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Ultimate Guide to Platform Building

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For those entrepreneurs that have started their business based on a great idea or a specific need in the market but who cannot seem to get the business to find the momentum to move forward the concept of platform building may seem like a foreign concept. However, this concept is crucial for any business to have staying and growing power for any extended period of time. This new book by Wendy Keller covers all aspects of platform building, it provides a ton ideas and resources to help you the reader to put these ideas and concepts into life.
Over the last year, I have several books on the subject and this book is by far the most generous in terms of volume of ideas as well as depth Keller goes into different topics. There are things where the book doesn't provide the concrete details, but then there are web links provided to Keller's own company's website where the material and examples are provided.
I found the book to be incredibly valuable and detailed. I know I will be going back to it over and over for ideas when building and expanding the platforms for my own businesses.

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