well-drawn characters are facing. It is both heart-breaking and up-lifting.
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The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth is a bittersweet novel about a single mother who discovers she has cancer.  Alice Stanhope is a devoted mom whose worry over her teenage daughter Zoe initially eclipses her concern about her health but she is soon forced to face the implications of her diagnosis.

At the age of forty, Alice has had a few health scares, so she is at first unconcerned about her doctor’s recommendation for surgery.  Reality quickly sets in and despite her claim she does not need any help, nurse Kate Littleton and hospital social worker Sonja step in to lend assistance.  Zoe’s severe social anxiety is difficult to manage when things are normal, so Alice is less than forthcoming with her daughter (and herself) about her diagnosis.  Although things are tense with her husband, David, Kate is more than happy to help out with Zoe but Alice is having a difficult time accepting Kate’s support for her daughter. Sonja is also trying her best to be there for both Alice and Zoe but she is struggling to cope with her psychologist husband’s increasingly rough treatment of her.  Alice’s alcoholic brother Paul is surprisingly helpful but maintaining his sobriety is an impossible endeavor.  In the aftermath of her surgery, Alice remains positive about her prognosis but is she deluding herself?  And if she is, what will happen to Zoe?

Alice and Zoe have lived a very insular life from the time Zoe was about two years old.  Alice founded a business that enabled her to keep her daughter out of daycare and until kindergarten, Zoe was a happy, well-adjusted little girl.  Zoe’s debilitating social anxiety and panic attacks began when she entered school and despite treatment, she has found little success in finding ways to cope with her disorder. Since Zoe only has one close friend, Alice and Zoe spend the most of their time together and Alice is fiercely protective of her daughter.

Kate is happily married with two teenage stepchildren whom she adores.  She loves her job and her affection for the patients in her care is genuine. When Zoe needs a place to stay while Alice is undergoing surgery and chemo, Kate is quick to welcome her into their home.   Although she has a full and happy life, Kate and David are at an impasse in their marriage and with each of them on opposite sides of an issue, the bond between them is becoming quite fragile.

Sonja is shocked by the changes in her husband George and she is not ready to admit his rough treatment of her might be crossing the line into abuse.  After all, a social worker would be the first person to recognize the signs of domestic violence, wouldn’t she?  For the first time in her career, Sonja is beginning to understand why the women she has tried to help continue to stay with their boyfriends and husbands.  Although Sonja remains uncertain about the future of their relationship, she is taking steps to protect herself when circumstances force her to take a stand.

The Mother’s Promise is a captivating novel that is heartwarming and deeply affecting.  Sally Hepworth broaches difficult topics such as social anxiety, cancer, alcoholism, abuse, Crohns Disease  and more with a great deal sensitivity. This deft handling  provides readers with  insightful and educational  information about topics that are rarely discussed. The various situations each of the women are facing intertwine into a meaningful storyline that is heartfelt and emotional. An incredibly moving novel that I absolutely loved and highly recommend.
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Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for letting me read an advanced copy of Sally Hepworth's newest book, The Mother's Promise. I thoroughly enjoyed her first two novels The Secrets of Midwives and The Things We Keep. So, i was excited that her newest novel was available for review on Netgalley. 

Alice Stanhope is a single mother who is struggling to raise her daughter Zoe on her own. Zoe has suffered from a crippling social anxiety disorder since she was a young child. Alice's parents died before Zoe were born and her brother, Paul, is an alcoholic. So, she doesn't have a support system. Alice was recently diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. Sonja is the hospital social worker assigned to Alice's case. Kate is the oncology nurse. Alice reaches out to these two women for support and stability for Zoe as her prognosis becomes grim. As Sonja and Kate struggle with their own issues of abuse, marriage, step children and infertility, they stand strong for Alice and Zoe.

Sally Hepworth has delivered another beautifully written book!
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- a powerfully sad story about a mother and daughters close bond and how they deal with the diagnosis of Cancer. The Mothers Promise is a beautiful story of love and understanding.
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It's not often that I can finish a book within 24 hours of starting but with The Mother's Promise I couldn't put it down. Though it isn't a long book it was the story that drew me right in and I just could not stop reading until I finished.

This is the third book by Sally Hepworth , I enjoyed her first two books and jumped at the chance to request the arc from Netgalley when I saw it was available.(The Secrets of Midwives and  The Things We Keep click on titles for links to my review).  I will admit that I don't always read the synopsis for certain authors, which happened here. To be honest I might even have shied away from this book if I had known what it was about, cancer is such a scary thing and with my son finishing his last chemo treatment six months ago everything is still fresh in my mind. So needless to say I found this to be a very emotional story, one that grabbed me and would not let me go.

One of the scariest things of being a parent is when something happens to your children and you have no control over it. But what if the roles were reversed and something happened to the parent, add no family or friends for support creates a bad situation. Such is the case with Alice Stanhope when she is diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. Her daughter Zoe has serious anxiety issues and only 15 years old. Nurse Kate has her own issues as well as social worker Sonja.

With chapters alternating between characters it was easy to get absorbed in their lives, to care for them and feel their fears. Anxiety disorder it's something that I have never really heard of before and I think the author did a great job of portraying it and how it affects people. This book was a perfect example of being sensitive to other people because you don't know what is going on in their lives just like they don't know what is going on in yours.

The Mothers Promise is a story of love, devotion and heartbreak and one that will stay with me for a while.

Thank you to St. Martin's Press for an advanced copy (via netgalley).
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