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To be honest I DNF the book, sounded promising... it was too slow for me, The hawaiian setting was good but the book wasn't for me
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A new adult romance between Mase, a white surfer dude from a rich American family and Leilani, from Hawaii. The two must overcome the prejudice they face from each other’s culture if they want to be together.

The story jumps right into the romance, which some may argue is Insta love. Admittedly the two do meet and very soon after form a connection and begin to trust one another.

Mase is headhunted by Lani’s brother to promote his boards, and Mase only agrees on the condition that Lani be his PA and tour guide. He moves to Hawaii and rents a small house and begins his life there.

Honestly I felt that the plot of the story was definitely secondary to the relationship between the characters. Not much really happened in the way of Mase’s work with Lani’s brother and to be honest I don’t really understand what that was all about still.

What I do know is that the two characters feel very intense things about one another after a short space of time, but face a lot of anger and racial issues from each of their cultures which makes it difficult for them to be together. Mase’s parents are rich, influential and white and look down on Lani. Lani’s father despises Mase because of how Hawaii had been disrespected and oppressed by America.

There was a lot of angst and sexual tension which I enjoyed, however there were lots of more serious discussions such as racism, prejudice, colonialism, environmental factors, privilege and more. Grief and death also affected both of the characters.

This more than just a typical carefree romance. There was an undeniable attraction between the characters but also some very powerful points were made.  Not my favourite but definitely an enjoyable read.
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It's always a fun and steamy time reading Kat and Stone's books. The characters they create and the never-ending sexual tension that heats up the pages. And the fact that you just can't help but love and root for the characters in their individual lives and endeavors, and them both together. Rules are meant to be broken and the authors and characters do just that in the best and hottest way possible.
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I received a copy of this arc from NetGalley for an honest review. This book moves entirely too slow and I just wasn't into it enough to finish it,
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Okay, so it's taken me wayyyyyy to long to open this book and read these pages. 

and holy .... cow? i love the characters, the realisum of the differences in cultures and prejudices that still are just as active today. 

what a way to blow my mind in less than 500 pages.
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I am quite a fan of the wife and husband writing team of Kat and Stone Bastion. I especially like the male POV in their books. So picking up Rule Breaker was really a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it also took me forever to actually go ahead and read. I’m not sure why, really, but in the end, it didn’t wow me.

Mase and Leilani are the principal characters in a book that tends to run hot and cold in its messaging. Mase is the son of a U.S. senator and his socialite wife. His view of them is of a pair of cruel, heartless, soulless monsters. Almost everything he does is a rejection of them and his sense of who they are. He wants to be himself: free of any labels, free of their money, and free of expectations. So far, I’m with him. Part of that freedom he craves is surfing and caring about wild places.

Leilani is Hawai’ian. Her family has been gutted by the death of her mother from cancer. It is believed that the cancer’s origin is the pesticides used by large, white farming conglomerates. As the only girl in her family, the men seem to feel especially protective and also have expectations of her. Leilani feels those expectations are unfair and don’t allow her to express herself as she is. She wants a different life than the one she believes her family is trying to force her into. So far, I’m with her. Part of how sees herself is as a traveler and a surfer.

Both Mase and Leilani have less than stellar family dynamics but they are both drawn to the leashed wildness in the other as well as the openness they give each other. It’s a very deep and loving dynamic. Both give and both take with gratitude. Their love of the wild areas of the world is also clear and strong. And their journey toward each other and their journey away from family requirements, expectations, and finding their own selves and their own truth is a powerful one. It’s a coming of age story as much as a romance. 

The inherent message of the book is to defy labels and expectations. It is to forge your own future and own path and to own your life. It is to push against and reject broad prejudices. But there is a small fly in the ointment. The authors then fall into the very trap they rail against by painting broad swaths of people as cruel and evil. I much preferred the message of the story to the execution of it in places. 

Rise above bigotry and hate no matter which direction it is coming from. Judging anyone by the actions of others blinds you to the beauty of individuals. Mase and Leilani are good teachers and well as lovers.
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Nov 7 2017 Pub date

