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City of Weird

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Last updated on 25 Oct 2016

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I admit, when I saw this was a collection of stories about Portland, I worried it would be too much Portlandia with creepy crawlies added in--oddness without charm, care, or intersectionality. I was so very happy to be proven wrong. City of Weird is a very strong collection, beautifully edited and illustrated. While I have never visited Portland, the array of authors brought it to life; tentacled, monstrous, ghostly, beatific life. 

As editor Gigi Little puts it: "What I found, of course, that what scares Portlanders is the same that scares the rest of the country. On the surface, the stories in City of Weird contain the fears that delight us: man-eating fish and ravening slime molds from outer space and mysterious biospheres overrun with newt creatures....But underneath those fun, fantastical stories, the stories in City of Weird speak to what we're really afraid of."

Highlights for me were "Octopocalypse: A Love Story" by Brigitte Winter (fighting the patriarchy and finding love with tentacles in), "How I Got this Job" by Brian Reid (Santacon taken to its horrifying conclusion), "Alder Underground" by Jonah Barrett (Strange environs written about tumblr-style),. and most especially "The Color off the Shelf" by Karen Munro (the horrors of unknowable things versus the horrors of racism and violence). 

I loved this collection, and can't wait to see what Gigi Little pulls from her bag of stories next--especially if they involve the weird wilds of Portland.

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