Wed to You

Southern Heat Series Book 3

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Pub Date 24 Jan 2017 | Archive Date 24 Jan 2017
Penner Media Group, LLC, Penner Publishing


Irresistible playboy, Jagger Talbot left his flashy life in New York to properly take care of Kaden, a little boy he vowed to raise, gaining custody when the Kaden’s father died and his mother ran off with another man. Starting over in Virginia seemed like the perfect beginning. But when the boy’s mother comes back, clean and sober, fighting for custody, Jagger knows he needs a miracle to prove he’s what the child needs.
That miracle is Chelsea Beemer, sweet, perky kindergarten teacher. Down and out, and no stranger to tragedy, Chelsea is on the verge of losing her family home. She’d do anything to save the house—and herself—even marry the sexy playboy. Now it’s up to them to “play house” and convince everyone that they have perfect little family. But are any of them really pretending?

Irresistible playboy, Jagger Talbot left his flashy life in New York to properly take care of Kaden, a little boy he vowed to raise, gaining custody when the Kaden’s father died and his mother ran...

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Books 1 and 2 of this series were highly reviewed by bloggers and readers alike.

Books 1 and 2 of this series were highly reviewed by bloggers and readers alike.

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Book 1 of this series - Drawn to Her - will be on sale starting January 15, 2017 for 99¢ supported by a BookBub ad.

Book 1 of this series - Drawn to Her - will be on sale starting January 15, 2017 for 99¢ supported by a BookBub ad.

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I am a huge fan of the authors stories and this one of my favorite series. I am soooooooo sorry its ending but look forward to more books. This story features the last two characters in the series to get together. Jagger is a rich NY playyboy who re-opened his grandfathers horse farm and takes care of 5 year old Kaden. Chelsea is the sister of previous characters Mitch's best friend Brian, who died a few years ago in the military and previous character Lexie's best friend. She is a kindergarten teacher and also has HUGE bills from when her mother got sick with Cancer and taking care o their huge home. Jagger meet at Mitch's wedding where Mitch warns him away from Chelsea. But he cannot stay away entirely because she is Kaden's kindergarten teacher. Now I have not disclosed Kaden's relationship because its kinda a weird factor in this story. The farm/house Kaden and Jagger live on was owned by Jagger's grandfather but Kaden's father. Kaden's mother is Tanya, a former showgirl, and drug addict who is in rehaband who was Jagger's step grandmother. When Jagger's grandfather died he gave custody to Jagger for his Uncle Kaden. Jagger's father is actually Kaden's brother and so Jagger is his nephew. Anyways when Tanya starts popping up and wanting her son back. Jagger says no way. He has changed his entire life to try and give Kaden a better life and he does not Tanya dragging him back to NY and the excessive life he grew up in. Since he is not a parent he is told Tanya has a better chance at being given custody, he is told he'd have a better shot with a wife. Thats how he comes up with the plan to wed Chelsea. He agrees to help her with her bills but she really does it because she loves Kaden. She tries very hard to resist Jagger but he is unresistable. This is a story about them forming a family and having to deal with Tanya. What Tanya did was awful but she is really not the villian here. Jagger has to learn how to let go and thats really what this book is about. As does Chelsea, she has to learn to embrace life and love and move on from her mom and brother dying. I absolutely am crazy about this series and this book was wonderful. I loved both Chelsea and Jagger and am only sorry this series has ended. This book easily stands alone and the other characters from other books are only seen in a handful of scenes. If anyone has a prominent role it was Mitch as he is a big problem and then solution in this story.

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I love this series! One of the best series I've read in a long time. Full of charm, wit, and lots of love. This particular book blew me away. I didn't think it top Mitch and Sydney's book, but I was wrong. Jagger and Chelsea's journey to finding love was enchanting. I was rooting for them since the beginning. They both deserved each other and thought the world of Kaden. Kaden stole the show! He was so adorable. I laughed out loud when he would tell everyone how Jagger is his nephew. I will always be recommending this series to anyone who asks for a good read. The author's writing is brilliant as she weaves each tale. 6 star read!

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ARC received from Netgalley. The synopsis is pretty self explanatory and the plot is nothing new. However, I enjoyed the writing, it was quite gripping. What I loved most was the relation between Kaden, Chelsea and Jagger. The way the little boy asked for "Miss Chelsea" was extremely adorable. Jagger was almost insanely protective of Kaden. His need to keep Tanya, Kaden's mother away from Kaden was understandable, even if it was cold-hearted. I didn't personally like Tanya, but that was personal, I don't necessarily think a kid should be kept separated from their mother even if the mother has made past mistakes. If she's willing to change for the better you really need to teach the kid acceptance rather than hatred. I won't go into the details about the reason for my dislike for Tanya, that needs to be read in the book. I liked Chelsea, like most contemporary romance novels, Chelsea was optimistic to Jagger's cynicism and she had a backbone. She is really a likeable heroine. Loved the side characters as well, especially Mitch, who had this brotherly love for Chelsea and has used some well deserved colourful language to Jagger to try to bring him to senses. Overall, I think it's a 4 star read.

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Let me start by saying I have never read anything by Jenna Harte, but I plan to start. This book was written so well that I couldn't put it down. It's the run of the mill romance yes, but it was just good. I enjoyed the characters and I felt the chemistry. My heart broke several times reading it, for the situation, but also for the characters. The whole story flowed so well, that I never questioned what was going on or where something came from. Kaden was perfect. All the supporting characters were. The book has everything you need the feels, the chemistry, the drama, the steaminess, the heartbreak and the healing. The epilogue was perfect. I love when it all tied up nice and neat and satisfies your wonder.

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I have not read the other books in this series. I found that this book is easy to follow and consumes the reader. I was so upset when I had to walk away from it. I would have given this book 5 stars but did not because I felt that the ending was rushed a little. Jagger is a character with many layers and the author peeled those layers back to reveal an amazing broken soul. Taking care of his "Uncle" who is five and giving up your life to make his a better one truly tells a person about the goodness that one holds inside. But the problems are 1. he doesn't believe he is good, 2. his family is crazy and ruthless, and 3. he is very narrowed focus, on his responsibility as a guardian. Chelsea is a girl next door sweet heart kindergarten teacher. She has lost her brother and then her mother in a short amount of time. (Would have liked a little more on her brother but it doesn't take away from the story.) Faced with a mountain of bills from her mother's care she may lose her families home. 200 years of Beemers in this house may come to an end because she is too proud to accept money from friends. But when Jagger makes her an offer she can't refuse she agrees. Just keeping her heart straight will pose a challenge. Jaggger and Chelsea are easy to fall in love with. It was also easy to become so engrossed in the story that the pages melted away. You can't go wrong with this well paced, beautiful story.

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