4 <b> Lei’d</b> Stars 
Rule breaker 2 is the second book in the unbreakable series. 
This book takes you on a vacation as it is in Hawaii!  This book as the blurb warns you in a culture/racial shock but it isn’t your typically telling as the culture is Hawaiian native and an American surfer.  Must say Leilani is one of my favorite girls name and I really wanted to have a girl and name her that .. no kids for me yet so dream isn’t fully gone. This is about finding acceptance, love and a sense of belonging. It is about bonding with nature and humans and finding your perfect slide of heaven a long the way. This book does suffer from the book illness of “if you put it down.. you will take forever to pick it back up” I believe I picked this book up in early 2017 and didn’t get to finish it till sadly years later! It just kept being pushed aside which is weird for me. Book 1 and I didn’t get along because I was throwing a fit about the title and this entire series is a standalone but its also less heavy on the romance and steam scenes that I am used to.. these books still have lovely HEA.  Just walk into this book knowing it’s a slow burn. Also if you reading the No wedding series you have run into Mase and his gang before ! ( not esstial to do but it makes you fangirl to see old characters) . I wanted a bit more depth to the characters but I liked how the authors took a subject rarely discussed native Hawaiian and American relationships. Most people just think Hawaii is a state in America so there can not be racism but there is in fact some and its mainly laced with culture.
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Sorry I was not able to read you book but it went to archive before I could get to it. Sorry once again.
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Sooooo much love for Kat and Stone!! They are an amazing team that come up with visual, soul wrenching, eyes may or may not be watering love stories that are both intriguing and exquisite. Another home-run with this tale. I can't wait to see what's next from these two!
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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone...Adventure lies there too..

I found Kat Bastion's 'Rule Breaker' edgy, charming and just the kind of feel good read I needed on a gloomy day. 
The relationship between Leilani and Mase is breath taking and organic. The story line didn't feel forced or over worked, just the right amount of easy breeze cosmic romance. The written was superb! Characters fleshed out nicely. I don't know anything about surfing or Hawaiian culture and found it very educational and inspiring. The author does a very good job at taking you across the story and time with a good flow that doesn't feel rushed. There is a lot of take away from this book and I definitely recommend it if you're trying to find a good romance with a hint of conflict and overall happy ending.
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Honestly was a little disappointed by the book. Had definite points where it could have been fabulous but, fell flat. Wasn’t sure if I would even finish it but, I did. Parts were great and parts just dragged.
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I highly enjoyed Rule Breaker. Mase is just more then what meets the eye. He is just trying to live life the way he wants it. Trying to get away from his bullying, controlling parents. Mase is amazing guy. I couldn't wait to find out more about him from the glimpses you get in Heartbreaker. Leilani she was a breath of fresh air. I loved how strong she is. It takes a strong female to rise above the cultural differences. Mase and Leilani just mesh real well. You get the different yet the same when it comes from these two. Both trying to just follow their hearts and go after an adventure. Both just living life. I love how they took their time and eased into their relationship. It seemed to cement the heart and soul for their love. This is such an amazing emotional read. Simply beautiful. I can't wait for more from Kat and Stone Bastion.
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Sounded promising... wasn't for me. Kind of drab and wordy. I was hoping for something epic.
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Mase and Lailani are adventurers at heart and both are struggling with being their true selves. Together they embrace their strengths and each other, to survive the oppression they face. It took me a little while to get into this book because I didn't understand what they were individually struggling with, which made it hard to understand their actions. About half way through, after some character background revealing, I fell in love with the characters and I struggled to put the book down after that.
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An interesting idea for a love story. Two people who share the need to break the rules and constrictions of their world. Two people who are starving for change and a new life. But the delivery of this story was lacking. 
If you have a book with a story line that is based on characters depth and emotion, then I feel like they should have some depth and raw feeling to their characters. Or at least more personality and character growth through the book. I found the only growth was a bit choppy and forced. The only word that comes to mind to describe the book for me it, stale. 
The premise of this book is brilliant, and a story that desperately needs to be told. I hope maybe this is the reason I was so incredibly disappointed in the pithy dialog and drab scenes. I felt like the blurb and beginning promised a story of true and serious trial and tribulation, but the story that's told is just so forced and fake you can't connect like you should.
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I received this ARC for review consideration. My library is likely to purchase this title.
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RuleBreaker is a dedication to the beautiful Hawaii. The culture, tradition, natural aura and stunning location is perfectly described in this book.
The premise of starcrossed lovers is very interesting and as you get into the book the battle difficulties and challenges these two face to be together is very gripping. However the key to a good romance is chemistry and that was lacking and the innstant connection  didnt make sense.
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I feel like this had the potential to be an amazing book but it just wasn't for me. About half-way through I became so bored that I almost didn't finish reading it. I think the only thing that kept me going were the fact that I received it for review and that I wanted to see how it ended. (To be honest I was very tempted to skip to the end.) 

I did like the characters and the setting however. I had never read anything set in Hawaii before and it was interesting to learn about the culture. The romance between the main characters seemed real as well. There wasn't insta-love and that's rare these days. I think that if the book was a bit shorter I would have enjoyed it more.
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So this is Mason and Leilani's story. My favorite part of this book was the beautiful description of the locations, it actually took me there. But that's where it ended, I just feel like it could have been a lot better, I found the first half of the story quite slow and boring and was unable to hold my interest. I really couldn't  help but think something was missing from this story. I liked the chemistry between Mason and Leilani in some parts but still not enough. But this is the first book I have read from these authors, so I won't lose hope and will wait for the next one.
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