Pixie's Adventure

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Pub Date 04 Mar 2017 | Archive Date 31 Mar 2017


Pixie is a curious cat who longs to explore the world outside.  One day, her wish comes true, and Pixie begins an unexpected adventure. The outside is better than she ever imagined! But when rumbling thunder and cold rain arrive, her perfect day turns into a nightmare.  Will Pixie ever find her way home?

Pixie is a curious cat who longs to explore the world outside. One day, her wish comes true, and Pixie begins an unexpected adventure. The outside is better than she ever imagined! But when...

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A sweet story and beautiful illustrations. Perfect for cat lovers and to share with children who like to look at nature from a window.

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Pixie’s Adventure
By Jenna Grodzickii
Illustrated by Kerri Lockwood-Doody
Rating 5

This as an absolutely delightful story of a cat, named Pixie, who wishes for an outside adventure. She soon gets her wish; but not without some difficulty and a “near disaster”. Children and adults alike will enjoy this tale of Pixie's adventure into the outside world. The story is short, well written and moves quickly so even the youngest of children will be able to stay focused. The art work by Kerri Lockwood-Doody is phenomenal! This is a well packaged picture book that ticks off the boxes for me.

Parental Note: I would recommend this book for infants because of the art work and for children up to four or five. That being said, I think it would be appropriate for older children who are beginning readers with an adult. It is short enough to hold their attention and not get “frustrated” with some of the longer words.

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Pixie has a wonderful cat's life. She lazes at the window her tummy full of warm milk and endless salmon treats. She sees butterflies flitting by free and able to explore where they may. She starts envying their freedom and longs to escape into the outside world and experience it first hand.

One day as her humans are carrying in groceries Pixie gets her chance to break loose. She enters a world of soft luscious grass, fragrant flowers, noisy chattering squirrels and birds and wiggly, munching caterpillars. Then as outdoor life goes a rainstorm blows in. The lightning streaks across the sky and the thunder loudly booms. Pixie is very very frightened and takes refuge under some bushes for protection. She is cowering and shivering from the rain and wants to be back indoors on her comfortable soft cushion looking at the storm through her glass window. Oh my!

Will her beloved humans discover she's gone? Will they come and try to find her and bring her back home where she now knows she belongs? Why did she ever leave the safety and comfort of her place to begin with?

This heartwarming tale of a prodigal cat will bring a smile to your face as her humans do arrive and show how much they love their little renegade. They need her back just as much as she needs to be back inside once again.

The illustrations are beautifully executed and the soft colours are comforting to the reader spreading feelings of warmth and love. I applaud the detail and expressive looks on Pixie that the very gifted illustrator portrayed. The story is told simply and I am sure everyone who has ever owned a pet can relate to the story.

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**This book was reviewed via Netgalley**

Pixie’s Adventure is a short children's book about a curious kitty eager to get outdoors. Pixie succeeds, but gets more than she bargained for when she gets lost in a storm. Will Pixie Cat get back home safely?

I read this with my younger cubs, who adored it. The artwork was awesome! Haha, not sure if being careful with your curiosity was a moral of the story, but Jaqs and Salem took that away. Quite adorable. 'Don’t be like Pixie. Ask a grown-up so you're not lost.’

🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 Highly recommended, especially for quite young children.

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I received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.
Pixie, the cat, lives a very nice life. She gets all the warm milk and salmon treats that she wants. She is an indoor kitty and very curious about the outdoors. So curious that one day she slips out and plays in the grass and with the butterflies. When the sky begins to darken and rumble, Pixie is too far from home to get back. She huddles under a bush and thinks of how she could be in her warm home with her family. A good tale for indoor kitties.

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So cute! This is how I imagine my cat feels when she's watching birds out the window. If she were to be outside, she would probably be longing to be back inside. A sweet story with beautiful illustrations.

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I love this sweet little book about a kitten’s sneaky adventure into the backyard. More importantly my daughter loves it. She tries to tell Pixie “Don’t be sneaky!”, “You’re a bad kitty for running away.” And “Run home little kitty!”

The story is about a house cat who has a loving family who give her treats and tummy rubs. Pixie however wants to know what it feels like to be a butterfly that lives outside and gets to go on whatever adventure it wants to. Pixie sneaks out of the house, and enjoys playing in the yard until a thunderstorm comes and traps her under her bush. When her family realizes she is missing they open the door and call for her. She runs inside and is given cuddles and milk. She is perfectly happy sitting on her pillow looking out the window until a rainbow appears, then she wants to go on another adventure.

This is the first kids book by Mrs. Grodzicki. She was an elementary school teacher, and is now a K-5 library media specialist. I think it shows in her writing, in the way she adds the sounds in the writing, and writes about the curiosity a kitten has which could easily be a kid’s curiosity.

I give this book 5 stars. Any kid will love it.

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Princess Fuzzypants here:
Amidst the cozies, mysteries and histories I like to read and review, I also enjoy the odd children's book especially if the main character is an adorable kitten. Pixie is just that. She is a sweet little kitty whose curiosity gets the better of her.
I am an indoor cat, as is Pixie, but unlike me who avoids the door, Pixie makes a break one day and thinks she has discovered a brand new world. In fact, she has. But as much as there are delights to be experienced, there is also the harsh reality of being outside. I am a big believer in keeping cats inside so perhaps this is a cautionary tale.
When the weather turns stormy she can think of nothing she wants more than to be in the arms of her humans safely inside her home. Luckily, before anything bad happens, her wish comes true. She is so glad to be inside...that is until she starts to think about what other wonderful surprises there might be outdoors. Silly kitten.
The artwork is charming as is the story. This would make a great story for kits of the human and feline species.
I give it five purrs and two paws up and say stay in the palace Pixie.

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